March 21st, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Well both our tips went to OT last night then both teams came up short.

Rockets/Grizzlies was a frustrating one in terms of cheering for it to go to double OT. Valuncious fouled with 0.1 left – who calls a foul there? Brutal to be 0.1 away from at least another chance at the spread.

Anyway it’s a bit late in the day and I want to get the tips out so let’s not cry over spilt milk. It’s been an excellent March and variance has went our way most of the month which is nice. Sucks it didn’t go our way twice in the same night but that’s the NBA for ya.

What a brutal slate today. Just horrendous point spreads.

I kind of like the Hornets vs Timberwolves game to go over. Minnesotas odds of making the playoff are ridiculously low and need everything to fall into place like a row of 1,000 dominoes. But sometimes we see a big performance from a team in that regard. They get motivated to go out and win and see where the chips lay. Hornets need the dub so could keep up with them.

Instead I’m going to go with a gut play:

Wizards vs Nuggets Betting Tips:

The Wizards have went off the rails.

Their chances of making the playoffs went to hell when they lost to the Hornets. They really had to win all 5 games at home. They followed that up with a big performance against the Grizzlies but then lost to the Jazz at home in embarassing fashion.

Any hope they had left went to hell in Chicago last night.

Now they take on the Nuggets who have already clinched a playoff spot and are on a tear.

I just get the feeling this is going to be a low key affair. I can’t see the Wizards pushing hard in this one. I also think the Nuggets have did the job and while they SHOULD be attempting to improve their seeding – I don’t think that’ll be a massive factor.

I’m hoping for a nice and boring game. Between one team who is completely down with nothing to play for, and a team who are too busy celebrating making the playoffs to really try on the court.

Under 230pts Logo

March 19th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A rare losing night in March as we went 0-2.

Apologies again BTW for no tips on Sunday. One thing I’ve learned though is you don’t mess with ocular migranes ha. I was all pumped for a day of sports and instead I just lay in a darkened room for hours. Not quite as fun as a day of NBA but oh well.

We had the Thunder -5. It was one of those thigns where we felt the Thunder couldn’t drop three straight especially with this one being at home and their weak performance against the Warriors. Alas that was not the case as the Heat quite simply were the better team.

We also took the Celtics at home and they blew it there. Not sure what the Celtics are up to these days but a lot of their performances – especially at home – have been so weird lately. They seem to have lost their mojo on home court. Not the type of thing you want going into the playoffs.

Six games on the slate tonight.

76ers vs Hornets Betting Tips:

Joel Embiid is out for the 76ers. They are resting him tonight however they are still taking this one seriously with Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons in.

The Hornets are battling for that final playoff spot. However really look at their form lately – they just don’t seem like a team that deserve it. And the Heat game was an absolute killer for them.

If they’re able to man up in this game? Then hey props to them. But they haven’t been too great at bouncing back and they can’t string wins together. Their schedule has been tough of course but that Heat loss was a crushing one to their playoff hopes.

Like I said Philly are without Embiid. But that doesn’t scare me like it usually does. After that big Bucks win it’s possible they phone it in today. However they are a team that are playing well at the moment.

After the way the Hornets collapsed against the Heat, I just have to bet against them here. If they show up or if Philly takes it easy and are focused on tomorrow nights game? Well that’s just the risk of basketball betting.

76ers -1.5 Logo

March 17th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-1 night again with the NBA Tips.

We won with Spurs -2. We figured Blazers on a B2B just wouldn’t be able to keep up. That was one we felt good about as the Blazers did match well but sort of fizzled down the stretch and the Spurs went crazy in the 4th quarter. Nice to see things work out like that.

Alas with Nets +8.5 that was a loss. They just weren’t in the game at all as the Jazz came out flying. Jazz are one of those teams that love being at home so much and just seem to perform well. We expected the rested Nets to be able to perform better in the first half though and that was disappointing.

It’s Sunday, March 17th 2019 and we’ve got 8 games on the board today. A couple of early ones and I’ve got the Heat and Knicks games going right now. LeBron James does NOT want to lose against the Knicks you can tell.

Big games tonight with Philly against the Bucks and Raptors against the Pistons.

Great day of basketball ahead of us let’s get to it. Must admit from a betting perspective – not too overjoyed at the options today.

And unfortunately as I’m writing this and analyazing the games I’ve been hit with an ocular migraine. I get those rarely and hey I got one now so that’s awesome.

No tips today. Sorry guys. Tough slate anyway. Logo

March 14th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Our killer March continues with a 2-0 night!

I was expecting Russell Westbrook to step up big for a fired up Oklahoma City Thunder last night and he did so. The Thunder ran out 108-96 winners to easily cover the spread. Westbrook himself popped up with a triple double and it was nice to see a solid contribution from Paul George.

We also had the Wizards -2. One of my favourite bets around this time. This team wants to be a playoff team? Then they have to go out and prove it on the court. Bradley Beal put up 23 points in a solid defensive effort as the Wizards defeated the Magic 100-90, with a great 4th quarter.

Love it.

Tonight we have 6 games on the board and a bit of an ugly night with the point spreads. Five of the games are 8 points or above. Yikes.

Just the one play tonight. It feels risky betting against the Thunder after last night and a solid outing from Paul George, but that’s what I am going to do:

Pacers vs Thunder Betting Tips:

There’s always the concern that the fired up Thunder continue where they left off in this road game and do the business against the Pacers. But I’m not sure that’s the case.

I feel like that was an adrenaline fueled game and they will have a crash going into this one. It doesn’t help that it’s a schedule alert game on the 2nd half of a back to back.

Pacers have struggled against teams above .500 ever since losing Victor Oldaipo but this is a key game for them. But this is a massive game for them. They’re holding that 4th spot in the East but the Celtics are snapping on their heels. They can also still catch Philly for 3rd spot.

They’re a big home team and have a tough road trip coming up. You’ve got to think they’re going to treat this game with the utmost importance tonight.

Of course you just never know. As seeding and home court really is a big factor in the NBA – if you’ve ever bet on the NBA playoffs then you know that – yet it’s almost like the teams don’t realize that and really don’t treat it that way.

But looking at everything I’ve got to think the Pacers will take this one seriously and should get the win.

Pacers -1 Logo

March 13th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

March continues to be a delight from the NBA Betting Front, as we lock up another winning night.

We had the Spurs -4.5. Major props to the Mavs on that one – they went down 10pts in the first quarter but still kept going strong. They just weren’t good enough, end of the day. They did have some frustrations too as DeMar DeRozan put on an excellent performance.

It was just nice to back a team playing good against a team not playing good and actually have it come in ha. I said yesterday knowing the way this season has gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Mavs win by 15. Good to see that wasn’t the case.

It’s Wednesday, March 13th and already a big NOPE on the betting front as I close off that Warriors game without even looking at it. Sorry guys – learned my lesson there.

Two tips tonight:

Thunder vs Nets Betting Tips:

A large reason for taking the Thunder today is due to everything involving Westbrook lately.

That sort of thing can just fire up a player and a team, and I’ve got to think we see a fired up Thunder here. Especially with them playing at home for the first game in over a week.

The Thunder have been very poor lately but as we close in on the end of the season, they’ve got 66% of their remaining games at home and I’ve got to think that will be a factor as well – they’ll want to put on maximum effort in those games.

They’ve also got a schedule alert game tomorrow that I’m sure they’ll be aware of. That should push them harder in this one. Hopefully all of this wakes Paul George up too.

Thunder really have a lot of tight games coming up so this is an important one for them. Nets come in on a good winning run but not against Top 5 teams. Other than that Nuggets win I’m not blown away by the Nets.

Thunder -2.5

Wizards vs Magic Betting Tips:

The Wizards know their playoff hopes are slim. Beal was saying that the other day – they’re basically do or die games. If they lose one game then they’re probably out.

That makes this game crucial as well as the next three. Wizards have 5 games in a row at home and they’re going to aim to take maximum points from those. They started it with a tight win over the Kings now they host the 31-37 Magic.

The Wizards actually have a pretty decent schedule which keeps the playoffs within reach. They have 5.9-10% chance depending on the source you go to. The roster overhaul really hasn’t changed anything for them as people are stepping up.

This is a key game for them and if they’re going to make the playoffs, they win games like this. Period.

Wizards -2 Logo

March 12th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

We’ve been on an incredible run lately but unfortunately had a losing night last night.

Still it’s been nice to inch closer to at least .500 on the season and it’s been a good learning season. We went 10-2 last week which was good. I spent some time looking over the losing tips and so many of them were teams that we really know should be on our “do not bet” list. Warriors and Lakers for example, and Raptors in specific situations.

We’ve also had a nasty run of variance that I was hoping would even out. Not really the case but hopefully we rack up a solid month and get closer to a 50% record or at least go over it.

We had the Pistons +2.5 tonight but for whatever reason, that was a team that quite simply decided not to show up last night. They deservedley got thumped by the Nets.

We also had Jazz -3.5 and it was a disappointing performance from the Jazz considering their home record. Westbrooks deal with teh fans didn’t help as that just seemed to motivate him.

It’s Tuesday, March 12th with 7 games on the board.

Mavericks vs Spurs Betting Tips:

This is one of those games that just feels like a trap play. Mavericks on an absolute brutal run at the moment while the Spurs are killing it. It’s one of those where the Spurs should win with ease but it just won’t surprise me to see the Mavs win by like 15 points. That’s basketball for you.

But I think we’ve got to take the Spurs here. I feel the Mavs in some games are playing their best basketball and it’s just not enough.

Spurs meanwhile are coming off some huge wins including to the Bucks. They’re on a tear as they are motivated to make the playoffs. Confidence is riding high etc.

It’s one of those nights where if it doesn’t come up you just laugh and say “Yep that’s basketball” for you. The Spurs are a hard team to trust but based on their current form, I’ve got to back them.

Spurs -4.5 Logo

March 7th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A nice and easy winning night last night with the Detroit Pistons. We had Pistons -5 and after a scary start to the game – where the Timberwolves went up 35-22 – the Pistons went to town. Andre Drummond racked up 31 points as the Pistons ran out 131-114 winners.

It was a good night of NBA action. The Celtics followed up their win over the Warriors with a tight road win over the Kings. The Lakers lost again to make it 4 in a row. What a mess that team is.

The Bulls got an impressive 108-107 victory over the 76ers and the Phoenix Suns are now 3 in a row, after a 107-96 win over the Knicks.

Only two games tonight and we’ll cover the biggest game on the board.

Thunder vs Blazers Betting Tips:

This is a big one and we’re going to see Damian Lillard go toe to toe with Russell Westbrook. Should be good.

Both teams are 39-25 in the Northwest.

Blazers have been on a long road trip and will be happy to be home. They did a great job on the road trip with only a loss to the Raptors and a fall at the last hurdle to the Memphis Grizzlies.

A long road trip can tire a team out and while I love the Blazers and came into this article ready to tip them, I’m swayed by the Thunder.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are stumbling lately and just after they beat the Memphis Grizzlies, they were thumped by the Timberwolves. Paul George is back and I think that’s a good sign and a big boost to them.

The Thunder also have a very tough game against the Clippers tomorrow night and that’s a red alert game on the schedule. That means this game is that much more important for them to win.

I just think after that road trip, Blazers may be a bit complacent while the Thunder will be the more hungry team.

Thunder +3.5