12/3/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Indiana Pacers vs Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Hornets

Well we were very close to an excellent 2-0 night last night.  Unfortunately, Chicago Bulls tied at the end of the 4th quarter and just collapsed in overtime, allowing the Philadelphia 76ers to squeeze out the win, making it 1-1 for the night.

Also I am very happy with the way the system is going.  Last night, it predicted the Dallas Mavericks would beat the LA Clippers 100-98.  The final score?  98-96. Very impressed this stage at the season with how accurate it is getting, and this should result in lots of wins.

In the Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Hornets game today, take the Phoenix Suns +5.5.  We also have the Indiana Pacers, hoping to ride their momentum after their win vs the Lakers, against the Boston Celtics.  Take the Pacers +14.

Chicago Bulls visit the Milwaukee Bucks today.  Take the Chicago Bulls +4.

I should also add - while not a pick by the system(which thinks the line is dead on), I personally like the Philadelphia 76ers +9 vs the LA Lakers.

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