NBA Tips Delayed Until Next Week

Hey all,

Unfortunately I've got some bad news - the NBA free betting tips are going to have to wait until next week.  I just bought a new computer and it's caused a lot of hassles in getting it set up.  I'm also going to be going away for a few days from Thursday until Monday and unsure if I will have access to post tips or not.

Rather than hope that I can, I'm postponing the tips until next week.  NBA Tips will begin again on Tuesday, November 10th.  Thanks for your patience.  I also will be experimenting with a 1st half model, which I hope to be launching by then.  If anything this is for the best - it allows me to get in some fresh data and work on the system a bit more.

In the meantime I'd like to recommend NFL Betting Tips, my NFL Football Betting site.  We went 6-1 last week.  So yeah, go bet on the NFL.   Week 9 tips were just posted.

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