November 7th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-1 day yesterday.

We had the Bulls/Hawks Under 221.5 points. That one came in nice and easy. And it was nice to actually see the Bulls play well. They played like the team I hoped they would play like this season.

Not enough for me to back them for the forseeable future, but hopefully we’ll see some consistency from Zach LaVine and company over the next little while.

We lost with Raptors -7.5. They beat the Sacramento Kings but only by 4. Raptors started hot as I thought but the Kings came back strong and stayed in it. Was disappointed in the Raps honestly – that was a game that just didn’t have to be that close. The Raptors perimiter defense is weak and that’ll be something to pay attention to going forward.

The Rockets ran all over the Warriors as expected. Sad state of affairs for Golden State right now. The Magic continue their run of not winning on the road as the Mavs pippe them 107-106. And the Bucks had a tough battle against the Clippers but a 42-29 2nd quarter was the difference there.

Clippers vs Blazers Betting Tips:

The big story was the LA Clippers resting Kawhi Leonard for the second time this season. They are resting him on the first leg of back to back games. Last time they did that they got owned by the Utah Jazz however defeated the Spurs 103-97 when Kawhi returned.

It’s an interesting dynamic as you have a fresh Kawhi but the rest of the team are a bit tired so he has to carry the load more. He put up 38 points against the Spurs that game while he hasn’t went over 30 in any other games this season. Expect another beast mode performance from him tonight.

I like the Clippers to cover this game, but the story is Kawhi Leonard and I think that regardless of win or lose, he puts up the points again.

Blazers haven’t looked good defensively and have been struggling after losing Zach Collins. He’s out until the Spring. Brutal luck there.

I’m going to take Kawhi Leonard Over 29.5 Points.

Vins Thoughts:

Vin killed it on the weekend and he will be back from Friday to Monday with tips. I wanted to note that earlier he backed the Celtics -7 and Clippers -5.5 over at the site we will be moving to shortly.

He feels the Hornets are all smoke and mirrors and it’s based more on their schedule than anything. And with the Portland defense missing Jusuf Nurkic and Pau Gasol, then add Collins to the list and yep he believes Clippers cover. Logo

November 6th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a hell of a rollercoaster last night, but unfortunately it crashed right at the end.

We had the Lakers -7 against the Chicago Bulls. Lakers went in at the half down 65-48. 17 points. I wasn’t too concerned and it was a prime live betting opportunity. Both due to the skills of both teams and of course one LeBron James. Then you just have the 2nd half stats of both teams.

As expected Lakers came back in a big way and took a big lead in the 4th. Unfortunately then they were happy to ride it out, and variance stepped up and the Bulls ended up covering. It was 118-112 for a 6 point win and we had Lakers -7. Tough one.

The Celtics continued their winning ways and made it 5 in a row with a win over the Cavs. Pacers vs Bobcats was a nice tight game that needed OT to resolve it with 4 swingy quarters.

November 6th is a busy night in the NBA with nine games going on. Game of the night has to be Bucks vs Clippers. That should be a cracker. Raptors look to bounce back against the Kings.

Let’s get to it:

Bulls vs Hawks Betting Tips:

I think you’ll have two tired teams playing tonight and two slightly demotivated teams.

One thing we have learned from the Bulls is that they don’t learn from complacency. For a lot of teams you’d look at last nights performance and think they’ll right the ship tonight. But I don’t see that being the case. They are yet to prove this season that they have that in them quite frankly.

This will be their second back to back of the season. Last time they played a B2B they lost 108-84 to the Raptors on the second leg of it. Granted it’s the Raptors but I just felt they looked sluggish out there and we’ll see that again tonight.

Hawks were fired up last night it looked like due to the John Collins situation. They did have the return of Trae Young to spur them on but I think they’ll be a bit more weary tonight. It required a big performance last night and a couple of guys setting career records for scoring just to get that win.

The only concern is that Zach LaVine ran roughshod over the Hawks last year. They had trouble dealing with him but I don’t think that is enough.

Under 221.5pts

Kings vs Raptors Betting Tips:

Raptors were a pretty solid bounce back team last year. We’ve only seen them demonstrate their bounce back abilities once this season so far but they passed with flying colours as they dominated the Chicago Bulls. They bounced back 71.9% of the time last season which was the 4th best in the NBA.

The Kings come into this on a nice two game winning run after a rocky start to the season but this is a big step up. Yeah the Jazz win was nice but I mean the Knicks are the Knicks.

Some theory is that the visit to India was the reason for the slow start for Sacramento. Not sure that is the case though but I guess we’ll find out tonight.

Either way I like the Raptors to bounce back strong here.

Raptors -7.5 Logo

November 5th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

An incredible run by Vin these last couple of days.

He took us to 6-1-1 since he took over the tips on Friday. Last night was another 2-0 night.

He took the Rockets -6.5. That one was a bit close for comfort however the Rockets were able to cover the point spread by winning 107-100.

He took Bucks -6 and that was a much easier one. The Milwaukee Bucks crushed the Timberwolves 134-106.

Nice and easy. Great stuff Vin.

It’s Tuesday, November 5th and we’ve actually got a nice and busy Tuesday with 6 games on the board.

The Celtics look to make it 5 in a row as they take on the Cavs. Lakers also look to extend their impressive run as they take on the Chicago Bulls.

Let’s get to it:

Lakers vs Bulls Betting Tips:

The Chicago Bulls were a team that I predicted would do well this season. They’ve cost us some money, and things are getting concerning in the Chicago area.

You can see it from the media interviews. There is a lot of frustrations especially from Zach LaVine. They’re happy with their offense but their defense isn’t doing the job.

Now they have the freaking LA Lakers who have everyone clicking. Just an incredible offense. Lakers want to keep this going. Dwight Howard has stepped up big time and this is a team who are confident.

I think Bulls will hang with them for a little bit but it won’t last. The Bulls defense will not be able to keep the Lakers out, and the Lakers offense is just going to be relentless. The Bulls offense won’t be able to keep up with them.

Lakers do slow down a bit in the 4th quarter but in saying that so do Chicago! The Bulls in the 4th quarter actually have a worse record at home than overall. They just aren’t showing any fight.

If the Bulls are able to upset the world tonight then so be it. I’m taking Lakers -7. Logo

October 31st, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was an 0-2 night last night. Just two bad picks unfortunately.

We had Bulls -2. I really thought after their last game they would be able to keep it going and honestly I think I underestimated the Cleveland Cavaliers. They were quite excellent out there.

That wasn’t a game that the Bulls lost like their previous game – this was one that the Cavaleirs won. I’ve no complaints there. Cavaliers were quite simply the better team. They’ll be someone interesting to look at going forward.

Very disappointed in the Minnesota Timberwolves as they didn’t look like they belonged on the same court as the 76ers in all honesty. All the metrics from the T-Wolves first games went to pot.

But hey it was worth it as we got to see that brawl with Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns. That was amusing. 76ers were up 20 points at that time so it was some excitement at least. That 76ers defense is legit.

Anyway yeah a crappy night – sorry about that. Hopefully I can bounce back tonight.

It’s Halloween night and we have 3 games on the board.

It kicks off with the Heat going to Atlanta as the Hawks look to end their 2 game losing streak. The Nuggets visit the Pelicans who are looking to get their first win. new Orleans are 0-4 to start the season.

Spurs are on the road as the Clippers host them. Spurs are 3-0 to start the season.

Spurs vs Clippers Betting Tips:

The Clippers are reeling after suffering yet another loss in the NBA. They were thumped by the Utah Jazz.

We saw what happened after the Suns beat them. They came out and thumped the Hornetes and Kawhi Leonard will be hoping to lead them to a professional performance. They rested him against the Jazz for a reason and he will have this team fired up tonight.

Clippers have this game highlighted and they’ll be motivated to give the Spurs their first loss. Clippers are going to be one of those teams where I feel we can back them based on motivation, or bet against them based on lack of motivation.

Spurs are 3-0 with some great performances from DeJonte Murray. He has to be overperforming though and will comw down to earth here.

They got that big win over the Blazers but this is a step up from Wizards and Knicks.

If Spurs are able to compete then props to them but I’ve got to think it’s a dominant victory for the Clips.

Clippers -4.5 Logo

October 30th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well it was an 0-1 night last night. I knew the Heat would put up the points but wasn’t sure the Hawks could match them. I didn’t expect such a woeful showing from the Hawks though. That 2nd & 3rd quarter called them and Heat were able to just coast to the victory.

We had over 116.5 points but the Heat won with 112 points on the board.

Lakers got a big win over the Grizzlies and the Mavs pulled out a win on the road in Denver.

It’s Wednesday, October 30th and we have a busy day. Let’s get to it:

Bulls vs Cavaliers Betting Tips:

Well it has been a rocky start to the season for the Chicago Bulls. There were a lot of expectations that they may be a sneaky team this year, but they are looking anything but. The way they blew that game against the Knicks was brutal.

Now they’re looking out for redemption as they take on the 1-2 Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bulls are struggling at the moment with one of the lowest offensive efficiency stats in the game but Cavs are worse on that front. Bulls are quite simply underperforming right now and I think this team just got very complacent against the Knicks.

They need to step up and be physical tonight and hopefully that this team can do that.

I think Zach LaVine and co are able to step it up tonight. People are writing them off and before the season began I’d be all over this line. I think I still gotta take it tonight.

Bulls -2

Timberwolves vs 76ers Betting Tips:

Queue Rodney Dangerfield with his “ain’t getting no respect” as that’s the Timberwolves right now. Despite their 3-0 start with two dominant wins and a hard fought OT game, they’re 6.5 point underdogs here.

I mean I get that. This is a big step up for them and it’s a tough team. 76ers however had a tough game last time out and barely picked up the win. They lacked a lot of composure the last game.

Timberwolves have players steiing up such as Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins and that’s nice to see. So far this season they are just such an effective team both offensively and even defensively. They play at a fast pace and they should have no problem pushing Philly here.

Should be a close one in my opinion and I’ve got to take Timberwolves +6.5 Logo

October 29th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Vin posted a 1-1 record last night.

It could have been 2-0. He jumped all over the Warriors +4.5 expecting them to show up and bring it big last night. They did so and record the win that Vin expected with a solid 134-123 victory.

It would have been even more if the Pelicans hadn’t stepped it up in the 4th quarter.

We had Spurs -5.5 and that was a brutal one. Blazers mounted a big 4th quarter and Spurs could only win by 3. What a performance from Damian Lillard who just wasn’t giving up. They had an 18-2 run to completely kill our betting tip there.

For Tuesday, October 29th it’s a much quieter day in the NBA as we have just three games on the board.

The Denver Nuggets host the Dallas Mavericks with the Nuggets looking to extend their winning streak to 4 and going 4-0. The Lakers have 2 wins in a row and host the Grizzlies hoping to make that three. And after 2-0 starts, the Heat and Hawks both lost their 3rd games and look to get back in the win column.

Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat Betting Tips:

This should be a fun game with Jimmy Butler making his debut for the Miami Heat.

He has been off on paternity leave so you know he will be bloody glad to be back and get away from the screaming kid.

These two teams played in the pre-season where the Heat blew the Hawks away 120-87 and there was a lot of starters featured in that one.

The Hawks have had two close games with that 103-99 win over the Magic and then that 103-105 loss to the 76ers. The question really is whether they will be able to keep up with the Miami Heat here.

The Heat will be frustrated at losing that game to the Timberwolves after beating the Bucks on the road. However that was the 2nd leg of a B2B and they’ll be rested and ready for this one.

Honestly I like the Heat to put up the points. I can’t tell if Hawks match them or not. If they do, then the over or Hawks +8 would be the play. If they don’t, then Heat -8 is the play.

Either way I believe in the Miami Heat here and I think they have what it takes to put the points up regardless.

Miami Heat Over 116.5 Team Points Logo

October 24th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well it was a disappointing night last night with the NBA Tips.

We had the Bulls -3. Expecting a lot from them this season. Not only could they not cover the spread but they couldn’t even win the game. The Hornets were absolutely hyped and even though Mauri Markkanen put up 35 points it wasn’t enough. Wonder if the Hornets can keep that up throughout the season.

I’d like to say betting against a team on their home opener was a mistake, but then we took the Pacers -7.5. That was just a woeful performance. Their defense couldn’t stop the Pistons at all and both Andre Drummond and Luke Kennard put up at least 30 points each for the Pistons.

Very disappointing night.

Three games tonight and we get to see the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks in action. The Warriors are just 6th favourites to win the Championship this season according to NBA Futures with the Clippers favourites, so this should be a good game.

4 of the top 6 favoured teams in the futures are playing tonight. Let’s get to it:

Clippers vs Warriors Betting Tips:

I don’t want to say the Golden State Warriors are the Warriors in name only – but I’m not too high on them at the moment. They’re not the team they once were and of course are missing Klay Thompson.

I think Warriors will start strong and contend early on however they just don’t have the depth that the Clippers do. Clippers looked excellent against the Lakers and if it wasn’t for Danny Green, that would have been a massive pounding.

Kawhi Leonard looks on fire and I expect he is going to continue to be while he is motivated.

Stephen Curry is going to have to put up at least 40 points in this game for them to contend in my opinion.

Even without Paul George, the Clippers look lethal and it’s going to be something when he is back. This is a big scalp that I think the Clippers can take to really get their season going strong. Clippers -2