November 28th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Another 0-1 night unfortunately.

We had the Suns +3 and honestly it was one of those games that could have went either way. As it is the pacers were the ones that won out with a 109-104 victory.

In hindsight I probably should have taken last night off. Out of the 5 games there was only two that I was looking to tip. The Raptors vs Grizzlies where the Raps were -5.5, and the Suns/Pacers game.

It was one of those nights where I was able to see both sides of it and kept being swayed by both Raptors -5.5 and Grizzlies +5.5, as well as Pacers -3 and Suns +3. Maybe when I feel like it’s something like that and that it’s going to be decided be one score that I should suggest a teaser instead.

We’ll see how it goes. Anyway a much better night selection wise

76ers vs Knicks Betting Tips:

A massive point spread here and a bit of a surprise.

The 76ers are performing very well with the signing of Jimmy Butler but they aren’t yet blowing out teams like you’d expect. He’s helped give them that edge but there is still a lot of battles and they have actually had to rely on Butler for a late game winner twice in the past week.

Knicks had a bad one last night but they ended strong with 38 points nad I like them to keep that going tonight and keep this one close. I think they can come out firing.

Remember that Philly early on were down 20 points against the Nets. They’ve still got their issues.

Knicks are on a 2nd leg of a back to back however this is the same Knicks that on a back to back stunned the Celtics in Boston with a win.

I am slightly concerned that their first loss in three games might see the heads go down but the way they performed in the last quarter last night makes me feel they want to come out on fire and can keep this one close. The Philly bench isn’t good at all and so even if they win I have to think the Knicks do it close. Look at the amount of times the 76ers have thrown away a 20pt lead this season.

Bet the New York Knicks +12.5

As we’ve said – we are trying to be strict in regard to what we play at the moment as November hasn’t been the best betting month. I’ve looked at the plays and picked this one as my favourite bet of the day.

Other potential plays that my betting system likes are Atlanta Hawks +12 and Phoenix Suns +11.5.

Looking at all three of them however I think I have most faith in the Knicks to get things done. Logo

November 27th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was an 0-1 night last night as the Rockets lost in overtime to the Washington Wizards.

Vin said if he trusted one player to handle the load it would be James Harden. I’d say he did that okay – 54 freaking points, 13 assists and 8 rebounds. He was in absolute beast mode.

Unfortunately the Wizards came to play and I just don’t know how they were able to pull it off. Even Beal seemed stunned by it. Just unbelievable.

Oh well – if you told us before the game Harden was going to put up those numbers we’d be betting it for sure. One of those that just didn’t go our way.

We turn our attention to tonight – November 27th, 2018. Sill stumbling a bit but more positive results lately which is nice so hopefully we can continue it.

Pacers vs Suns Betting Tips:

Pacers are on a 2nd leg of a back to back after a nice and easy 121-88 win over the unpredictable Utah Jazz last night.

They just seem to match up well with the Jazz, however I think they may struggle against Phoenix tonight. The Suns are a weird team this season and they only seem to be able to raise their level in a few games. Honestly they should be doing a lot better.

I think we’ll see them raise their game tonight. They’ll know the Pacers are coming in confident and it just feels to me like one of those games where the Suns play out of their skin. This is a team that managed to beat the Bucks in Milwaukee and I think that will be fresh in their kinds. I think they’ll want to perform better at home and will match up well with the Pacers.

I’m going with Suns +3. A quick warning that I am opposing my betting system on this one which thinks that the Pacers will win and cover the spread. I just have a sneaky suspicion the Phoenix Suns turn up to play. Logo

November 21st, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and that means we have a busy NBA schedule with 13 games on the board. The NBA will then take Thursday off before going full throttle on Black Friday with 14 games. Hopefully the sportsbooks will give us some Black Friday deals like Raptors -1 against the Wizards or something.

We lost our unanimous pick of the Blazers -8 against the Knicks as the Blazers only won by 4. Always risky taking those points on the road but we thought the Knicks would fall off as the game goes on as they often do. Unfortunately Knicks had an excellent game and were able to hang with the Blazers although Portland deservedly won.

Anyway like I said – a very busy game today. The Pelicans and 76ers both on 3 game winning streaks and one has to come to an end as they meet tonight. Knicks on a 2nd leg of a B2B in Boston of all places. Brutal. Warriors on a three game losing streak – there’s a sentence we rarely type – and hope to put that to an end against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Let’s get to it:

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Knicks vs Celtics Betting Tips:

I knew I was going to take the Celtics before even seeing the point spread. And even though it’s a massive 14 points I still feel like I’ve got to take it.

Celtics just have to absolutely smash the Knicks. Knicks will be tired after playing that game last night. The Boston Celtics are seriously struggling at the moment but they are still a very solid home team – not counting that Jazz game.

They’ll want to bounce back strong after that one and at home. Throw in a break right after this one for Thanksgiving? I like it. Knicks shouldn’t be able to handle the Celtics tonight.

Celtics -14

Mavericks vs Nets Betting Tips:

The Mavs had a bad game against the Grizzlies but there is still growing pains in that squad as they change things around in regard to who is starting.

This is a strong team who have a lot of great chemistry and although they’re missing some players, the Nets losing Caris LeVert is a much bigger blow. You can tell they’re not really finding their rhythm without him right now.

Nets are on the 2nd leg of a B2B and have struggled at that so far this season. Mavs are at home where they have racked up 4 wins in a row and they will want to get back onto that winning feeling.

Mavs -5.5

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Lakers vs Cavaliers Betting Tips:

I said to Vin a few days ago that it didn’t matter who was on the court in the Heat vs Lakers game – LeBron James was going to go off and have an absolute field day. He’d be motivated as all hell and it’d just be one of those games.

I gotta go with the same deal here.

LeBron is just that type of player where in a game like this nothing matters.

It’s a massive point spread but I still think they cover. When the Heat played the Cavs following his move there, Heat won 118-90 in that game with LeBron putting up 38 points. I see a similar result tonight.

Lakers -9.5 Logo

November 20th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was a 0-1 night last night.

We had the 76ers -12 but the Phoenix Suns showed more fight in last nights game than they have all season and lost by just 5 points as Philly won 119-114.

We said Joel Embiid would be motivated and he was with 33 points and 17 rebounds in an excellent performance. However Devin Booker also stepped up. Suns had a solid .506 field goal percentage and the big one was their 3 pointers where they scored .394 to Phillys .273.

It ended up being a hell of a game.

We turn our attention to Tuesday, November 20th. We’re sticking with just one game right now and even if we weren’t – we would be tonight. Both me and Vin are in complete disagreement about three of the games and so we are only unanimous on the one.

Blazers vs Knicks Betting Tips:

Blazers are -8 which is always a bit nerve-wracking betting on the road but you’ve got to think they give the Knicks a pounding here.

Knicks just don’t have the capabilities on offense to hang with the Blazers. They struggle with that a lot. They’ll do their best and to their credit they try but the Blazers will end up just running aaway with the game I feel.

Blazers just beat the Wizards by 10 on the road and while Washington have their problems, Wall and Beal tried their best along with the rest of the Wizards in that game. They were fighting hard against the Blazers who ran out winners.

Damian Lillard will come in hot and with momentum and you’ve got to think he continues that here. The Knicks meanwhile have issues trying to just find the ideal squad and the rotation. Fizdale looks a bit out of his league at the moment. That sort of thing is fine but it is going to hurt against organized teams like the Blazers.

I really liked the Blazers game against the Wizards too. It was a real team performance and that’s what they need. They were passing the ball about extremely well and a lot of the three pointers were due to the passing. If they keep that up, Knicks have no chance against them.

Blazers -8 is the play today Logo

November 15th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A frustrating 1-2 last night.

The Cavs/Wizards game went as planned. That one felt great. I felt either the Cavs defense would step up or they’d be a bit fatigued being on the 2nd leg of a B2B and their offense wouldn’t. After a fast first quarter the game settled down a lot and it went under by four points.

An absolute shocker in Phoenix as the Suns thumped the Spurs 116-96. Spurs I don’t know what happened. I was feeling great after that second quarter then Suns came out and absolutely whooped them. Spurs defensively looked atrocious and that was just frustrating. Rudy Gay being out was an annoying one too as I was thinking with his second game back they’d get flowing.

Lakers/Blazers was what it was. Saw a trend with Tyson Chandler back and went with it and nope – way over. And a reminder that betting unders when a guy like LeBron James is on the court and can put up 40+ points on a whim is never a good idea ha. Figures that on the night I tip an under in a Lakers game LeBron is like “Oh cool I’m gonna have my best game in a Lakers jersey yet”.

The Butler era in Philly didn’t get off to a good start. I was at a bar on Saturday just after the trade went through and had some random person telling me that the Butler trade meant the “76ers are guaranteed the championship this year”. Okay buddy. I haven’t heard such ridiculousness since Vins tips on Monday.

Only three games tonight and the way the Warriors are right now, that’s one of those games where I just look at it and say:

Actually I feel that one about the Spurs game too ha.

Hawks vs Nuggets Betting Tips:

The Denver Nuggets are struggling going into this one. They have lost four straight. You’d think they’d be super up for this game but the point spread is a hefty one at 12.5.

Trae Young is coming off a bad game against the Golden State Warriors and he is someone I like to step up tonight. From everything I’ve read from that guy I think he takes that sort of thing personally and will be a standout tonight.

I do think the Denver Nuggets break out of their slump and win but even with Young having a bad game the Hawks got 103pts against the Warriors. I like them to make a game of this. Nuggets have been starting slow and looking tired early and I think Hawks can get off to a big fast start.

Hawks +12.5 Logo

November 14th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-1 night last night and man – I’ll take it.

Late news came out that Draymond would be out for last nights game. That was disappointing as we had the Warriors obviously. As it is regardless of that and the situation with him and Durant the Warriors did a good job – it just wasn’t quite enough. They were up by 14 at one point but Atlanta just kept pushing them.

We won with the under in the Bobcats vs Cavaliers game and that one felt good. I called the Cavs defense stepping up and they did so with an excellent performance in a 113-89 win. That was nice to see and it’s always a good feeling when you’re able to get a win that way.

Let’s move onto tonight:

Cavaliers vs Wizards Betting Tips:

Obviously a bit concerned with the Cavs D being on a B2B but with their improvements in defence lately, and the way the Wizards are playing a more solid game with the foundation of Wall and Beal, I like this one to go under.

Wizards have strung two wins together and will be looking for a third. I do think they’ll get it but that they’ll have to work hard to get it and that the Cavs defense continues their progress. That or the Cavs offense doesn’t show up at all and fatigue is an issue and so they can’t hit triple points.

Under 218pts

Suns vs Spurs Betting Tips:

This is one where I am banking purely on a much better performance from a team and that is the San Antonio Spurs. They had a brutal outing in Sacramento. Even though they only lost by 5 points their shooting and turnover ratio was at its worst.

I have to think that Rudy Gay being back was a negative – sometimes that happens where a team just takes a bit to get back into the flow of things.

Home/road obviously isn’t an issue with the Spurs who are generally a beast on the road. They’re going up against the Suns who they beat 120-90 on the road on Halloween.

If Spurs are up for this they should walk all over them.

Spurs -5

Lakers vs Blazers Betting Tips:

This is one where I am reacting more to a recent trend than anything else. Since the signing of Tyson Chandler it’s changed the dynamic of the way the Lakers are playing. They have a solid backup in place for McGee and we’re seeing that difference on the court. Lakers have saw their last three games with Chandler playing go under and he is adding a lot to their defense.

Blazers are an excellent offensive team but their O/U isn’t going over either – 1-7 in the last 8 games and this one also looks like it should hopefully go under. I’m thinking more around the 218-220 point range.

Under 224.5 Logo

November 13th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well last night was a night we’d like to forget.

We went with a rare 4 pick night. Those are always nerve-wracking to go with as you start thinking of the nightmare scenario of going 0-4. It’s funny as providing tips you actually don’t care as much if you go 1-3; there’s just something about that reverse sweep that’s crushing.

Unfortunately it happened.

We had Orlando Magic +7.5 and they lost by 8 points. Forget Aaron Gordon – that combo of John Wall and Bradley Beal stepped up again. We’re starting to see more and more solid performances from those two and if you’re a Wizards fan you have to enjoy that.

We had the Memphis Grizzlies +3.5 but the Utah Jazz beat them 96-88. It was a very disappointing performance from the Grizzlies who aren’t too shabby offensively. Honestly I was just glad when that game was over – it wasn’t a pretty game at all. We had the over in that one as well and it didn’t come close due to how bad both teams performed.

Finally we had Spurs -3 but in a night with a couple of upsets that happened here as the Sacramento Kings went toe to toe with them the entire game and came out 104-99 winners.

Let’s try and turn it around tonight. The 1-11 Cleveland Cavaliers hope to pull off their 2nd win of the season as they host the Charlotte Bobcats. The Denver Nuggets are also at home and look to end their 3 game skid as they host the Rockets. Finally the Warriors look to bounce back as they take on Atlanta.

Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks Betting Tips:

After the Warriors loss last night, I was blindly going to take them tonight to cover the point spread.

The Warriors are one of those teams where nothing else matters – if they want to run up the score and give a team a pounding they’ll do it. After losing to the Bucks they beat the Nets by 16. After losing to the Nuggers they beat the Suns by 20.

We saw the same thing a fair bit last year. Not all the time but I just can’t see the Hawks hanging with a motivated Warriors team. Yes Stephen Curry is out and that sucks as I was pumped to see him going up against Trae Young.

There’s some stuff to fear like Warriors being on a B2B and the Hawks defensive performances as of late but I still think Warriors just go to town on them.

Honestly the methodical pick is the Hawks to cover with ease but I like a big bounce back. Head vs heart and the heart wins out.

Warriors -13.5

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Charlotte Hornets Betting Tips:

The Cavs are stumbling a fair bit but I think we will see a solid defensive performance and a slower paced game tonight overall.

They’re missing players such as George Hill and Kevin Love and that’s a good thing because of the players they’re missing everyone except Kyle Korver rank lowest on their defensive rating.

Injuries are actually helping their defense and I like that to continue tonight.

Under 219 points