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NBATips.Net is an NBA Betting Tips site.  The goal of the site is to deliver free NBA betting tips daily to the reader, via website, mailing list and RSS feed.  You may choose any of these options to receive free tips.  All tips are 100% computerized predictions. We also offer premium computer generated picks.


NBATips.Net was created in 2008, in preparation of the NBA 2008/2009 season.    Prior to this, we have been publicly handicapping the WNBA.  All betting picks have been made via our computerized system, which analyzes and crunches a lot of data to provide the most accurate betting predictions possible.  In it's debut season publicly, our betting system went 33-22 in the 2007 season for a winning percentage of 60%.  In 2008 in regular season games the system went 26-18 for 59.1%, and in 1st half plays 17-12 for 58.6%.  As the majority of sports betters agree that the highest sustainable winrate is between 55% and 60%, we are obviously very happy with those numbers.

For the NBA 2007/2008 season, we ran simulations privately and were very happy with the results.  Based on that, we have decided to start offering public betting tips. The 2008/2009 season saw us go 174-116.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you need to, here is information on how to contact me.

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