January 11th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Unfortunately we posted a goose egg yesterday with the NBA Tips.

I liked the Wizards to bounce back against the Jazz however the Jazz had a massive game and Wizards couldn’t even win, let alone cover the spread.

Wizards just looked like they didn’t take them seriously and thought they could stroll to success so that was a very frustrating one to see.

The other one had me stunned as we had the Nuggets -9.5 against the Hawks and Atlanta blew them away 110-97. The Hawks just didn’t give up and both opened and closed the game with extremely strong performances.


We shall move onto Thursday, January 11th. 4 games on the board. Two streaking teams with the Celtics visiting Philly to take on the 76ers. The Raptors host the Cavs as Toronto hope to have Lowry back and to get a big W.

Sacramento Kings vs LA Clippers Betting Tips:

The 13-27 Kings come into this one on the back of a 2 game losing streak. The LA Clippers have 2 wins in a row and are currently 19-21.

Wins are crucial for the Clippers at the moment as they look to at least hit .500 and they’re coming in with high momentum after that victory over the Golden State Warriors.

These two teams last played on December 26th and the Clippers ran wild over them 122-95. I can’t help but see a repeat performance. The Clippers are juts going from strength to strength and aren’t going to underrestimate a team.

I’m taking Clippers -1.5 tonight and am expecting them to dominate.

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Raptors vs LeBron Betting Tips:

The Raptors are without Lowry again and that’s going to be a big loss. They hung in there well against the Heat but the heads are going to go down knowing they’ve already lost one without him and I think they’re going to lose another.

The Cavs are going to be out for blood in this one knowing it’s a winnable game against a top team. This is an opportunity they can’t afford to blow and Lebron won’t let them.

Cavs -3. Logo

January 10th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a winning night last night with the NBA Tips.

We had the Blazers +8 and we didn’t even need the points. Hell we could have GIVEN those points and still won as the Blazers absolutely killed the Thunder 117-106. It was a very close game too but the Blazers worked hard and deservedly got the win.

We also had the Mavericks over the Magic. It didn’t work out as expected in that I said the Mavs would get an early lead and dominate from there. Mavs did but then lost their lead but thankfully came out strong in the 3rd with a great performance. We had Mavs -6.5 and they won by 15 points.

Raptors didn’t play Lowry last night – probably best to rest him – but they fought hard yet couldn’t get the W there.

It’s January 10th and a busy night with 11 games on the board. Lot of potential good games let’s see what we have tonight:

Wizards vs Jazz Betting Tips:

The Wizards come into this one off a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks and I like them to bounce right back.

They’ve shown in recent times that they are a strong bounce back team. They’ll be frustrated after that loss to the Bucks as they should have had that game. It was a poor performance in the 4th as well as GIANNIS~! that churt them.

Jazz had that solid game against the Heat however they’re still really struggling without Gobert and they just aren’t looking like they can recover without him.

Their road form is poor and they’re getting thumped and I like that to continue.

Wizards -7.5

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Nuggets vs Hawks Betting Tips:

This is one of those games the Nuggets need to take seriously. It’s a winnable game and they need to put away the Atlanta Hawks. They’re at home where you have to think they’ll stop this losing streak and take it seriously.

Hawks are a feisty team and we saw how they did against the Clippers. But the Hawks are garbage and the Nuggets should have this one with ease. I don’t think Denver will lay off just because of the opposition – they will take Atlanta seriously as they know how key the wins are here as they look to end their playoff drought.

I’m taking Nuggets -9.5 and hoping they don’t let up throughout the game.

Unfortunately those are the only two games I’ve got tonight. My system likes the Bucks but not enough to cover and really I don’t want to ever bet on a Bucks game again – 10 of our losses this season are due to either betting the Bucks or against the Bucks. Just a team we can’t figure out.

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January 9th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 1-2 night last night with a lucky half point saving us from a goose egg.

We picked the winners correctly unfortunately they were juste unable to cover the point spread.

The Pelicans -7 didn’t come in as although they won, it was only by 3 points. The Detroit Pistons matched them all the way in that game and it was a very close one and an excellent performance from the Pistons.

We had the Clippers -4 over the Hawks. The Clippers had a hot start to the game but couldn’t keep it going throughout. They won but not by enough to cover the point spread.

We had the Nuggets +10.5 and luckily that one came in as the Nuggets lost by 10 points to the Warriors. We didn’t expect it to be that close and props to the Nuggets for hanging in there and fighting the whole way.

Only 4 games tonight. Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er.

Thunder vs Blazers Betting Tips:

This is a big game between the two teams who are 21-18 and 22-18. Lillard is still out of this one which is obviously a loss for the Blazers but they have got onto their winning ways.

Their road form isn’t the greatest but this is a very key road trip they’re on and they are going to want to get it off to a big start.

I do think the Thunder will win but this is a massive game for the Blazers and they’ve adjusted to the Lillard loss. I think they have to fight all the way to the end here and I’m happy taking the points.

Blazers +8 is my play in this game.

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Mavericks vs Magic Betting Tips:

It’s been 3 brutal games in a row at home for the Mavericks as they lost to the Warriors, Bulls and Knicks.

Surely they can’t lose to the freaking Orlando Magic.

I’m slightly worried the Magic have momentum after that battle against the Cavs but I think it’s the opposite – that one will be demoralizing for them that they couldn’t win it.

The Mavs have to be firing on all cylinders here I mean all 3 losses were very tight and they’re going to be going nuts trying to win this one.

I like them to get an early lead and just keep going and not stopping.

Mavericks -6.5

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Heat vs Raptors Betting Tips:

This one is based on whether or not Lowry plays but I expect he will and I’m going to take Raptors -4.5. Hell it’s probably worth betting even if he isn’t playing so go for that – they should battle harder without him.

Raptors are one of the best home teams in the league and the Heat had a rest day which may force them to have a slow start here. They’re also a very solid team on the road but Raptors are just the better team.

Raptors -4.5 is my final play of the day. Logo

December 27th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Hi all,

So a quick note that for the holidays I’ve actually traveled to Scotland. I’ll be away a couple of weeks.

Why is that notable? Because I’ll be doing my NBA Tips in the morning Scotland time as opposed to in North America time and unfortunately a lot of point spreads aren’t available at this time.

So a lot of my tips will have to be based on what I think the point spread will be so they could be useless. I could pick a team if they’re -6 and then the line opens and they’re -11 or something.

So we’ll see how it goes. With the inability to rely much on team news I’ll be relying 100% on my betting system when I do tips.

Knicks vs Bulls Betting Tips:

The Bulls are on a tear at the moment but going up against a solid New York Knicks team as they aim to make it 9 wins in 11 games.

The system backs them to do that.

The Bulls are playing some good ball and had that epic win over the Bucks on Tuesday. The Knicks are struggling at the moment.

My one concern is the Knicks want to stay above .500 so do they put more into this game? It’s always tough to gauge how important that is to a team.

However the Bulls are hot and I’m going to back them Bulls -1.5. They seem to perform even better at home and I’m hoping that continues.

Warriors vs Jazz Betting Tips:

So this is one of those games where the point spread isn’t out yet.

The Warriors are looking to continue their momentum after that big victory over the Cavs on Christmas Day.

Jazz have a lot of problems at the moment especially on the road.

This just seems like one of those games where the Warriors are going to hand out a thumping so can probably cover a double digit spread.

I’ll say back the Warriors all the way up to -12. Anything above that and use your own discretion. I could see the line opening at around 11.

Hawks vs Wizards Betting Tips:

For the first time this season my system actually recommended the Hawks – against the Mavs the other day – and it’s recommending them tonight over the Wizards so I’m good with that as we’re getting the points.

Hawks are looking to win their first B2B games all season although this one is a concern as Wall and Beal always kill against the Hawks.

Wizards coming in off that huge win over the Celtics too.

Either way I’m going with Hawks +5.5. Logo

December 21st, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a clean sweep as we went 3-0 last night in the NBA Tips!

Great to have a dominant killer night like that.

Our first pick was the Raptors -2.5 and by the half we knew we were good for that one. Raptors made it 4 in a row with a massive first half against Charlotte. Then DeRozan stepped up big in the 2nd half to keep it going.

It was a great way to start the night.

Our next win was with the Bulls -5 over the Orlando Magic. The Bulls continue to be relentless as they make it 7 in a row and what I liked about this one was that big 3rd quarter effort by them. They were determined to wrap that game up before the 4th quarter and they did that and won us the game with ease.

Our final bet was a risky one with Warriors -10 over the Grizzlies however after a nervous start, the Golden State Warriors took over and covered to make it a perfect 3-0 night.

One of just many we’ve had this season! Hope you’re all enjoying the free betting tips.

Despite our excellent record we’ve decided to keep the tips free for the remainder of the season. Long term readers will know I used to sell the tips back in the day for two seasons but I don’t want to do that just yet – maybe if I can get a nice big season behind me I will. But for 2017/2018 everything will be free.

It’s Thursday, December 21st 2017 and a quieter night with 5 games on the board.

Raptors vs 76ers Betting Tips:

Ugh – going to go back to the Raptors well again.

They were running hot yesterday and running hot again on this road back to back game.

One important thing is the 76ers aren’t really getting blown out by teams. They’re keeping it quite close in games even though they’re losing.

I like things like that – it tells the Raptors hey you can’t get complacent against these guys.

Raptors had an incredible performance last night. I’m a bit concerned because their last back to back was that Clippers loss. However I liked the way they prepared for last nights game – it looked like they had this game in mind for it in regard to usage of players etc.

Raptors -2.5 is my play.

Knicks vs Celtics Betting TIps:

I actually screwed up my nose at this one – but my betting system likes Knicks +2.5 and ugh I guess I do too.

Porzingis could be back for the Knicks tonight which would be an amazing bonus. The Celtics are slumping at the moment and are finding it hard to raise their game. Their shooting and their offense is bad and their defense are disappointing too.

I mean it’s not like they’re bad or anything! They’re the freaking Celtics. And they haven’t lost back to back games all season. So hey maybe they’ll bounce back strong here.

To be honest my personal opinion is to avoid this one but the system went 3-0 last night and I’m going to put my faith in it here. Logo

December 20th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It’s a busy night in the NBA with 12 games on the board.

The action all kicks off at 7pm EST with the Raptors visiting Charlotte.

Some interesting matchups with the surging Bulls taking on the struggling Orlando Magic. A similar game takes place with the Mavericks hosting the Pistons.

The last games of the night are the Warriors hosting the Grizzlies and the Clippers hosting the Suns.

Let’s see what we’ve got today:

Raptors vs Hornets Betting Tips:

I’m going to take Raptors -2.5 in this one.

The Raptors are running hot at the moment and have been doing so for weeks with only that blip against the Clippers when they let their guard down. Every single starter is killing it for them at the moment and that’s huge because if one of them has a bad game or even two it shouldn’t matter so much.

The Hornets almost seem to be coming into this game overconfident. I don’t get it – yeah they beat the Knicks convincingly but man you’d think they’d just scalped the Warriors by 50 points or something.

I’ve got to take the much better Raptors -2.5 here. If Hornets prove they’re going to be a team to be reckoned with, so be it.

Bulls vs Magic Betting Tips:

I’m always wary of teams on a big win streak taking on teams on a big losing streak no matter the sport. You usually see overconfidence from the winning side while the losing side rise to the occassion.

But I’m going to go with Bulls -5 here.

They are on a tear and they just don’t give up in games. Bulls are relentless and they have that awesome team chemistry which you love to see – it means a team usually isn’t going to get pumped. They’re all going to work that much harder if they go down.

Magic do have Isaac back which will help somewhat but I just don’t think they have the strong mentality. They’ve had a few close games but I like the Bulls to take this one and dominate down the stretch.

Bulls -5

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Warriors vs Grizzlies Betting Tips:

The Warriors are missing Curry still of course but that doesn’t seem to be affecting them. Grizzlies offense is struggling especially with Conley gone.

If you can’t score you’re dead against the Warriors and that spells problems for the Grizzlies.

I’m going with Warriors -10 here. Logo

December 19th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It’s a quiet day in the NBA today with only three games on the board.

We have 5 of the 6 teams coming in with losing streaks.

The Pelicans are coming in on a few days rest and will be needing it after that OT loss to the Nuggets. They visit the Wizards who got thumped by the Cavs on Sunday.

Both the Kings and 76ers are on losing streaks of 2. The Kings got hammered by the Raptors on Sunday and that makes 2 losses – both on the road – for them. The 76ers are coming off that extremely hard losing game to the Bulls yesterday and another tight one on Friday against the Thunder.

The only winning team tonight is the Cavs who visit Milwaukee.

Let’s get to it:

Cavaliers vs Bucks Betting Tips:

This is the only game I really like tonight – and I’m going to take Cavs -1.

I’m a bit concerned as the Bucks are a pretty damn good home team. However they’re not invincible at home or anything and they’ve been thumped by quite a few teams here.

Wade is back for the Cavs it looks like and that’s the kind of lift I like this team to have. He missed the Sunday game but that means he is nice and rested and ready to roll.

I like everything said by Lebron after the Washington game. Despite another triple double he was actually mad about his performance and that’s got to be motivating him to come out strong in this one.

Bucks have the injuries still and that’s hurting them. Honestly I think it’s at the point where if they lose they can just point to the injuries and blame them

I’m going with Cavs -1 tonight as my only play.