May 20 NBA Playoff Tips: Magic vs Cavs – Magic +9

Did you know the Nuggets have covered EVERY spread so far in the Playoffs? That's an incredible stat. We were very close to picking them last night, but decided to err on the side of caution. Still, we got the win with the under 215.5, and that's all that matters. Just glad it didn't go to overtime.

Tonight sees the favourites for the playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, take on the Orlando Magic. This will be an interesting series. I personally believe, and my betting system would back me up on this, that the Magic are a better team than most people give them credit for.

So this is going to be a tight one. I see the line +8 and +8.5 everywhere, but we're able to squeeze an extra point out of that, as we can get +9 at Bodog. In what should be a low scoring game(180-185 points approx), that extra point should be killer.

Bet +9 at Bodog. And go Magic!

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic Magic +9 Bodog 

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