March 6th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Hi all,

Very sorry about the delay in the NBA Tips today. Had a very busy morning and just getting round to them now.

I’m absolutely swamped today so just going to do some quick write-ups here:

Hornets vs 76ers Betting Tips:

I like the Hornets to win straight up here and I’ll take them with the points.

They lost 110-99 just a few days ago in Philly but they’re returning home after a real bust of a road trip.

They got thumped by the Celtics and that was hard to come back from but they showed up well against the Toronto Raptors in Toronto and props to them for that.

Howard is going to be motivated for this one I expect and the Hornets will be happy to return home where they won 3 in a row.

I’m loving Hornets +1.5.

And actually the more I look at the other games, I’m just not happy with them. It’s one of those things where I like a team and then I start to write about them and then I change my mind.

For example I thought the Rockets -5 would be a play and I was writing it then as I looked more stuff up it started to concern me.

With not as much time to research today, I think I’ll stick with just the one pick of the day. Logo

March 1st, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well it was a disappointing night last night.

Both of those games were schedule alert games but I thought both the Bucks and the Hornets would put on better performances than that.

The Bucks to be honest were just abysmal and let the Pistons run over them. They looked like a team that just didn’t care if they won unfortunately. Disappointing as I thought they’d come in fired up after that tight Wizards game.

The Hornets I can’t blame too much – they simply couldn’t compete with the Celtics. Irving was tremendous and Boston were just on another level the entire night and Charlotte couldn’t compete.

We move onto tonight with 4 games on the board. My system doesn’t feel very strong about any of the games tonight.

Cavaliers vs 76ers Betting Tips:

One thing the Cavs suck at is ATS at home and I’ll be backing that to continue tonight as I take 76ers +3.5.

This should be a big game and after 2 disappointing losses, I like the Sixers to push hard tonight and keep this one close if not keep it. It’s hard to see them losing 3 in a row. They were unlucky in that one against the Heat with Wade wrapping it up with just a few seconds left.

I think tonight we’re going to see the Lebron show but I think that’s going to be a detriment to the team. With rumours of him going to the Sixers and just the way the Cavs are disorganized right now, I think that’s going to hurt them and the Sixers will be pumped for this one.

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Heat vs Lakers Betting Tips:

I’m going with Lakers +4. It was great to see Wade put that one in the other night but I saw a lot of issues with that Heat team and I think the Lakers have what it takes here.

The Lakers come into this on the back of 3 huge wins and they’re well rested and relaxed and confident.

I think if you’re going to back the Lakers this is the time to do it – they’re rolling hot at the moment with the entire team really putting up the numbers. Logo

February 28th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 1-1 night that felt like a 10-0 night thanks to the Wizards pick winning.

I said yesterday that both Wizards/Bucks were the bane of our existence this season in terms of bets and always calling it wrong.

Vin taunted me about that game and I said screw it I’m going to pick it – and I was RIGHT as the Wizards covered and actually won the game.

Pity I couldn’t get the Kings one correct. They hung in there well but dropped off in the 4th after a solid 3rd quarter. Oh well.

It’s the end of February – Wednesday, February 28th and we’ve got 9 games on the boards. Can the Magic end their losing streak when the Toronto Raptors come to town? And ones gotta give – Suns or Grizzlies? Which one will end their TEN GAME losing streak? Man I can’t wait for that game.

Bucks vs Pistons Betting Tips:

The Bucks have had their struggles lately with no wins in regulation since the 13th – but I like them to do that here and I’ll take them with the extra point and a half.

Bucks are generally a decent enough road team and watching that game last night, I felt they had more in them. I don’t think the heads are going to go down there – they’re going to keep on chugging away and get a W tonight.

The Pistons have dropped back to mediocrity including some embarrassing home losses being thumped by the Pelicans and Lakers. The 2 game road trip didn’t help anything and they’re really struggling now.

This is one of those teams I think in a big Division game that the Bucks will be motivated for, and will take Bucks +1.5.

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Hornets vs Celtics Betting Tips:

This should be a hell of a game with both teams coming in on nice winning streaks.

I’m a bit concerned about the Hornets being on a B2B and having to travel, but they did that a few days ago against the Wizards and cleaned their clocks.

They’re a bit beaten up however they seem to have a strong team mentality going and that’s important when it comes to covering the point spread – you want a team that is going to fight if they’re behind.

At the rate they’re going I like them to keep pace with the Celtics here and hell I wouldn’t be the least shocked if they pulled off a W.

Hornets +7.5 Logo

February 27th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a nice 2-1 night last night.

It’s never fun laying 10 points but the Raptors dominated as we expected. We had them -10 and Lowry stepped up big.

We also took the Rockets -2.5 and they woke up with a big 2nd half to crush the Jazz 96-85 and make it 13 wins in a row for this beast of a team.

Our loss was with the Pacers -3.5 as the Mavs had a huge 4th quarter. Honestly with everything going on with them at the moment props to their players for just going out there and putting up a performance like that.

Hey be sure to head on over and check out my Golf Betting Tips. 2 weeks ago I got a +2200 win and a +1000 win, and just last week I logged a +6600 win and a +1650 win!

Tonight is the Wizards vs Bucks game. Both these teams give us nightmares as they are the two top teams we’ve been wrong on this season.

Back the Bucks to cover the spread? They don’t. Bet against the Bucks? They win. Same deal with the Wizards. Time and time again we swear to stay off these teams.

Now they’re playing each other I just HAVE to tip that one – and I’m going to freaking WIN this one damnit.

Let’s get to the tips:

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Bucks vs Wizards Betting Tips:

Seriously you might want to avoid this one but I’m going to go with Wizards +3.

The Wizards are a top 5 road team and win or lose, the games are always close enough that I’m happy bgetting the points here.

Bucks have been stuttering a little bit lately and the Wizards have been on a nice roll for the most part. Even losing Wall hasn’t stopped them with a 9-3 run since the John Wall injury. They then got that huge win over Philly.

This is a big big clash but I’ll go with the Wizards tonight. I think they either one or keep it within the one score required.

Blazers vs Kings Betting Tips:

These two teams played in Sacramento and the Blazers won by 18 but I’m going to take KIngs +12 here.

I like what I’ve seen from the Kings since that game. They’ve had some better performances and that game was really down to a huge Lillard performance. I mean yeah the dude is still hot going into this one but I think the Kings will be more motivated to stop Damian Lillard tonight.

They got to experience the Lillard show once and should be much better prepared here. Labissiere will be a good help as well here and I like the Kings to cover the point spread. Logo

February 22nd, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Whew – that was quite the long break.

I hope everyone enjoyed NBA All Star Weekend. It was a fun enough experience overshadowed somewhat by the whole drama involving Riddick. Thankfully that seems to have all settled down now and we can get back to enjoying us some basketball.

Interesting stat I saw is that the Spurs need to go at least 15-8 on the rest of the schedule, and it’s a tough one, to finish with a win percentage of .610. They haven’t finished below that in 20 years.

First of all – holy crap there’s only 23 games left in the season? Um that’s not a lot!!! Where has this season gone? Second of all it’s always interesting looking at things like that and seeing if it picks up on the mainstream media. I mean I saw it on /r/nba/ but it’s good paying note to things like that and seeing if the players catch wind of it and if they pay attention to it.

Silly as it seems, little things like that can really add to a teams drive.

Anway let’s get to the NBA tonight, with a decent card on the go.

Nets vs Hornets Betting Tips:

Not sure if the Nets will end their losing run here with 7 in a row lost however I think they at least keep this one tight.

D’Angelo Russell is starting for the Nets which will be the first time he starts since November and that’s huge for them.

They’ve had the all star break to realize that yup – no playoffs this year – and that’s where I think they’ll come out here relaxed and raring to go.

Both teams will be rusty too after the break and I think will take a bit to get going. I’m taking Nets +8 tonight.

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Magic vs Knicks Betting Tips:

Honestly with Magic -3.5 this one seems like a trap play but I gotta go with it. They’ve got Aaron Gordon and Ikola Vucevic back and I believe both are starting tonight. it may disrupt things a little bit but the Knicks are trahs.

The Magic took their foot off the pedal prior to the all star break but I mean they had some real solid wins in there including over the Cavs and Heat. Knicks are getting their clocks cleaned on a regular basis.

Magic -3.5 is my other play of the day. That’s all I’ll back here as I want to fully monitor how the teams are following the all star break. Logo

February 15th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Boy did we get screwed last night. Which is usually good on Valentines Day but not when it comes to basketball.

We had the Pistons -8.5 and that one looked like a lock. The Pistons had three massive quarters and amassed a 20+ point lead. It looked all over. And over it was in terms of who won – but not in terms of the bloody point spread.

The Hawks had a big 37-22 4th quarter as the Pistons took their foot off the gas, and the Pistons covered by exactly 8.

Coming on the back of the previous night where we lost due to two big 4th quarter runs – UGH.


It’s NBA All Star Weekend and we close out the NBA season temporarily with 2 games. We then won’t have any games until Thursday February 22nd.

It’s a quiet night with the Bucks hosting the Nuggets and the Timberwolves hosting the Lakers.

Just the one play:

Bucks vs Nuggets Betting Tips:

Both teams come into this one on the back of two wins and are looking to enter the break on a high note.

I feel the Bucks are the team that will want it more.

It’s a close match up but the Nuggets on the road are very poor with a low record. Bucks are a top 10 home team and have been very good there especially with Prunty in charge.

It should be a good game and I’m tempted by the over but I’m going to stick with the team that I believe will have all of the energy.

Bucks -3 is my lone play this evening. Logo

February 14th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well I was able to pick both winning teams yesterday, but unfortunately neither of them was able to cover the 7.5 point spread.

The Raptors were up by 17 points going into the 4th quarter and completely blew it. Hell they almost lost the freaking game. The Miami Heat rallied hard in that one and it was an absolutely brutal way to the end the game for the Raptors.

Just listening to the post game interviews you can tell they were all pissed about that.

We had the Bucks -7.5 and they won by 5. They were up by 7 and Middleton missed a free throw with less than a minute left that would have made it 8. The Hawks kept it close. Yet another team who blew it in the 4th quarter although this one wasn’t as bad as the Raps.

Oh well – two very unlucky games but looking at it I’m still happy with those picks. Just bad luck and variance there and it seemed those were the best sides to be on.

And if I’m sad I just go back and watch this clip over and over;

Much busier night tonight let’s get to it.

Pistons vs Hawks Betting Tips:

Everything was going great since the Pistons picked up Griffin but things have dropped off a fair bit. They lost to the Lakers, Hawks and then Pelicans. They now have the chance for revenge against the Hawks.

I like it.

Those last 3 games were very disappointing and I have to wonder if over confidence had set in, then losing to a team like the Hawks hurt them but the Pistons are going up against the Hawks tonight and the Hawks are the worst road team in the NBA.

Atlanta shot great against Detroit last time out but I can’t see it happening this time.

I think the Pistons will be motivated and will play this game from start to finish hard.

Pistons -8.5

Magic vs Hornets Betting Tips:

Magic go into this one on a 2 game losing streak and the Hornets have a 4 game losing streak.

System likes Magic +5.5 tonight. We know the Magic have what it takes – they had that 3 game burst where they beat the Heat, Cavs and Hawks. The Bucks are always a hard team to take down and they lost there then had that close one against the Bulls.

I like the performances of Orlando lately. They fought hard to come back against the Bulls when they could have let their heads go down. With the all star break coming up we often see big performances from teams and I like the Magic to be right up there battling all the way.

Magic +5.5

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Lakers vs Pelicans Betting Tips:

The Lakers have been on a great run as of late and I like them to put pressure on the Pelicans here and keep things going.

I did like the Pelicans performance against the Pistons. The new “big three” are looking good but I’m not ready to hang my hat on them after just one big game.

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me to see the Lakers get a win here. They’re a solid road team and are playing well.

Lakers +5