October 24th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a nice winning night last night as we went 2-1 with the NBA Tips.

We took Over 214.5 points in the Warriors vs Mavericks game and that one went over with ease. At 127 points in the first half we knew we were good there and the Warriors absolutely creamed the Mavericks. Golden State look like they’re out to prove something and they’re going to be a dangerous team for the next little while.

We also took Spurs -2.5 which was a good one. A lot of people thought the Raptors were the team to take that one but the Spurs won it. It was a bit tight but thankfully San Antonio did the business for us.

We lost with the Nuggets -3.5. That was a frustrating one at the end because of the Jokic/Brooks incident. not to say Nuggets would have won or covered but it put the nail in the coffin there and that was annoying. John Wallhad a poor game although made up for it with his free throws there. But you can’t win a game with that many turnovers. Ridiculous.

Also how good is Giannis? What a player and he is just killing it for the Bucks at the moment.

We turn our attention to tonight with 6 games on the board. The Clippers look to remain unbeaten as they host the Utah Jazz and the Bulls and Knicks are on the road against two of the top teams in the East looking for their first W.

Celtics vs Knicks Betting Tips:

The Celtics haven’t had the best start to the season with 2 tough games to start and that injury to Hayward. That was a big loss to them for sure however teams like the Knicks are where the Celtics should be making a statement againt.

Kyrie has been disappointing this season thus far but against the Knicks I don’t think he needs to drop those all star numbers anyway. The defensive pressure the Celtics put on the Knicks will be too much and I just see this being a very solid defensive performance from the Celts. I don’t think the Knicks will have any answer for them.

Defense will be the name of the game in this one and the Knicks really don’t have any. We like Celtics -9 tonight.

Clippers vs Jazz Betting Tips:

The Clippers have been awesome this season so far with big wins over the Lakers and the Suns. However they haven’t yet faced a tough defense and that’s what is going to happen tonight against the Jazz.

Utah have a great defense and that’s going to make it tough for the Clippers. They won’t be used to this. Look at how the Jazz shut down the Thunder on the weekend. That was impressive.

This is going to be a very tight game with two big defensive performances expected and we’ll be happy taking the team with the points in this one. Jazz +4.5

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Pelicans vs Blazers Betting Tips:

Performance wise you’d think the Blazers would be the team to back here – and you may be right. But I like everything going on with the Pelicans right now. They seem to have some solid team chemistry going on both on and off the court.

It’s just little things like Nelson signing that contract then stepping up to help them get the W against the Lakers. Small things like that can really help a team.

I’m taking Pelicans +4.5 tonight. Logo

October 19th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 2-1 winning night last night with the NBA Tips.

We went with Under 203 points in the Hornets vs Pistons game and that one came in with points to spare. The final score was Detroit 102-90 for a total of 192 points. With Eminem in town, it was nice for the Pistons to get the W for sure. There was some great energy in the crowd and we were concerned that’d help the teams put the score over but thankfully it did not.

We also had the Grizzlies -2.5 over the Pelicans and that was another easy one. New Orleans started strong but Memphis took over in the 2nd and that was all she wrote. Was nice to see Brooks step up like that and that’s the sort of thing Memphis will need this season – guys like that to really step it up.

Our loss was with the Heat to cover as the Magic were just too good for them. it got exciting at the end too as the Magic almost blew the 17pt lead they were holding but Evan Fournier stepped up big time for them.

We move onto tonight as the 6 remaining teams play their first game of the season. In the early game, the Raptors with a lot of big expectations take on the Bulls. The Oklahoma City Thunder host the Knicks and the Lakers go up against the Clippers.

Thunder vs Knicks Betting Tips:

Big game tonight as Carmelo Anthony plays against the Knicks. Vegas are expecting big things with the Thunder 12 point favourites. The Over/Under is 215.5 points.

This is such an interesting move for Melo – and good for him. The Knicks are just a dumpster fire and leaving there is the best thing for him. This new roster is quite exciting and it looks like a really solid rebuild since KD left.

Honestly the Thunder are one team I’m super hyped to watch this season. I love the changes there and I think their offense is going to be electric. I’ve been counting down the days to this game and I can’t wait to watch it.

We’re going to take Thunder to cover the spread tonight. So the bet tonight is Thunder -12.

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Clippers vs Lakers Betting Tips:

The Clippers are -6 favourites and the over/under is 217pts.

The Clippers lost Chris Paul during the off-season but honestly the offense looks like they won’t miss him at all. But then they could lose their entire roster and it wouldn’t matter as long as Blake Griffin was healthy. We like Beverley tonight – we feel he is highly underrated and he’d going to lead to a lot of turnovers for the Clips tonight which is why we’re happy with that point spread.

The Lakers are really inexperienced and while this may be a team for the future, this is one that the Clippers if they’re on should rock with ease.

We think it’s going to be a bad night for the Lakers. Clippers -6 Logo

October 18th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

We had an incredible start to the NBA season with a lot of headline worthy events taking place last night.

Of course the Hayward injury was the most notable event. That was absolutely brutal and such a crappy thing to happen – what a negative way to start off the season.

Thankfully both games were good enough and had such thrilling finishes that it took the headlines away from that somewhat.

The Cavs got an early big lead against the Celtics but Boston came back and it was very tight at the end. How sweet would it have been if Irving scored that 3 pointer at the end? It’s going to be quite an adjustment for the Celtics losing Harding.

Lebron had a big 4th quarter as the Cavs got the W there.

Rockets/Warriors was another very interesting contest. Warriors were dominant early on and won the first 3 quarters however the Rockets came back hard in the 4th – with Chris Paul sitting on the bench for the majority of it! Although really it was mostly due to the Draymond Green injury – that was a tough one and it really affected the Warriors defensively.

We have a big slate tonight with 11 games on the board. It’s always tough early but we’ve analyzed the games and this is our thoughts on them:

Pelicans vs Grizzles Betting Tips:

Pelicans are 2.5 point underdogs in this one. The over/under for Pelicans vs Grizzlies is 206.

The Grizzlies are in a tough spot – they’re a damn good team but the West is just stacked. They’ve got some incredible players and although they lost Allen and Randolph they should still be battling hard.

Obviously it’s going to make for some interesting changes in Memphis, however with a lot of tough teams to go up against we like them to take games like this more seriously. Teams like the Pelicans are teams that they really need to beat up on and we’re going to back them to do just that.

Grizzlies -2.5 is the betting tip in the Pelicans vs Grizzlies game.

Heat vs Magic Betting Tips:

Heat are -3 favourites here. Over/under is set at 205.5.

The Heat didn’t make the playoffs last season but they were still a solid team. I enjoyed watching them play and feel they have a great chance this year. They still have their core from last season and are going to be more focused.

Magic looked solid in pre-season but hey it’s pre-season. I am looking forward to seeing Aaron Gordon this year – I think he’s going to be damn solid in that power forward role.

However I just don’t think the Magic have what it takes. Gordon is the only real bright spot for them and I feel the Heat are the team to take this one.

Heat -3

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Hornets vs Pistons Betting Tips:

The over/under on this one is 203 points with the Pistons 3 point favourites.

I look at both teams and the changes to the teams and I just think what a mess it is. Players are missing and neither coach seems to be sure who the hell is actually starting.

Pistons should probably be able to control this game but I don’t have much faith in either teams offenses. I’m going with Under 203 Points. Logo

October 17th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Welcome to the return of free daily betting tips from

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If you’re wondering why you’re getting this – sometime in the past 9 years you subscribed to the free daily betting tips I provide at I’m Graeme, and I’ve been providing NBA Tips online for free using my computer betting system since 2007/2008.

I started doing this in 2007/2008 however I started to lose interest in the NBA for awhile. I kept trying but finally enough was enough and I actually took the entire 2016/2017 season off from betting and watched purely to enjoy the sport.

It got me revitalized, and with all the big off season moves during the Summer I’m back to posting free NBA Betting Tips every single day at and pumped for this season!

I’ll be working alongside my buddy Vin who runs his own NBA Futures website and is an NBA Betting Genius. His knowledge of the players and teams and ability to predict is second to none, and I’m looking forward to teaming up with that sort of analysis as well as continue to use my NBA Betting System.

Anyway enough talk – let’s get to the tips for today. I’m going to be a little bit rusty with everything and the computer system doesn’t really come into play until after about 5-10 games so I advise caution – don’t blindly follow these tips or anything.

Warriors vs Rockets Betting Tips:

The Warriors are -9 and the Over/Under is 228.5.

The Warriors will hope to get off to a better start to the season than they did last year, when they were blown out by the Spurs.

However that was then and this is now. The big difference now is adjustments – or real lack of them for the Warriors. The big issue for the Warriors back then was fitting Kevin Durant into the team. He got settled in quickly but they looked a mess that first game and weren’t sure how to fully utilize him.

Warriors have shown over the years that over-confidence is not a factor for them. We like them to come into this game strong, dominate it early and then continue to dominate with not many changed to the team.

The Rockets are the opposite – a lot of changes to their team and it’s going to take awhile to really get thigns sorted. They’re going to be good down the road but I can’t see them being cohesive this early against the Warriors. Chris Paul will be a beast no doubt but they’re going to have issues in Game 1.

We’re going with Warriors -9.

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Cavs vs Celtics Betting Tips:

The Cavaliers are -4 and the Over/Under is 212.5.

No pick for this game as neither me or Vin could agree on what we liked to be honest.

Vin feels that the Cavs are a different team than last year, and while the Celtics are new as well they are much better coached and should transition better. He also feels the Celtics will push it to the wire as it’s more important to them.

I just think regardless of that, the Cavs are going to beat them and cover the spread. The Celtics have a lack of front court depth, and don’t have the players to count on. I also think despite Stevens ability, Kyrie won’t fit in right away and it will take time.

So no play in that one.

Good luck tonight and it’s good to be back!