Clarification on Mondays Pistons +1 Tip

Hi all,

I just wanted to send out a clarification about the tips on November 26th that were sent out.

The tips were two premium tips, and one free tip. The premium tips were Cavs +12.5(Win), Bobcats +11.5(worst tip in the history of tips). The free tip was Pistons +1, and the Pistons won the game by 7 points for that to be a win.

For the free tips we use a free mailing server and unfortunately sometimes it messes up. Basically I post the tips, and then I have an hour window for when it should mail the tips out. I posted the tips at approximately 3:10pm EST on Monday, and then I instructed the system to send the tips out between 4pm EST and 5pm EST.

Unfortunately this didn't happen. Occasionally the free tips mailing server hiccups and Monday was one of those days. Usually I keep tabs on it but I was out all night last night and was unable to do anything about it - nor was I aware the free tips hadn't been sent out yet. It was only this morning when the e-mail came out that I realized they had not been sent out previously.

I've since received quite a few e-mails about this, so I just wanted to post all this for clarification. The tips WERE made prior to the Pistons game, and were sent out, but the mailing server hiccuped. If you note the time of the post on the tips e-mail you receive, you'll see it says 12:10pm PST which would have been 3:10pm EST.

In addition, here is a screenshot of my inbox . I use a separate mailing server for the premium tips, and here you can see it was sent out at 3:09pm EST:

(Click for full size)

I do apologize however that the tip wasn't received in due time and I will be more vigilant about the mailing list in the future. If you have not received an e-mail, please go to as we always have the tips posted on there. I'm also looking at creating a facebook group for ultimate transparency.

I understand there is a LOT of skepticism when it comes to the handicapping industry, and selling tips. however if I was going to be fudging numbers in an attempt to get you guys to buy the tips, I would NOT be posting such articulate records, or having our current premium record of 11-17 splashed all over the site in big black text 🙂

Thanks for subscribing to the free tips.

Dealer Dan

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