What did I say?

I told you guys - that half point would be crucial.  It was a very tight game going on, and if it was a 4 point play I would've avoided the spread altogether.  But getting Lakers +4.5 over +4 was very key, so I hope you took me up on it because it was the difference in a winning night and a tie.

Trust me, and I'll make sure we all end up winners.  Our regular season record was 147-99, and our current playoff record is 27-17, 3-0 for the Lakers vs Magic series.  That's an overall win ratio of 60% - a few percent over the expected deviation!

I do this for free.  It takes a lot of work running this site, running my simulations and posting picks.  Hell I get a lot of visitors a day, so bandwidth is another concern.

So keep this site free, and show your thanks for my winning tips in the process.

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