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We’re Graeme and Vin and we are lifelong NBA fans. Graeme has been providing NBA Tips free at since the 07/08 season, and for 17/18 he has invited his friend and fellow NBA expert Vin to assist in doing the tips.

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Quick History of was launched in the 2007/2008 season when Graeme created a computer system to handicap the NBA. If you were around back then he posted his picks here and on 2+2 as MrBlueNose.

He had a lot of success and from 07/08 until 2012 won every season, going 687-514 (57.2%). He started to become disillusioned and disinterested with the NBA over the next few years. This was reflected in his first losing season(68-75 in 2012/2013) and then the quantity of picks over the next few seasons.

He took the 16/17 season off from betting the NBA and that helped him get interested in the NBA again. A hot off season for trades and moves now has him very passionate and looking forward to handicap the NBA again.

For the first season he has brought in his friend Vin to help collaborate with the tips. Both of them will discuss the NBA together and using both their opinions, and Graemes computer system, will be providing NBA betting tips this season on

Tips are not guaranteed or anything like that. We strongly urge that you don’t follow us blindly – instead use our articles for advice to help you in regard to making a pick or not. But if you want to win at the NBA you need to be able to make up your own mind on picks.

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