WNBA Premium Picks 3-0 / WNBA Free Betting Tip

Hi all,

We're now 3-0 with the WNBA Premium Picks for the WNBA 2011 season.

You can purchase the Premium Picks Here. Just $20 for the season!

Tonight also starts the launch of our WNBA Free Picks. All free picks will be 1st half lines. You will not get the WNBA Tips on this mailing list. Once a week I'll send out a WNBA Tips update but if you want the WNBA Free Betting Tips, you need to enter your e-mail at WNBATips.com.

Liberty vs Sky: Liberty +3 1st half. You can bet the 1st half at 5 Dimes(My Favourite Sportsbook for WNBA).

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WNBA Premium Picks

Hi all,

You can now purchase the WNBA Premium Picks Package for the 2011 WNBA Season, which starts on May 15th. All WNBA Tips are computer generated and we have four winning seasons in a row under our belt.

The price of this is just $20 for the whole WNBA Season, including the playoffs.

I'm so confident that we will have a fifth winning season in a row that I am offering a money back guarantee. If we have a losing season and I don't make you guys money then I'll give you a 50% refund.

For more information or to sign up for the WNBA Premium Picks visit the below URL:


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Roll on the NBA Season…

Well it's not been a good year for the WNBA Tips in terms of quantity and quality. Unfortunately it just felt like the books were a lot sharper this year, with smarter lines. We only had about 25 picks during the regular season when we usually have at least double or triple that.

I'll of course be spending the off-season re-examing the WNBA Betting System so we can get back to business next season.

So roll on the NBA Season, as I am confident that the model I use is perfected for the NBA now. The regular season will begin on October 26th, 2010.

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of our NFL Betting Tips. This is a computer system that we have been using for a few years. Click here for Week 1 Tips.

See you in October!

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WNBA Playoff Betting Tips for August 26

It's WNBA Playoff time and that means one thing - the NBA season is even closer! Woo-hoo!

Let's build up our bankroll prior to the NBA season with some solid wins over the WNBA Playoffs.

I want to recommend everyone bet at Bet Revolution. They are an awesome sportsbook with some great promos:

- Exclusive Free $10
- 50% to $250 Deposit Bonus
- 20% Reload Bonuses
- Exclusive Promos for all you guys

Click here for your free $10.

Looking at the lines, they actually have better odds depending on what you want to bet than Pinnacle & 5Dimes.

We're going to take advantage of that tonight. The Indiana Fever are +3 elsewhere, but Fever +3.5 at Bet Revolution which is the computer systems pick for tonight.

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WNBA Playoffs & Free $10

Hi guys,

I know this season has been very poor in terms of quantity of WNBA Betting Tips - as I've said previously this season, the sportsbooks seemed to get sharper this year and I just wasn't confident enough in the betting system. The amount of work I have put into the WNBA Betting System compared to the NBA Betting System is like night and day,and while I am 100% confident in the NBA Betting System I simply wasn't confident enough in the WNBA Betting System.

Believe me - the 2nd last thing I wanted to do was lose money, and the last thing I wanted to do was be the cause of YOU losing money. I take sports handicapping very seriously, and I'm not going to throw out tips just for the sake of it.

I'm confident about the WNBA Playoffs and of course the NBA later this year. The WNBA Playoffs especially I think will get the benefit of the work I have been putting into the system recently, and that kicks off on August 25th.

Thankfully I do have some good news. I've managed to hook up a deal with the sportsbook Bet Revolution for you guys - and yes they do accept US gamblers.

This deal is a free $10 for all new signups - no deposit required, just in time for the WNBA Playoffs.

It's very simple:

(1) Click This Link
(2) When registering use promo code DDAN10 (Must do this!)

That's it - that's all you need to do. Any questions or problems just ask.

I'll be back on the 25th for the start of the WNBA Playoffs and we will DESTROY. Well, try to anyway 🙂

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