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Hi guys,

Well, the NBA Playoffs are upon us. I am PUMPED! The NHL Playoffs have been fantastic so far, but I expect the NBA Playoffs to be better! Lots of intriguing match ups, and a lot of teams that could really win this....although I'll be surprised if the Heat don't take it this year.

So first off - premium picks for today - we have one, Click here for that - it's for the Bulls/76ers game so get it early!

Now - we also have series predictions for those who are interested in that. Unfortunately in most situations the odds are way overstacked with some HUGE favourites. So the system is basically looking at underdogs where we are given too much value. We're not going to win these all the time, but we're going to win them enough to make money.

Based on that, our system likes the Magic to win their series at +750 and the Clippers to win their series at +178.

Finally, at approximately +450, is a Spurs vs Heat Final which is great value.

Now as for betting these?

If you're outside of the USA, I recommend Tower Gaming or Pinnacle Sports. Pinnacle is my #1 sportsbook but Tower are running some NBA promos for signed up members too so it's good to register at both sportsbooks.

If you're inside the US - I would go with Bovada and their $100 Free NBA Playoffs Bet.

Dealer Dan

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