Great NBA Season / WNBA Picks

What a fantastic NBA season it was, and so nice to see the Mavs pick it up. Well-deserved.

This'll be the end of the computer generated NBA picks until next season. When we get close to next season I'll send out mailers about the picks, and how to get the premium picks package.

Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart that supported this year and purchased the premium picks. It was much appreciated and I was stunned at the level of support from you guys. Thank you.

Of course the betting isn't over - there's also the WNBA Season, where we've had 4 successful years with our WNBA Computer System.

I won't harass you guys with e-mails every day about the WNBA Tips so don't worry about that. If you want to subscribe to the free WNBA Tips then head straight on over to and insert your e-mail address.

Also we have WNBA Premium Picks this year. Just $20, with a money back guarantee will get you tonights picks, AND the WNBA picks for the full season. Click here.

WNBA Premium Picks are already off to a winning start!

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