12/4/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Denver Nuggets vs San Antonio Spurs

I will make no excuses for last night.  It was a very bad night, and unfortunately those things happen in betting.  If it helps, you have no idea how frustrating nights like that are, when I see how accurate the system is overall.  For example, last night the system predicted Atlanta would beat Memphis 104-94.  Final score?  105-95.  Last night, the system predicted Portland would beat Washington 100-92.  Final score?  98-92.

Believe me - if I wasn't confident in this system, I would take time off, and look at readjusting it.  However I still believe in it, and I follow the bets too, so when it loses and you lose, I also lose.  And you know what?  I don't like losing.  It's time to turn things around, to start the fade, to do what we have did with the WNBA in two successive seasons, and beat these damn sportsbooks.

San Antonio Spurs +4 tonight.  Ship it.

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