December 13th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 1-1 night with the NBA Betting Tips.

I was very disappointed in the Warriors last night and my misread of that game. It was an extremely poor performance from the Warriors from the beginning and they packed that one in in the second half.

Raptors came out motivated and fully deserved the win. Another exceptional performance from Kyle Lowry and props to him for that.

Our win was with Grizzlies -3.5 and that went as expected. CJ McCollum was the only player on the Blazers who deserve a passking mark. They started hard but faded as expected and the Grizzlies took over, They know how to grind away and that was good to see. I expected more from Damian Lillard – but it was nice to see him have such a bad game when we had the other side.

Four games tonight. Will the Suns 10 game losing streak end tonight when they host the Mavs? Lakers look to make it three in a row as they head to Houston. Clippers take on the Spurs and Magic host the Bulls in the other games.

Rockets vs Lakers Betting Tips:

I said the other day that I expected a solid performance from the Rockets bench and they duly delivered in their victory over the Blazers. The question is – can that continue?

It might – but I’m honestly not sure it matters either way in this one if we go with the Lakers.

Even if the bench do step up again, the Los Angeles Lakers are a better team than the Blazers. So even if the Rockets bench step it up, the Lakers should still be able to keep it close or win outright.

Lakers are one of those teams where things are really starting to click. They have lost Brandon Ingram temporarily but that’s not affecting things and Kyle Kuzma is having a second year bounce. He’s starting to play really well and I am liking seeing him pick up on the scoring.

I will warn you 75% of the money is on the Lakers but the line isn’t moving. That’s an indication that the sharp money is on the Rockets. In saying that it was the same deal in the last Rockets game so who knows. Lakers are a .500 road team and I think Lonzo can contain CP3. My only concern is if Rockets have a sick night with the threes – but there are just too many other factors for me to counter that.

Lakers +5.5 Logo

December 12th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

We had no NBA Tips last night as we had two conflicting opinions and the Spurs spread was just too much for us.

I had a strong feeling that the Rockets would step things up and their bench would show up. I would have won the bet but it would only be by half a point as the Rockets won 111-104. So I am glad we stayed away from that one. What a second half performance that was by the Rockets.

I also liked the Raptors while Vin liked Clippers getting points at home. However I didn’t want to take the Raptors with the uncertainty over Kawhi. As it is he didn’t play but that didn’t matter as the Raps stepped it up a notch. It’s always interesting when a team misses a star player like that – sometimes they step it up and other times they just give up before they’ve even had tip off. So if I had known Kawhi wasn’t playing that would have meant no bet for me.

Finally the Spurs DID cover the spread. By a lot. Like the spread was 12.5 points and it was exactly double that. However you just can never predict those things and it’s always risky going with a big spread.

We move onto Wednesday, December 12th. Celtics look to keep their 6 game run going. Pistons look to end their 5 game skid against Charlotte. Raptors take on the Warriors in the late game.

Grizzlies vs Blazers Betting Tips:

Grizzlies was recommended to me by my betting system and when I look at everything I’ve got to take them. Grizzlies have lost two in a row and I’ve got to think they’ll be motivated. Granted they have struggled quite a bit the last few weeks – even their wins have been battles other than that Clippers thrasing.

However Grizzlies can be a physical team and Blazers just played last night where they lost to the Rockets in a tough second half. I think they’ll be lacking the energy tonight when they take on Memphis. Grizzlies play slow and controlled and should frustrate the Blazers.

I’m rolling with Grizzlies -3.5 tonight.

Warriors vs Raptors Betting Tips:

This is one of those games where it’s more about feeling and the mental game than anything else and it’s about betting with how I feel the game will go.

Warriors had a close matchup with Raptors last time out and it went to overtime. Kawhi was in beast mode there. However Warriors were missing Stephen Curry and Draymond Green in that game yet still matched them.

Those two guys are back now. Kawhi has had his big game against the Warriors. he’s also got that hip issue. It’s time for Curry especially to step it up and have his fun here.

Raptors of course played last night too.

It was nice to see Kyle Lowry step it up last night but I just think the Warriors go to town here. I could be completely wrong but I think they win this one by double digits and strike fear in the Raptors for the post season.

Warriors -6.5 Logo

December 11th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

An excellent 2-0 night last night.

We had the Sacramento Kings -2.5 and that was a nice easy one. They actually went in at the half down by 11. However they came out big in the second half and delivered. Must admit that first half was a bit of a concern. Was nice to see them turn things around and a great performance from De’Aaron Fox. Fox put up 25 points and 23 of them were in the second half. What a beast he was.

We also had the Denver Nuggets -2.5 Vin absolutely loves backing the Nuggets on home court due to the elevation. That did look to be a factor as the Grizzlies fought well but stumbled on the fourth quarter and that’s where the Nuggets cemented the game with a win. They covered with a few points to score in a 105-99 victory with a spectacular performance from
Nikola Jokic.

Only three games on the board tonight and unfortunately we are conflicting. Here are our opinions:

Blazers vs Rockets: Vin has the Blazers as his top pick tonight. I get that as the Rockets are a mess this year and Paul hasn’t been himself. He thinks the Blazers dominate the boards and defensive rebounding will be a big factor as Blazers are 8th and Rockets are 29th. My opinion? Rockets have been talking about their problems and they know the bench has to deliver. I think we see them deliver tonight and they come out fired up and take this game. Whether they cover the point spread I am not 100% sure but if the bench is fired up then yes I think the ydo.

Clippers vs Raptors: Vin is a big fan of the Clippers getting points at home. I can’t back this knowing Kawhi is questionable. He’s been a big part of the Raptors and if he plays I’d like to back them but you never know how bad the injury is. Just a major question point and one that has me staying away.

Suns vs Spurs:. This one we don’t have a conflicting opinion but Spurs -12.5 is just too much for me. I really think they will cover it plus this is a schedule alert game BUT I mean the line is acting as if the Spurs are playing like they did last season and they really aren’t. If anything I’d prefer to be on the Suns to win or something just for the perceived value. Logo

December 5th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Hey another winning night!

I’m honestly still really surprised at that Mavs line. No play has jumped out at me like that in a good couple of weeks.

Usually I get some probably plays right off the bat but this one just seemed like a home run. It was one of those where I was busy looking for contradictory information to see if I was missing something.

Thankfully I wasn’t and the Mavs got the win.

Lets get to tonights. For the record we narrowed it down to three – Warriors -11, Lakers -9 and the one we are actually going with:

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Brooklyn Nets Betting Tips:

I have two concerns in this game. One is the Nets will be fighting hard to end their losing streak obviously. That always pushes a team on. The other is that the Thunder are a tricky team to bet on – one of those teams you never know whether you can fully back them or not.

However we’ve got Westbrook going out hard for a triple double tonight and that’s usually not the type of thing that can affect a team. Dennis Schroeder is someone who is really working out perfect for the Thunder at the moment too – allowed to give Westbrook that needed rest. We’re really seeing him step it up and he is very useful against the lesser teams in the NBA.

That should rule out complacency. Nets of course will be fighting but I think losing to Cavs is crushing. Nets are poor even at home and I think the Thunder leak out to a big lead nice and early then have the ability to maintain it.

Thunder -6.5

Let’s make it three winning nights in a row! Logo

December 4th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme


Boy do those feel good. It’s been more losses than wins the past couple of weeks so excuse us if we break out the champagne for those winning nights ha.

We had the Golden State Warriors -10 and it won’t surprise us if we end up riding them for awhile. With Curry back they look motivated and out for blood and they blew the Atlanta Hawks away 128-111.

It was a fun night of basketball as the Raptors were surprised by the Nuggets and lost 103-106 at home. Vins system felt the Nuggets would cover that -6.5 spread and they did more than that as they won outright. A lot of upset gamblers out there today I expect who had backed the Raptors. Hard not to at home with that spread.

Pretty sure I will blindly back the Raptors to bounce back strong. There are five games on the board alas Raptors and Warriors are not amongst them.

The Bulls look to end their 6 game losing streak as they head to Indiana. The Suns are on a 5 game losing streak as well and host the .500 Sacramento Kings.

Biggest favourites for the night are the Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers both at 8.5. Highest scoring game of the night is expected to be Kings vs Suns at 223.5.

Mavericks vs Blazers Betting Tips:

The Mavericks are -1 and that seems like a crazy low line.

Honestly as soon as this I saw this line this one jumped out at me. I feel Mavs are a strong enough team here and this is just a nice little pick for value.

Blazers aren’t a great road team and can’t be counted on. Mavs are an excellent home team.

Mavs are of course still missing Luka Doncic but look at Dennis Smith – the boy chipped his tooth against the Clippers but came back into the game and played to its conclusion. Although I am hearing that Doncic might be back which will be huge.

I love that sort of stuff – it shows a lot of fight and it’s the type of thing that really helps a team bond. Mavs are really looking up for it and I absolutely loved their performance against the Clippers. They wanted to win that one bad and this is a team that has some real impressive performances lately.

The only real negative is Damian Lillard is warming up. He had an excellent performance last time out but I’ve got to think the Mavs are able to handle them. Both teams are pretty even in regard to 3 pointers and I feel the Mavs are slightly better in most other areas.

Mavs -1 Logo

November 29th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

The 76ers came out fast and furious last night and racked up a big 41-27 lead after the first quarter. Unfortunately the Knicks looked shell shocked after that and couldn’t get back in the game.

Very disappointing.

I’m looking forward to the end of November as this month has been a bit rocky and we’re about 6% below a winning ratio. Not that a new month magically changes things but it does seem to always give a fresh perspective. Not sure why that is but bring on Saturday.

In the meantime we’ve got two days left in November. Tonight sees three games on the board with the Warriors vs Raptors, Lakers vs Pacers and Clippers vs Kings.

Biggest underdogs tonight are the Golden State Warriors. There’s a sentence I didn’t expect to type for this season.

Vin takes charge of the tips from Friday through Monday so let me try and end November personally on a winning note.

Kings vs Clippers Betting Tips:

The Sacramento Kings come into this one on the back of a two game losing streak. They lost 117-116 to the Warriors and were blown out 112-133 by the Jazz.

They haven’t lost three games in a row all season long and I don’t think it will happen here either. Clippers have a great record in Sacramento but are on the 2nd leg of a back to back and I think that will trouble them.

They have a lot of depth of course but this is going to be an incredibly fast paced game and I think that will wear on them. I know they did a good job of player management last night probably to prep for this game but I just think Kings have what it takes to get the victory here. Or at worst, keep it extremely close. This should be a team motivated to end this losing run.

I’m taking Kings +2.5. Logo

November 28th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Another 0-1 night unfortunately.

We had the Suns +3 and honestly it was one of those games that could have went either way. As it is the pacers were the ones that won out with a 109-104 victory.

In hindsight I probably should have taken last night off. Out of the 5 games there was only two that I was looking to tip. The Raptors vs Grizzlies where the Raps were -5.5, and the Suns/Pacers game.

It was one of those nights where I was able to see both sides of it and kept being swayed by both Raptors -5.5 and Grizzlies +5.5, as well as Pacers -3 and Suns +3. Maybe when I feel like it’s something like that and that it’s going to be decided be one score that I should suggest a teaser instead.

We’ll see how it goes. Anyway a much better night selection wise

76ers vs Knicks Betting Tips:

A massive point spread here and a bit of a surprise.

The 76ers are performing very well with the signing of Jimmy Butler but they aren’t yet blowing out teams like you’d expect. He’s helped give them that edge but there is still a lot of battles and they have actually had to rely on Butler for a late game winner twice in the past week.

Knicks had a bad one last night but they ended strong with 38 points nad I like them to keep that going tonight and keep this one close. I think they can come out firing.

Remember that Philly early on were down 20 points against the Nets. They’ve still got their issues.

Knicks are on a 2nd leg of a back to back however this is the same Knicks that on a back to back stunned the Celtics in Boston with a win.

I am slightly concerned that their first loss in three games might see the heads go down but the way they performed in the last quarter last night makes me feel they want to come out on fire and can keep this one close. The Philly bench isn’t good at all and so even if they win I have to think the Knicks do it close. Look at the amount of times the 76ers have thrown away a 20pt lead this season.

Bet the New York Knicks +12.5

As we’ve said – we are trying to be strict in regard to what we play at the moment as November hasn’t been the best betting month. I’ve looked at the plays and picked this one as my favourite bet of the day.

Other potential plays that my betting system likes are Atlanta Hawks +12 and Phoenix Suns +11.5.

Looking at all three of them however I think I have most faith in the Knicks to get things done.