What is the NBA Bot?

The term "NBA Bot" refers to a computerized system I have came up with to provide winning bets in the NBA season.  It was written in C++, and originally began to capitalize on the WNBA season, and the weak lines provided by sportsbooks.  Due to its success I decided to try and do the same for the NBA season, and after predicting results privately for the 2007/2008 season, am confident enough in it to start providing tips daily for everyone.

How do I sign up for the premium picks?

Just click here. There is information about the picks as well as payment options there.

What is the bots history?

See the sidebar.

Why don't you provide reasoning for your picks?

Because I would rather keep the formula of the system private. It's a very intricate and complicated system which relies on a lot of factors, and I would rather not provide that information to potential touts or even sportsbooks. I have enough trouble with people stealing my tips and selling them - I don't want people making similar systems then selling the tips. These should always be free.

How do I contact you?

Please see the contact me page.

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