April 10th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Welcome to the final game of the NBA regular season.

The NBA playoff schedule is yet to be announced however we know it will start on Saturday, April 13th 2019.

We will be providing individual betting tips for each series and then game 2 onwards for each series as well.

We’ll start that up basically as soon as the schedule is announced. We’ve already got a lot of notes ready.

Let’s get to the NBA tips for the final round of the regular season and thanks to everyone who has followed us this year. It wasn’t the best regular season – but that sort of thing is due to happen. Can’t win em all. Hopefully we can turn it around for next season.

Today is a bit of a nightmare in terms of tips honestly. So many starters who are probably going to be rested etc.

However I’ve got to go with Thunder -4.5. It’s a must win game for them to get the 6th seed. Spurs win and Thunder lose then Spurs are 6th, Thunder 8th. So it’s an important game for them.

Giannis has been announced as not starting and I fully expect more Bucks starters to skip too.

That’s the only play I am making today.

If you are looking for more betting action, I just finished doing my Masters 2019 Betting Tips with that starting tomorrow.

Vin has his MLB Betting Tips up and they are posted daily.

And of course the NHL playoffs begin tonight and you can check out me and my buddys NHL Playoffs Betting Tips for the games starting today.

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April 4th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

What a brutal second half performance that was from the Memphis Grizzlies last night.

Not sure what the hell was going on with them but they started strong and gave the Blazers a run for their money through the first two quarters. It was all going according to plan.

Then it looked like they just freaking fell asleep or something out there.

Very disappointing as that was an important game for them. While I don’t think they would have won I did think they would match the Blazers instead of falling off like that.

It is what it is. Sucks after such a great March to put up two losing days in a row.

April 4th tonight and a quiet night with three games on the board.

The 76ers host the Bucks, the Kings host the Cavaliers and the Lakers host the Warriors.

Bucks vs 76ers Betting Tips:

To me this just feels like one of those end of season games where neither team really cares too much and they just go out and have some fun.

The stars go out there to show off and the bench step up to try and show depth for when it comes to the playoffs.

So hopefully I’m right tonight. Giannis is back and pumped and ready to go. He had a massive game against the Nets and wants to go into the playoffs hot.

Bucks are still chasing the #1 seed and they will be up for it. Joel Embiid is back for the 76ers and that’s a great sign too.

Just have to think both teams are up for it and put on a show.

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April 3rd, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well the Lakers fought hard last night as expected – alas it just wasn’t enough.

Thunder fought hard too and the better team won and covered the point spread. Lakers just didn’t cover by three points so it was a close on that could have went either way.

Despite the loss I was happy to see the Lakers continuing to battle. Frustratingly if Russell Westbrook had just left the court when the coach wanted him to, the Lakers might have squeaked it. But oh well it is what it is.

Grizzlies vs Blazers Betting Tips:

This is the part of the season where you have to look for motivational reasons for a team, whether they want to win or lose, and then see how that will factor into the game.

It’s never 1+1=2. Just because one team will benefit from losing doesn’t mean they will.

Grizzlies are a team that should be playing hard I’d expect. They need to lose their pick this year otherwise it’s unprotected the last year, and they want to suck next year.

So that type of thing gives them motivation.

They’re struggling injury wise but they’re still giving a lot of effort to their games. The one major concern is when they get beat they are usually blown out.

Blazers however are conceding a good amount of points in their win. While they’re battling for home court and showing some solid depth, I think the Grizzlies keep this one close.

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April 2nd, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-0 win last night with the NBA Tips.

We had the Miami Heat +7 and thanks to a big fourth quarter from them, they only lost by 5 points and of course covered the sprad.

Boston are always a tricky team to figure out as Vin mentioned and it was a close one last night. We wouldn’t have been surprised if the Heat actually won there but Boston showed up. Luckily their production just wasn’t enough.

It’s Tuesday, April 2nd and the season is getting closer to ending. We’ve got four games on the board at the moment as the Thunders host the Lakers looking to end their losing run.

The Spurs host Atlanta, and the Warriors host the Nuggets.

Let’s see what we got tonight – it’s at the stage where opinion really goes out of it and I find it’s more about the numbers and just hoping they back it up at this point:

Thunder vs Lakers Betting Tips:

By the numbers I think we’ve got to ride the hot Los Angeles Lakers at the moment.

They’re without LeBron James and a couple of others but that just seems to have helped them. They’re free to play basketball with no pressure at the moment. And no overbearing LeBron James who can really mess with the structure out there.

They’re going up against the Oklahoma City Thunder who are really battling motivation. I didn’t realize how bad it’s been this year but this is a team whose record against teams not in the playoffs in the West is 11-13. And 4 of those wins are the Suns.

What’s mostly interesting is looking at when the Thunder are in a slump. They rarely come out and crush a team. They seem to play a more cautious game.

I can’t believe I am betting on Rondo and Caldwell-Pope but this has been a season full of surprises. If the Thunder win by 50pts then welp that’s basketball.

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March 28th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well I followed a feel last night and alas it didn’t pay out.

I just had that feeling that the Blazers wouldn’t be fired up and it’d be a more subdued game. Then they face timed with Jusuf Nurkic prior to the game and I just knew that was it ha.

They came out pumped and motivated and got off to a massive start. The rest of the game went pretty much as I expected with the Bulls hanging in there but that just wasn’t enough due to that first quarter.

Oh well it is what it is. I had to follow my feeling there as I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t.

Kings vs Pelicans Betting Tips:

The Kings are in an interesting spot right now. They’ve got practically no chance for the playoffs but they’re still battling. Anything is a bonus for them basically. They’re also looking more towards next season it seems. That means the pressure is off but they still have the drive to win.

Pelicans are just crashing hard at the moment. A bit of fight against the Hawks but any good team is able to tear them apart and they are looking down.

Anthony Davis is day to day which is a bonus. Honestly if the Kings were out I’d probably stay away or do the over but with them still focused on winning gotta back them.

Kings -3 Logo

March 27th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-0 win last night and one I particularly enjoyed, as the Charlotte Hornets kept their dream alive.

I love seeing things like that. They had to keep fighting in this game no matter what and they did so. It went to overtime and the Spurs were no pushovers but the Horents simply wanted it more.

It was a great performance by Kemba Walker.

The Hornets now have a 23.3% chance to make the playoffs. Nothing really tonight in the East that will affect that.

The West itself is pretty much all tied up as well which is always disappointing. Also makes it hard in terms of tips. Like the Hornets are going against the Lakers on Friday – depending on the spread that’s close to a blind bet. Although not sure that’s the case on Sunday when they take on the Warriors.

I guess technically tonight should see the battle for home court or rising in the rankings but like I’ve said before – even though that is a big factor in the playoffs, the teams don’t seem to play as if it is.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Warriors sweep the board at this point. They want that #1 spot in the West and 7 of the teams are below .500. But man you can’t put any faith in the Warriors. Grizzlies +10.5 is so tempting here especially coming off that Memphis win over the Thunder.

Just the one tip tonight and it’s more of a “feel” than anything else.

Blazers vs Bulls Betting Tips:

We all saw what happened to Jusuf Nurkic the other night. That was sad and absolutely brutal to watch.

The obvious thought is that something like that fires up the Blazers. Normally I’d be all behind that and I’d back them – especially after how they performed after the injury – but honestly I’m just getting a different vibe tonight.

Just one of those things where I feel like they’ll be more shell shocked by that, and take it a bit easier. I could be way off.

It’s tough to back the Bulls here. They’ve got their own injury situation. They’re seriously struggling at the moment. I did like their 3 pointer situation better against the Raptors. That Jazz game was brutal.

I dunno – I just get a vibe that the Blazers won’t be blazing tonight. And one thing I have learned is that win or lose – you just have to back those vibes or you’re kicking yourself the next day.

Bulls +7.5 Logo

March 26th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Vin went with the one tip last night and it didn’t pay off. He thought the 76ers would bounce back but that wasn’t the case. After a solid first half performance Philly completely fell off and the Magic took it in the second half.

Must have just been one of those things where Orlando got fired up at the half and came out pumped while Philly thought they were going to coast.

If you haven’t seen the Jusuf Nurkic injury – don’t look ha. Ouch. One of those where you just yell out loud. If you really want to see it, here’s a link. Absolutely brutal that one and hope he recovers.

At least they were able to clinch a playoff berth. That was nice.

Busy night tonight with a lot of games let’s get to it:

Spurs vs Hornets Betting Tips:

The Spurs are generally on my “do not bet” list but I’ve just got to back the Charlotte Hornets here.

That Jeremy Lamb finish against the Raptors was absolutely massive. First of all the Hornets keeping up with Toronto the whole way through was impressive. That’s three impressive wins in a row by the Hornets.

They’re the engine that just keeps chugging. They’re not a great team and they’ll get smashed if they make the playoffs but they just have that belief to keep battling. The finish against the Raptors will only add to that.

So I’ve got to think this one goes down to the wire or that the Hornets just don’t give up. They have 9 games left and 3 of them are at home so they have to win this one as well. The pressure isn’t getting to them.

Spurs had a couple of tough losses but bounced back strong in Boston. They can’t be underrestimated. But I am happy to take the points here as Charlotte have given no indication that they will do anything but take it to the wire, regardless of the opponent.

Hornets +4