We provide all our betting tips for free, and have been doing these free betting tips since 2007.

We've never charged for picks, and we never plan on charging for picks. Ever. No matter how good our record is. The fact is - everyone loses games. Everyone has losing seasons, no matter how good you are. If we went 60.4% in one season and you bought our tips the next season and we only went 51% in wins, would that be fair to you? Of course it wouldn't.

We don't like touts. We don't like people who sell their picks when they can't back it up, or people who try and mislead you by manipulating their statistics, or presenting them in a form that makes them look like winners when they're not.

We do this for free, because we enjoy doing it. Our goal is to make money via Sportsbook signups. See the banners or links we have for sportsbooks? Every new sports bettor, winner or loser, that we send to those sportsbooks, we make money. They pay us a fee for all new real money players that we bring in. So if you're looking to sign up at a new sportsbook, we'd really love it if you went through our links.

What we do is hard work. Hours are spent every day updating the records and statistics, running various tests and algorithms, and just working on the system.

If you've had a good sports betting day or are in a cheer mood and want to donate some money to us that'd be great. The money will most likely go towards the cups of coffee that keep us up all night, trying to factor in how much LeBrons elbow injury will affect the next game or whatever.

You can donate via Paypal by clicking below:

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