NBA Computer Tips Start Tomorrow – Be Prepared!

Hi everyone,

My NBA Tips Computer System is all set up and ready, and has enough data to start producing NBA Tips.

Our NBA Tips will begin tomorrow - both free tips and premium tips, however I want to make sure you are prepared.

First of all - the premium picks. If you're not signed up it's the ridiculously low price of $35 for the entire season. We've had 5 prior winning seasons and the track record speaks for itself. For all the details on that, click here.

This year we are planning on taking on the sportsbooks from three different fronts. We will not only be offering NBA spread betting this year, but also NBA First Half Betting and NBA First Quarter Betting.

I've been working on both systems during the off-season and am feeling almost as confident with them as I am with the 5-year winning betting system. I've went back the last 5 years and used that data to create both these systems, and am very confident with the success rate.

However, not all sportsbooks OFFER first half lines or first quarter lines. Hence this e-mail - so I can tell you what online sportsbooks to sign up and deposit at - so you won't be rushing about first thing tomorrow.

Let's make it simple:

Americans: You want to sign up at 5Dimes. They are one of the most reputable online sportsbooks for Americans, offer 1st half, 1st quarter lines for NBA and offer fantastic odds. They offer a wide variety of -105 odds, without a doubt are the best value for NBA, and offer up to $500 bonus on every deposit. Click here to sign up at 5Dimes.

Non-Americans: You have two solid options. The first one is at Bet365. Bet365 is a great online sportsbook which has some amazing bonuses, mobile betting, the ability to stream NBA online for free, and a variety of special bonuses. For example if you like to bet parlays, they offer 50% more winnings than the average sportsbook. Click here to register an account at Bet365.

You should also have an account at Pinnacle. Pinnacle is a no-frills sportsbook - they don't offer any bonuses for example, but they offer the best odds. You can sign up with Pinnacle and never have to shop for odds again in your life.

So that's basically it.

Americans: Sign up at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: Get accounts at both Bet365 and Pinnacle.

Then be prepared for the NBA Computer Tips - beginning Wednesday, November 7th 2012!

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