Superbook Sportsbook Review – For NBA Basketball Betting

Written April 28, 2009

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making more and more of my NBA bets at Superbook. I’m a sucker for a good promotion, so their “Beat the House” contest caught my eye. Basically, every time you make a bet for $20 or more and win, you get a point. Every week, the players with the most points win cash prizes. At the end of basketball season, there’s another $10,000 in prizes being given out to the overall leaders. I’m having a lot of fun working my way up the leaderboard, even if I haven’t quite made the money yet.

Of course, just having one gimmick isn’t enough to keep my business, but it turns out they’re a pretty solid book overall. Superbook offers some pretty good lines, especially on “half-juice Fridays.” It’s nice to get -105 lines, and it made me a few extra bucks when I hit a 3-team parlay with Oklahoma City, the Cavs and New Jersey recently.

Another great thing I’ve taken advantage of is being able to make bets from my cell phone.  Seriously, mobile betting is sick! I was out this weekend with a friend when he gave me a nice tip on the Boston-Cleveland game. I wasn’t able to get to a computer in time, so I made the bet right from my mobile phone on Superbook. A few hours later, I was up $100!

It’s not like Superbook is any better than a bunch of other great books, but it’s definitely one I’d throw in the rotation when you’re looking for the best line or best promotion when deciding where to bet a game. They also have a huge number of prop bets…which I can’t beat for the life of me, but come on, betting on what team LeBron will play for in 2010 is just plain fun. For the record, I’ve got the Knicks at +170.

Anyway, I’d check them out: they’ve got all the typical bets for the playoffs too, and you never know where you’ll find the best line on a given night or for each series. I mostly bet basketball, but it looks like they’ve got a good selection of bets for just about any sport you might want to wager a few bucks on. It’s probably worth opening up an account there just to have it as an option - and there’s a 10% signup bonus too, which doesn’t hurt.

Click here to visit Superbook.
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