NBA Tips for Nov 18 – Introducing Double Result Tips

The free betting tip of Hornets +7.5 was our only saving grace yesterday, as we went 1-2 losing both premium picks. The picks were Nuggets/Spurs Under 200.5 but the Spurs went crazy with a 126-100 victory. Our other pick was the Bulls +2 in the first half against the Clippers, and the Bulls unfortunately threw in a very lacklusture performance, as the Clippers bench dominated them.

That brings our premium picks YTD to 7-9. Rough start but it's early days.

On an interesting note - Friday night after sending out the tips, I realized that with me providing both first half and full game lines, we may be able to take advantage of an additional betting avenue - which is the half/full-time or double result market. For those unaware, you can bet at some online sportsbooks(list at the bottom of this post) where you bet who is winning at half-time, and who is winning at full-time. If both are correct, you get a decent payout.

So I whipped up a quick formula and tested it out with a couple of small bets. Ended up working out well with it recommending I bet Pistons/Magic at 13/2 odds and Mavs/Pacers at 9/2 odds both of which won. (bet slip here). Saturday night it predicted Heats/Suns which was a loss - ended up being Tie/Heat. I haven't had the chance yet to go back and do any historical analysis on this or anything and it may be a pain to get line history - but I'm going to start listing any of these tips here in the meantime, and we'll see how they go.

If you're wondering how much to bet on these - if premium picks you bet $100, free tips you bet $50, I'd bet $20-$25. Managing your bankroll is incredibly important. Depending on your bankroll amount you may want to go lower - the odds on double results are clearly higher, and the system itself is still untested.

Premium Picks:
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Philadelphia 76ers: Click Here

Free Tips:

Brooklyn Nets vs Sacramento Kings: Nets -3.5

Double Result:
Detroit Pistons vs Boston Celtics: Pistons/Celtics.

This means Pistons to win 1st half and Celtics to win game. Odds currently 17/4 approximately.

The majority of sportsbooks don't allow double result betting.

However Americans, your best and most likely only option is JustBet - I've looked around for alternatives and I think JustBet is the only one that will offer that. Once registered go to the NBA Page and choose "Props". The double results are listed there. (I should note right now it is only Cavs/76ers up - they seem to add them fairly late).

For Europeans/Canadians etc - your best and really only option is Bet365 for the double results.

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