Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 7 Betting Tips

Graeme & VinWritten by Graeme & Vin

It was an easy winning night for our unanimous pick of Warriors -12. The Rockets actually got off to a surprisingly amazing start, going up 39-22 in the first quarter.

The Warriors bounced back after that though and what an end to the game as the Warriors ran riot 31-9 to finish up winning 115-86.

The Warriors seemed a tad angry after that opening.

CP3 not being there was obvious. Not having him in there to control the ball and the tempo relly hurt the Rockets and there were so many silly turnovers too.

In an interesting stat this is the first time the NBA has seen both conference finals go to Game 7 since 1979.

It’s great to see especially because so many people prior to the season began talked about how predictable it was. It’s nice to see it really tight going down here.

Speaking of we have Game 7 today as the Celtics take on the Cavs.

Celtics vs Cavs Game 7 Betting Tips:

Vin: This is going to be a good one. Game 7 in Boston with an upstart Celtics team against a short handed Cavaliers team with the best player in the world. Kevin Love has already been ruled out in this one so the Cavs will be without their second best player. While Boston is yet to lose at home in the playoffs. This is it. This is why we watch.

This is definitely a leave it all on the court game and everyone is expecting big things from LeBron James in this one and you know what? They should. He’s the best player in the world and he’s absolutely carried his team this far. The over/under on his points in this game is a big one, but I am taking it: LeBron James Over 37.5 points. LeBron has shown up time and time again in Game 7 and has ripped the hearts out of Boston fans chests time and time again. What’s one more time?

Boston has had one hell of a playoff run, but the pressure will never be higher than it is right now and I don’t know if the young guys on that team are really ready for a game seven of this magnitude. Al Horford really struggled in the last game and while they have done some great things, I just can’t bring myself to bet against LeBron in this game seven.

The Cavs +2.5 is a nice line too as I think the best case scenario is a game that comes down to the wire that is decided on a final shot. I can picture that in my head and I hope I see it on my screen tonight.

Graeme: Oh god I don’t know what to think.

On one hand the Celtics are unbeaten at home in the playoffs so far. That’s incredible. Not only are they unbeaten at home but they seem to play an entirely different and more controlling game at home. They always look so up for it.

But on the other side it’s Game 7 and it’s LeBron freaking James. We saw it in the Pacers/Cavs series. LeBron stepped up in Game 7 and put up 45 points as the Cavs won 105-101.

I made the mistake in Game 5 of getting sweeped up in the LeBron narrative. But now it’s quite easy to do so.

However when I make up a pros/cons list it just leans towards the Celtics. LeBron is gassed man – he only had like a 2 minute break in Game 6. This is the worst post season team he’s been part of.

I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and think about what an idiot I am for fading LeBron in a Game 7, but so be it. Celtics -2.5 for me. If the Cavs manage to do it it might be LeBrons biggest accomplishment yet.

Hell even typing that makes me want to bet on the Cavs. Ha. Off to place my bet quick before I change my mind. Logo

Warriors vs Rockets Game 6 Betting Tips

Graeme & VinWritten by Graeme & Vin

The Cavs vs Celtics series has went as expected with LeBron putting up huge numbers last night as the Cavs beat the Celtics 109-99.

The point spread was quite tight on that one and we stayed away from it. It was 7 points and the bookies seemed to get that one right as it was very close to that score.

Unfortunately we went with Cavs -2.5 for the first quarter and they ended up getting off to a slow start. As it is they turned it around in the 2nd quarter and dominated that one but it was frustrating to see such a sluggish start from them.

Game 7 will take place in Boston with LeBron having to put on his best playoff performance yet if the Cavs are to stand a chance. The Celtics are unbeaten at home in the post season.

For now we turn our attention to the game today – Warriors vs Rockets Game 6. The Warriors are on the brink of elimination and it’s going to be a good one. Rockets have won here already in the playoffs so it’s not a certainty for the Warriors.

Warriors vs Rockets Game 6 Betting Tips:

Vin: The Warriors have been absolutely shut down on offense in the last couple of games and nothing highlights that more than Kevin Durant shooting just 8 for 22 in game five. The loss of Andre Iguodala was a huge one for this team, but they once again had a chance to tie/grab the lead late. Instead, Draymond Green couldn’t handle the pass and the Rockets won.

Which brings us to game six and what I think is the lock of the playoffs. The Warriors are at home, facing elimination and the Rockets will be without Chris Paul. A hyper competitive game six went out the window with this injury and I think that Stephen Curry will really cook in this one without being hounded by Paul. I am all about the Warriors today.

The Warriors defense has been there the last couple of games, but the offense has just faltered down the stretch. The home court and the pressure should get them there tonight. I could see the Rockets punting this one early and simply waiting for game seven when they hopefully get Paul back.

The Warriors -3.5 First Quarter is my favorite play, but I will also be going with the Warriors -12 for the game. This one won’t be pretty. James Harden went 0-11 on threes in game five and a performance like that would absolutely sink the Rockets. I wouldn’t count it out. This will be game one or game three all over again, only without Chris Paul.

I’ve been burned on player props in this series, but I’d take a hard look at Steph Curry’s points total in this one before the game.

Graeme: Basketball can throw up upsets but I’d be absolutely shocked if the Rockets won this one.

Warriors should win. They’ll be playing the performance of their lives and with Paul out that is absolutely huge.

I’ve backed teams before when a key player like Paul goes out. The reason is the rest of the guys bond together initially. But those are never against the Warriors. in the playoffs.

This one is going to be scary and without Paul the Rockets are going to lose all faith in humanity.

Warriors -12 is my play. Logo

Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 6 Betting Tips

Graeme & VinWritten by Graeme & Vin

Well we both got it wrong last night as the Rockets put up a big performance at home and won 98-94. They now lead the series 3-2 and the Warriors are on the brink of being eliminated.

Of course even as we type that we don’t really believe it ha. Pretty darn sure we’ll both be on Warriors Game 6 no matter the spread. And that doesn’t factor in Chris Paul and his injury situation.

Honestly let’s hope Paul is fit though and good to play – the guy has been a huge help in the Rockets team this year and especially in the playoffs. His experience has really helped and it’d suck hard for them if he misses even one game.

There seems to be a lot of frustration on both sides. James Harden seemed quite ticked at that reporter asking him about his longe range struggles and you can tell that’s getting to them.

Game 6 will take place tomorrow night.

For now we turn our attention to Game 6 in the Celtics vs Cavaliers series as the Eastern Conference Finals could get wrapped up tonight.

Here’s our thoughts:

Cavs vs Celtics Game 6 Betting Tips:

Vin: Game five was probably the worst case scenario for viewers. The Celtics came out hot early and the Cavaliers basically decided that they would save themselves for games six and seven. They would never admit that, but I think we’ve seen a lot of that in the playoffs this year. Teams seemingly punting on the road game to get to the home game. While we can say that the Celtics have played great at home and poor on the road in these playoffs, a couple of those losses could probably be chalked up to simply waiting for the next home game. Game six in Milwaukee rings a bell.

The good news is that we are getting a game six and I think there is a really strong chance we are going to get a game seven. A lot has been made in this series about “LeBron James won’t let them lose this” and in a lot of ways that undermines the Celtics and overrates him and his influence over a bad team. A better performance from JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love and basically every single Cav in game five could’ve meant a win. He can’t do it alone, even though it often looks like it.

That being said, he’s going to do it alone tonight if he has to. This may be the end of LeBron’s run at the top of the Eastern Conference, but it’s not going to happen at home in game six. I think they come out strong and the Cavs -2.5 First Quarter is probably my favorite bet of the day.

The line of -7 is a bit high for the game as I think we’re getting to the point in the series when everything is tight, everyone is tired and the scoring slows down. I would recommned a parlay or a teaser with this and the Warriors in game six as I think that is the other major lock of the weekend.

Graeme: I was disappointed with my pick last time out. Like I said yesterday I made a fundamental mistake and got swept up in the narrative. I saw too many people going on about LeBron and it twisted things for me. Always best to keep it simple. Especially at a stage like this where we have all the basic data.

Just have to ignore everything except Game 3 and 4 in Cleveland and look for trends there. If the Celtics switch things up and turn things around then so be it.

In both those games, the Cavs came out swinging. Game 3 they were extra motivated due to a few days off and won the first quarter 32-17 but Game 4 was off just the 1 day break and they won that one 34-18.

I’m also good with Cavs -2.5 First Quarter. Logo

Warriors vs Rockets Game 5 Betting Tips

Graeme & VinWritten by Graeme & Vin

Last night saw the Boston Celtics continue their home dominance in the NBA Playoffs as they thumped the Cleveland Cavaliers 96-83.

Right from the get-go this game was not even a contest. The Cavs offense couldn’t get much going and the Celtics rushed out to a 32-19 start. They played some smart ball for the remaining three quarters and the Cavs were looking very frustrated.

The Cavs just looked like they had given up in the tail end of the game and even LeBron could only muster up a couple of points in that final quarter.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Cavs can muster up the energy for Game 6.

For now it’s off to Houston…

Warriors vs Rockets Game 5 Betting Tips:

Vin: The Houston Rockets won game four in Golden State in what was the best, but also kind of the weirdest game of this round. The Rockets got virtually nothing from anyone besides James Harden and Chris Paul and still won. The Rockets, despite being the road team, got far more foul shots in this one. Andre Iguodala missed a ton of this game and we saw way too much Nick Young.

Despite all that, the Warriors had a chance to win this one late and if Kevin Durant doesn’t pass to Klay Thompson, I think they win. Seriously, KD. You are seven foot tall, the best isolation player on the floor, and you can shoot over anybody in this league, take the shot!

The injury report for this one is quite interesting as both Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala are listed as questionable. If they don’t play, this series could get ugly fast for the Warriors. Being down 3-2 with two shots at it for Houston is not where they want to be.

I think that Klay Thompson definitely plays here and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Iguodala either. Whether he plays or not, I think it benefits the Warriors. While he is obviously a huge upgrade and him being on the floor is great for them, if he’s not I think that we see Durant step it up a bit. I think if he had been like 10-15% more agressive in game four that the Warriors would’ve won that game. I think his teammates and coaches agree and will have let him know that throughout the week. I’m taking Will Kevin Durant record a Double-Double? YES (+250) here.

The Warriors +1 is the play. We won’t see that type of scoring in a game again from them and that doesn’t bode well for Houston. Home court advantage is nice, but we saw what Golden State did there in game one so that doesn’t scare me much.

Graeme: I must admit I’m quite mad at myself yesterday as I got hooked on a narrative I shouldn’t have. All throughout the post season I’ve been betting based on the fundamentals and not getting sweeped up in the narrative. I’ve also been betting against the individual and betting the team.

All of that points to me betting the Celtics yesterday yet I talked myself into backing LeBron James. There’s just so much media hype at times involving him that it’s hard not to get swept up.

Anyway it is what it is. Time to turn my attention to the Rockets/Warriors series. These two teams have been trading wins and that’s one of those basic things where I like it to happen again.

Both teams in the playoffs have shown that a loss really spurs them on. We saw this in the playoff series prior to this one and we’re seeing it now.

I like Warriors +1 and I like them to bounce back with a good thumping which we’ve seen every other time they have lost a game. Logo

Cavs vs Celtics Game 5 Betting Tips

Graeme & VinWritten by Graeme & Vin

The Rockets got a massive win last night as the Warriors fell apart in the 4th quarter.

It was a brutal end for the Warriors who had looked good the whole game and it was stunning to see those last 5 shots all missed.

It’s great in terms of the competiveness of the series though as after Game 3 it looked like the Warriors were going to run away with it.

We turn our attention to tonight now. It’s another competitive series as the Cavs and Celtics head into Game 5.

The Celtics won both their home games and the Cavs won both of theirs so this is a massive game. The Celtics can take a 3-2 lead and really put pressure on the Cavs. However if the Cavs can win in Boston and be the first team to do so in the post season, it will be a huge mental win for them.

Let’s get to it:

Cavs vs Celtics Game 5 Betting Tips:

Graeme: This game is a pickem and the most obvious play is the Celtics.

They haven’t lost yet at home and have looked very impressive in all of their home games.

However I feel the Cavs show up when it matters. I think they’ll be really up for this one and know what a mental win it will be. They don’t want the possibility of a Game 7 in Boston where they’re already 0-3.

I like them to put their big efforts into this game tonight.

Cavs to Win

Game five is a bit of a transition game in this series. The series moves back to Boston and while the result is important, since the series tied up at 2-2 there is considerably less pressure on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Celtics haven’t lost at home yet in these playoffs and I expect them to play big in this one. Their players just seem to have a lot more confidence when playing at home and the crowd should be absolutely electric for this one.

I think this game plays out similar to game four in Golden State last night. The defense will be up and the nerves will be high. That’s why I think this is an easy under 206. Only one game in this series has hit that total and I don’t see this game doing it as the pressure will be significantly higher. We know that LeBron James can score, but can any other Cavs? Can the Celtics? I am okay betting against that.

I am really not sure what’s going to happen in this game. There is a range of possibilities and the PK line is just throwing me for a loop. I like that first half under, I kind of like the Celtics first quarter (but not enough to tip it) and I really like LeBron James over 34.5 points. He’s gone over 40 twice in this series and I feel like he’s going to do it again here. Anything after that, listen to Graeme. Logo

Rockets vs Warriors Game 4 Betting Tips

Graeme & VinWritten by Graeme & Vin

Well we both felt it would be a close one yesterday, unfortunately one score decided the spread.

We both went with Celtics +7 and unfortunately they lost by 9 after the Cavs had a huge big start.

Vin went 1-1 with his player props with George Hill going over 10 points. He ended up with 13.

Tonight is Game 4 of the Warriors vs Rockets series and the Rockets were humiliated last time out. Are they able to come back or are the Warriors going to work on another gentlemans sweep?

Here’s our thoughts:

Rockets vs Warriors Game 4 Betting Tips:

Vin: This is it for the Houston Rockets. Win this game or it’s over. The last game was a complete letdown. We know that the game three is usually a great one for the home team, but that was just ridiculous. One of the top offenses in the NBA and the team with the best record in the regular season being held to 85 points? Ridiculous. I wish I had went with the Warriors adjusted line of -15.5 in that one.

I feel like the Warriors, when locked in are just that damn good and there is no one who can beat them. The question is, will they be locked in? We’ve seen them have games like this before in these playoffs and then come out soft in the next game. We’ve already seen that happen in this series. I have to think there is a chance of that and there is some real value in the Rockets +340 moneyline.

I just can’t see the Rockets coming out like they did in game three. I expect some fight as they know that this is their season on the line. A good bet is the Rockets over 54.5 First Half. They were way past that in the first two games of the series and should be once again here.

I am looking for a big game from James Harden which is why I’m betting James Harden over 39 points and assists. He is the key to everything they do and he could hit this total in points alone. The Rockets play their best basketball when they play fast and move the ball, that means assists for Harden.

The final bet I’m making in this game is on KD. Yeah, my bets are pretty similar to my game three plays. This time I’m going Kevin Durant over 29.5 points. He scored 75 points in the first two games and wasn’t really needed to do that in game three. I think this one will be closer and the team will lean on him harder here. A big game from KD should lead them to a commanding victory.

Graeme: As I predicted, the Warriors cleaned the Rockets clocks in Game 3 and it was one of those bets where afterwards instead of being happy about it, I was raging at myself for not betting more.

It was the biggest margin of victory in the Warriors playoff history and that’s something to be said. It wasn’t even a contest.

I think that one just kills the Rockets. Crushes their morale. You can’t come back from that.

Maybe they won’t be as bad? But I think the Warriors do it again. My only concern is against the Spurs and the Pelicans when they had a huge win the next game was relatively close. So it has me a bit concerned about the point spread for this one.

Andre Iguodala is doubtful but the net rating is only 1 point higher with him in the lineup so that’s not a big deal at all.

I’ve went back and forth on this one and honestly I think Warriors win by 6-10 points meaning the point spread I can’t really bet.

I’m taking a prop of Rockets to score the first 3 pointer at +112 odds. Highest odds I’ve seen that prop in this series and I think that’s what they gotta do and will start draining them right from the beginning. Logo

Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 4 Betting Tips

Graeme & VinWritten by Graeme & Vin

Graeme called it right yesterday as the Warriors at home absolutely dominated the Houston Rockets. It wasn’t even a close one as the Warriors ran out 126-85 winners.

That doesn’t bode well for the Rockets chances and they’ll need a much better effort in Game 4.

We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

It’s Monday, May 21st 2018 and the Cleveland Cavaliers look to make it 2-2 as they go up against the Boston Celtics. The Cavs routed them last time and we’ll have to see if it was just the rest that helped them or not. This is a very important game for the Cavs as they struggled in Boston so can’t go there down 3-1.

Let’s get to it:

Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 4 Betting Tips:

Graeme: It was an absolutely dominant victory for the Cavs and the Celtics had no way to stop them.

Of course that happened in Game 3 in Milwaukee. Same deal – Bucks rode hard over the Celtics but it was a much tighter Game 4.

I’m fine with backing the Celtics on that trend. Cavs haven’t been too consistent during the playoffs even when they swept the Raptors. I think the Celtics keep this one close tonight.

I’m on Celtics +7

Vin: Cleveland absolutely dominated game three and it seems like now is when the real series begins. The defense looked better and the role players on Cleveland finally showed up. (I’m looking at you, JR Smith.) It was definitely a wake-up call and it’s not hard to see why the Cavs are even money to win this series.

The big changes in game three were the team making it a priority to stick on Al Horford no matter what. That guy has been the MVP of these playoffs and stopping him is the way to stop Boston.

There was also a lot more action for George Hill as an active part of the offense. He might not be the player he once was with the Pacers, but he is a smart player who seemingly always makes the right play. He is the subject of my first play of this game as well as I’m taking George Hill over 10 points. Just seems like a gimme as he always gets a lot of open threes from LeBron and company.

LeBron James is, as always, key to this game for the Cavs as well. He should a defensive intensity in game three that we haven’t seen all year. That led to some great numbers from him and I am expecting more of that here. LeBron James over 9.5 rebounds seems like an easy one to me. He had 10 in game two and 14 in game three. Him and Kevin Love should both feast on the boards tonight.

I feel like this is the game that is going to be close. We’ve seen the Cavs best hit and we’ve seen the Celtics best hit. Now it’s time for each of them to hit back. Boston hasn’t played the best games on the road in this playoffs, but they have played some close ones. I think this will be a close one and the Celtics +7 keep it close to the wire. I’d probably take the Cavs to win outright, but I like the Celtics to make this a close game. Lord knows this playoffs needs one.