NBA Betting Tips – Last Day to Lock in $25!

It is very likely that we will raise the price of the premium picks for the 2011/2012 NBA season. However everyone who subscribes to the premium picks before the end of January will lock in the price of $25 for the 2011/2012 NBA Season.

That means if you buy the premium picks for this season for $25, then next season the premium picks for the season will also cost just $25!

Also I should note that as of February 1st, the premium picks price for the rest of the year will go down to $20. However you will NOT be able to lock in the price of $25 for next season if you buy from February 1st onwards.

There is no free betting tip today. We have a premium pick for Raptors vs Pacers. Get that and the rest of the seasons tips for just 25. Click click click!

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