December 18th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It’s December 18th, 2017 and welcome to the NBA Betting Tips.

We went 2-1 last night.

We took the Raptors to cover 12.5 which was a tough one to back – double digit spreads can be tricky – but the Raptors did it by having a big second half which was nice.

We lost with the Over 216.5 in the Pacers vs Nets and it unfortunately didn’t come close which was disappointing.

Thankfully we took the Cavs to cover against the Wizards and they did it with a big win.

It’s Monday, December 18th and a lot of games tonight. Let’s get to it:

Knicks vs Bobcats Betting Tips:

The New York Knicks have a 4 game winning streak going into this one. I’m not sure if they can make it 5 but I do think they can hang in there and keep this one close at least.

It was a big night for them against the Thunder and a key game and they really showed some true grit in that one.

Knicks did the business last time these two teams played and they match up well with them.

I know there’s a lot of concern that Kemba and Howard step it up after a disappointing game but I’m not sure they can.

Knicks +6.5 is my play in this game.

Clippers vs Spurs Betting Tips:

I really wasn’t that impressed with the Spurs in their win over the mavs. They never led the game until there was 3 seconds left and it really didn’t look like it was going to happen.

Spurs are a bit beat up and while the Clippers obviously have some issues right now when they lose they’re keeping games close enough and playing tight.

They’re coming into this one on a 2 game losing streak and the Spurs have a killer record against the Clippers. 70-12 at home and I do think the Spurs will win.

I just think the Clips are getting too many points here.

Clippers +11.5

Celtics vs Pacers Betting Tips:

It was a good win for the Pacers last night but they’ve got to host the Celtics here and it’s going to be a tough one. They won’t be able to last here I think as they don’t have a deep bench to begin with.

The Celtics are reliant on the three ball and that’s where the Pacers have trouble defending – especially in the b2b games. They won’t be able to rely on the fastbreak as much as they like to in this game as the Celtics won’t be turning the ball over much.

I’m taking Celtics -2 here. Logo

December 13th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 1-2 night last night.

Our victory was with the Denver Nuggets. Like I said yesterday the line was a real surprise for me – the Nuggets were fighting strong and that they could carry the Jokic loss at least one more game. They did so with ease with a massive 103-84 win to put the Pistons at 7 losses in a row.

We lost – again – with two favourites. We backed the Spurs but the Mavs pulled off an upset to win that one by 6 points. 95-89 was the score as the Mavs go 8-20.

Our final loss was with the Timberwolves in a tight game against Philly that went to OT. Seems to be a tricky period betting wise as I see a lot of other regular gamblers losing so good to know we’re not alone. But hey only two losing nights in a row – time to turn it around.

It’s December 13th, 2017 let’s check out tonights action:

Pacers vs Thunder Betting Tips:

I’ve got to take the Pacers -1 tonight. The Indiana Pacers are a huge home team and have performed very well here. They’re on a 4 game winning streak and while the strength of those teams isn’t the best, they’re showing solid performances.

The Thunder are coming in here having lost their last game to the Hornets and they really just struggle on the road. Until they start showing they can win on the road with consistency I’ve just got to look to fade them.

Obviously the George factor is going to make things interesting and he’s going to be up for it but I just think the Pacers still have what it takes here.

Wizards vs Grizzlies Betting Tips:

There’s rumours that John Wall might be back tonight and that would be huge. Either way I really dig the Wizards here.

They’ve been on the road for almost the entire month and I expect a big home victory here from them and a solid performance. They know games like this are ones that they need to win to improve their record.

The Grizzlies are just not a good time and are a disaster without Conley and after the Fisdale firing that hasn’t improved anything.

They just have many many issues and it doesn’t seem they have the strong team chemistry to turn it around.

Wizards -7.5

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Rockets vs Hornets Betting Tips:

I hate those double digit point spreads but I gotta go with Rockets -12.5. Hornets have that fighting spirit but the Rockets are doing everything right just now and they look just beautiful out there.

They’re one of those teams that amidst a big winning streak are showing a lot of drive and ways to improve and keep on going.

They’re going to take the Hornets seriously after that Thunder win and they’ve thumped teams better than the Hornetts by more than 12.5 so I can see them doing it again. Logo

December 12th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well we’ve had a great December so far and a great last 6 weeks actually so I guess we were due for a stinker.

We’ve been debating the Celtics a lot since their streak ended and went with them yesterday as we both really felt comfortable with them for the first time in awhile. They ended up getting absolutely demolished by the Bulls in a stunning upset. Mirotic and Portis stepped up big time.

We had the Thunder -7 against the Hornets and there was ANOTHER huge upset there as the Hornets got a massive win despite Westbrook putting up 30 points.

Finally the third upset as Raptors -5.5 and the Clippers won.

It was a night of the dogs and that sucked but that’s betting.

Let’s turn our attention to December 12th, 2017 and see what NBA Betting Tips we have today.

Spurs vs Mavericks Betting Tips:

The Spurs are on the road here as they try and make it 5 wins in a row. The Mavericks just hope to end their losing streak at 3.

Spurs have looked great this season even without Kawhi and he is BACK tonight it’s expected. He’s going to make his season debut for the squad.

That’s going to make things interesting. It may take time for things to gel however you’ve got to think it will be a big enough boost to the team.

I think he’s going to play and hell with or without him the Mavs are really struggling big time at the moment and the Spurs should be able to handle them no problem.

I’m taking Spurs -6 this evening.

Pistons vs Nuggets Betting Tips:

I’m surprised at the line in this one. I mean yeah the Nuggets have some major injury issues but they’ve still put in some solid perfomances as of late.

A 5th game on the road is a tough one for sure however I love the Nuggets fighting spirit as of late. While I often back a team losing a star player and then fade them I think the Nuggets can carry it one more game befor ethe Jokic loss fully hits them.

Nuggets +6 is the play for me.

Timberwolves vs 76ers Betting Tips:

This should be a fun game as Philly look to get a win to end their run.

But I don’t think they will.

They have a couple of nagging injuries and I see this being a competitive game.

I’m taking Timberwolves -5.5 tonight. Logo

December 7th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 2-1 night last night with the NBA Tips.

Our loss was with the Pacers vs Bulls and that one was really over after the first half. The Bulls had a tremendous first half performance and you just knew we weren’t going to cover the spread. Have to feel bad for Chicago as they ended up losing the game

We won with the Warriors over Charlotte and we knew that one would come in. 5 points was a silly low line on that one. I’ll be looking at fading the Warriors soon I think though. I just knew they’d band together well with the absence of Curry but going forward you see a team like that start to struggle a little bit.

“Fade the Warriors”. There’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d say this season.

Our other win was the Knicks -2 over the Grizzlies and that was a nice easy one. Knicks took control of the game in the 2nd and 3rd and that was all she wrote. Great performance from the Knicks who move to .500 for the season with that win.

Quieter night in the NBA tonight with 4 games as is per usual for Thursday. The streaking Rockets hope to make it 8 in a row as they visit the Jazz. Thunder vs Nets should be an interesting one and the Lakers hope to turn their fortunes around as they go up against the 76ers.

Let’s see what we got tonight:

Wizards vs Suns Betting Tips:

The loss of Devin Booker is absolutely crushing for the Phoenix Suns. It’s seriously going to hurt their offense.

Now I went with the Warriors with Curry out but I don’t have the same strong feeling about the Suns.

The inconsistent Washington Wizards would love to get a run going and are coming off that great victory over the Blazers. I think the Suns heads will go down here.

Wizards have got things going a bit better with Wall out and I think Frazier is coming into his own.

Wizards -7 is my only play today. Logo

December 6th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a disappointing 0-1 last night as we lost by half a point.

I’m never a big fan of the double digit point spreads and I had a couple of concerns about the Raptors bench health but I thought they were still good for it. They came close but they only won by 13 and we had 13.5.


Worst thing about that is when you watch the highlights and you see every free throw and every missed shot and just keep kicking yourself thinking man just one of those and it’s a win.

Oh well that’s basketball and I can’t complain. We’ll be on the other side of those half points enough for it to balance out.

Let’s get to tonights tips:

Pacers vs Bulls Betting Tips:

I really liked what I saw from the pacers in their games against the Knicks. The Knicks were without Porzingis and Hardaway and that could have led to compacency but it didn’t – the Pacers got a solid 115-97 win to remain above .500.

They’re looking confident and focused and I like them to continue that tonight against the Chicago Bulls. Pacers are at home an they’ve did very well there.

Bulls…I think after the losses to the Suns, Nuggets and Kings they’re going to be disillusioned. Those 3 were fairly tight especially the latter two and the Cavs ran roughshod all over them.

I’m on Pacers -9.5.

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Knicks vs Grizzlies Betting Tips:

The home/road split is too much for me to ignore here especially with Porzingis apparently returning tonight.

I don’t believe it’s 100% that Porzingis is returning but regardless if he is or not they’ve still performed well and I think they can take the Grizzlies. Memphis believe they’re turning the corner but I think not. Really until they can start to prove they can win games – especially expected close games like this – we’ve got to fade them when given a spread like this.

I’m going with Knicks -2

Warriors vs Hornets Betting Tips:

Warriors without Curry. Sounds good to me. When a player – a key player like Curry – is injured and out, you often see a team band together the first game without him.

Warriors -5 is my final play of the day. Logo

December 5th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 1-1 night with the betting tips last night.

Despite being on the road, we took the Cavs -8.5 against the Bulls. Vin said it yesterday – we were very surprised this one wasn’t double digits.

The Cavaliers made it 12 wins in a row as they dominated the Chicago Bulls from start to finish. They easily covered the point spread there with a 113-91 victory.

Our loss was with the Timberwolves -3 vs the Grizzlies. This was a tight game that could have went either way so even though it lost, it wasn’t the worst call in the world.

It’s Tuesday, December 5th 2017 and there are three games on the board.

The Raptors hope to extend their winning streak to 4 while the Suns hope to carry momentum from last nights big game against Philly as those two meet up in Toronto.

The Thunder hope to get a run going – they have 2 wins in a row now – as they take on the Jazz.

And both the Blazers and Washington hope to turn things around as they come into this one on the back of losses.

Let’s get to it:

Raptors vs Suns Betting Tips:

A well rested Raptors at home? No surprise it’s a 13.5 point line.

It’s been a tough schedule for the Raptors but they are making the most of their home games. After tonight they won’t be at home until December 15th so they’ll want to make the most of this one.

They’re just incredible at home and although they aren’t usually good for covering a point spread this big I’m going to back them here.

It’s the final game of a 6 game road trip for the Suns and while we’ve seen some effort from them – notable the wins over the 76ers and the Bulls – I just think they’re going to be focused on wrapping it up and they won’t be able to stay the course here.

I’m taking Raptors -13.5 tonight. Logo

November 30th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

The Spurs did the business for us last night over the Grizzlies. They were -8 and they covered with a 104-95 win. It was a little bit closer than we would have liked but Aldridge let the Spurs with 41 points and they got the W and covered the ATS.

We lost our Pelicans -5.5 pick. The Timberwolves came to play in that one and were on fire. Pelicans did well to keep up with them but it wasn’t enough and the Timberwolves won 120-102. Thanks to the Timberwolves offense the game went over 215. I don’t normally pick overs so it was nice to see that happen for those who followed it.

Only 5 games tonight but a quick look has me feeling good about 3 different games.

Let’s get to it. November 30th, 2017 – end of the month. Been a great November with the betting tips and nice to get in the positive – let’s keep at it:

Cavaliers vs Hawks Betting Tips:

I’d like the Cavs regardless tonight but they are out for vengeance after that loss against the Hawks earlier in the month.

That was a crazy loss but now the Cavs come into it on a good win streak of 9.

The Hawks ARE a tough matchup team for the Cavs. They beat them twice last year for example so that’s a bit of a concern. Cavs might be a bit tired as well going up against the rested Hawks.

However I just have to hope all of that doesn’t matter when LeBron & co come to town. They seem motivated with revenge on their mind so I’m going to take Cavs -7.

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Nuggets vs Bulls Betting TIps:

It’s the Nuggets at home? Time to blindly bet!

Well not really – but man they know how important home games are due to their road performances. It’s a double digit spread but my betting system, which usually shys away from them, still thinks all systems are go here.

After the Nuggets performance against the Jazz they sound like they’re ready to rally and get things going which is perfect for this game.

Bulls are the Bulls. They can pull out a surprise every now and again but nothing to be concerned about overall.

Nuggets -11

Jazz vs Clippers Betting Tips:

The Jazz come into this one on the back of a tight 3 game win streak. Granted the Bulls are in there but so are the Nuggetse and Bucks as well.

Jazz have been extremely poor on the road with a 1-7 record but this one is ripe for a surprise tonight with Griffin out for the Clippers.

Clippers are missing so many key players such as Beverley and if they are able to band together for this one then props to them.

However we’re going to go with Jazz -2.5 to end the Clippers 3 game win streak.