February 14th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Welcome to the NBA Tips for February 14th, 2019.

We were on the wrong side of the Warriors game last night due to a huge meltdown by the Warriors in the 4th quarter. Not a good way to go into All Star Weekend on.

They got blown out 35-12 in the 4th in brutal fashion.

Here’s a good article on the drama in that one.

Only three games tonight and it’s already 2:30pm EST as I write this. Sorry about the lateness been swamped all day.

Quick note that if you are a wrestling fan, WWE Elimination Chamber is this weekend. I’ll be posting betting tips for it at my WWE Betting Tips Site tomorrow.

Also if you are a wrestling fan – Vin has a youtube channel with his sister and they did a valentines day special video. Always funny videos.

Let’s hop right in:

Magic vs Hornets Betting Tips:

I backed the Magic a couple of nights ago and I’m happy to bet them again.

They’re on a hot streak at the moment and now come home after a 3 game road trip where they have convincingly won their last three games.

Historically Hornets have been a bad match-up for the Magic but I’ve got to think they do the stuff here.

Hornets are battling for consistency at the moment and the Magic seem to be one of those teams that want to go into the all star break strong so I’ve got to assume they keep it going here.

Magic -3.5

Hawks vs Knicks Betting Tips:

Hawks come into this with confidence after a win over the Lakers and I’ve got to think they’ll keep that going here.

Yeah Knicks have lost 18 in a row but have beaten Atlanta twice this year. You’d think that would give the Knicks confidence but I just love what Atlanta are doing at the moment.

Knicks will tire out in this game and while I think we may see a resurgence from them slightly post all-star break, I like the Hawks to go into it with a big W.

Hawks-8 Logo

February 12th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Another winning night with the NBA Tips!

It was a nice and close one as we had the Milwaukee Bucks -10 over the Chicago Bulls. The Bucks won by 13 points as they won 112-99.

They have a tough March schedule and my theory is that they want to do as well as they can in February. That’s probably partly the reason they kept going so strong in the 4th quarter yesterday as Giannis racked up 35 minutes.

Giannis Antetokounmpo looked sensational out there and I liked how seriousyl they took that fourth quarter.

It’s Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 and we’ve got five games on the board. The Golden State Warriors host the Utah Jazz with the Jazz expecting their winning streak to end.

Celtics look to end their 2 game losing streak as they head to Philly.

Should be a good night of action. I seriously want to take Lakers -5 but I have learned my lesson with LeBron James. if Lakers are to make the playoffs they need to win around 15 games out of the 26 remaining and games like this are the ones they really have to have circled to win. So that will be an interesting one going forward. If they win here in style I think we can safely back them again.

Magic vs Pelicans Betting Tips:

Even if they don’t win I think the Orlando magic will keep this one close enough.

Both teams have been performing better defensively at the moment. The Magic defensive pressure is excellent and I think they will stifle the Pelicans a lot here.

With the all star break looming we are seeing the Magic really step things up at the moment and I think they are one of those teams who are really focused on that.

They want to go in strong. You hear them talking about how the games are meaningful and that’s good to see. Every win is important for them so they should fight to the death I’d hope.

Magic +4.5 Logo

February 7th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-0 win last night with another half point cover of the spread. Nice to get those. We were on the other side of those so many times over the course of the first half of the season and so I’m glad to see it’s evening out.

Quite the day for trades in the NBA. Going to make for some tricky roads to cover as we do the betting tips for the next couple of days.

I’m running behind big time today so let’s just dive into it.

Clippers vs Pacers Betting Tips:

I’ve got to think all the changes in the Clippers will mess them up a fair bit.

They had that big win against the Hornets but that was some ridiculous three point shooting that you can’t count on for every game.

I’m not sold on the Pacers without Victor Oladipo yet. However they’ve now racked up three wins and what I liked was the way they kept pounding away at the Lakers taking out frustrations. I think they’re going to come into this game with a mean face on.

Tobias Harris is quite a loss and I think that will upset the chemistry of the Clippers.

Pacers -7

Celtics vs Lakers Betting Tips:

Honestly the Lakers look such a mess at the moment that even if LeBron does LeBron things I don’t think it will be enough here.

No Ball or Hurt hurt them too. Josh Hart is available tonight. LeBron is probably and he is coming off the worst loss of his career but he is probable and surely won’t be fully healthy still.

if LeBron does LeBron stuff then so be it.

Celtics -8 Logo

February 6th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-2 night last night.

I should have learned my lesson when it came to the Lakers. They’re a team that solely rely on LeBron James and they just don’t have that team chemistry going. It was just a dismal performance by the Lakers and LeBron himself looked bad. Silly play in hindsight.

Worth it for those “LeBron’s gonna trade you” chants though.

That’s one where I can look back and say “That was just a bad pick” but man I am disappointed in those Charlotte Hornets. They were looking solid against the Clippers and I expected a big effort from them in the 4th. Instead Clippers stung them 33-23 to take the game.

In saying that Clippers were ridiculous when it came to three pointers. I get it – sometimes that just wears on you and it seemed to do that with the Hornets.

We had a rare “correct side of the half point” win as we had Thunder -9.5 and they beat the Magic 132-122. Props to the Magic for being competitive I really thought they’d go down fast in the 4th quarter.

Let’s turn our attention to February 6th, 2019 where we have 7 games on theb oard.

Bucks host the Wizards in what should be an interesting game. Spurs vs Warriors and Rockets vs Kings as well.

Mavericks vs Hornets Betting Tips:

I think the Hornets will be beaten down a bit mentally after last nights game plus physically. They’re going up against a rested Dallas Mavericks team who can generally beat teams other than the top teams at home.

Mavericks have a bit of a revamped squad going into this one and it should be interesting. Team chemistry might be an issue. They’re one of those teams where the lineup could change throughout the game with ease and while that’s going to be good long-term, short-term it may not be.

Probably why the spread isn’t too big. Revenge might be on the Hornets minds as well but I just think last night really wore on them.

Mavericks -5.5

Only the one play from me tonight. Too many big point spreads out there for my liking. Logo

February 5th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well that’s me recovered from the Super Bowl shenanigans and back to hopefully deliver my run of winning NBA Tips.

I went perfect in all 3 days I covered last week so hoping for more of that.

Yesterday was an 0-2 day as the bad luck continues with those half points. We had the Houston Rockets -8.5. Annoyingly when Vin started writing the tips, Rockets were -8. However when he went to post them he saw the WA line had changed. We like to be fair with the tips so we always post the WA line at that time. Alas it came back to bite us as the Rockets won by exactly 8.


We had the Nets +7 as Vin went against his beloved Bucks and that bit him on the ass. For the Bucks I am looking at the future there. March is going to be a brutal month for them and I expect to fade them however this month I think we should be backing them or just staying away. They’re going to make the most of it in February knowing March is going to be tough.

It’s Tuesday, February 5th and we’ve got 8 games on the board. Celtics want to keep their run going as they head to Cleveland. Lakers look to bounce back in Indiana and can the Knicks end their losing streak?

Should be a good night. Raps vs Philly is the marquee game of the evening.

Lakers vs Pacers Betting Tips:

Pacers come home after a 4 game road trip where they generally play well. However they have had recent losses here against some of the better sides such as the Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers. THey do have that solid win over the Raps sandwiched in there.

They had a 5 game losing streak but turned it around with a tight win over the Heat then another over the Pelicans.

However they still don’t look like they have overcome the Oladipo injury. McMillan keeps trying new lineups and nothing is working out.

It’s all about LeBron James here. If he is back he’ll want to play with a vengeance. He sat out the Warriors game and will want to erase that memory quickly.

Lakers -2.5 IF LeBron plays

Magic vs Thunder Betting Tips:

Thunder had their winning streak snapped against the Celtics but good news coming out of that one was the performance of Russell Westbrook who looks to be heating up big time.

I think Thunder will bounce back strong here. Orlando have a few injuries and while they’re fighting for the playoffs, I think when you look at the schedule, they won’t push too hard against Thunder or the Bucks prior to the break.

We’ll see their biggest games being againts the Timberwolves, Hawks, Hornets and Pelicans.

They’re not a big fourth quarter team so I can see Thunder getting a nice lead then retaining it while Magic relax a bit and focus on the next one.

Thunder -9.5

Clippers vs Hornets Betting Tips:

Hornets are looking to make it 3-0 and they are at home where they always perform lately.

They’ve got a tough game tomorrow night and I feel that will have an impact – they’ll push hard in this one knowing a loss is highly possible tomorrow.

Cody Zeller may be back – boy I hope so – but I like the Hornets to do it regardless.

Hornets -3.5 Logo

January 24th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Hi all,

My apologies for the delay in tips today. Been a mess of a day. I was busy yesterday up until 1am getting a tattoo sleeve done then needed a few beers afterwards. Didn’t get to sleep till 3am then up at 6am with the kids. So had to go back to sleep for most of the day ha.

We’ll make these short and sweet.

It was a disappointing 0-1 yesterday. The game didn’t go as I expected at all. If anything I thought the Clippers would fade in the second but they seemed to find energy. We had Heat -5 and didn’t come close of course as the Clippers pulled off a big 111-99 win.

Honestly I gained a lot of respect for the Clippers after that performance.

Just heard that Victor Oladipo is out for the season. Brutal.

Warriors vs Wizards Betting Tips:

Warriors should win this but I’ve got to think the Wizards keep things close.

I just love the way the Wizards are performing lately. I know the Warriors are in beast mode and Wizards are of course without a few key players however one thing I love about the Wizards over the last two years is their team cohension and the way they fight for ech other.

We’re seeing that lately with them and I just don’t think they’ll let Warriors run away with it.

Wizards +9 Logo

January 23rd, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well last night was a bust.

We had Devin Booker to go over 23.5 points. It was getting close and he might have went over – depends if the Suns pushed back hard in the fourth or not.

Alas he ended up getting ejected halfway through the third quarter.

My first NBA player prop of the season that I officially tip on here and the guy gets bloody ejected.

Pretty much sums up the luck we have had this season at times ha.

It is what it is. Timberwolves looked great in that game and Suns didn’t look good either. Suns also saw T.J. Warren hurt his ankle. They are a hurting team at the moment.

They’re in action tomorrow night against the Trail Blazers and I’m already strongly considering a blind bet on that one regardless of the spread.

Wednesday, January 23rd sees a lot of games taking place. Opens up early with the Raptors facing off against the Pacers in what should be a good game. Celtics look to extend their winning streak to 5 with a home game against the Cavs. Grizzlies must be hoping they can turn their miserable form around as they host Charlotte.

Should be an interesting day. Let’s get to it:

Clippers vs Heat Betting Tips:

This should be an interesting battle.

Both teams have their problems. The Clippers have won 1 in their last 7. They’ve fought hard against some tough opposition but came up short. Clippers missed a whopping 16 shots in a row at one point in their last outing and that was brutal.

The Heat are a very interesting team right now. Player selection is their biggest issue and Spoelstra doesn’t seem to know what he is doing in regard to who he is playing.

It’s not great for team cohesion but I do like the Heat at home. They usually perform well here. I think Clippers won’t be performing too great. They are missing Danilo Gallinari.

Heat have a lot of players with a lot to prove. I like them to take this one here.

Heat -5