January 22nd, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

An excellent 2-0 night last night with the NBA Tips.

We had the Brooklyn Nets -3 and we didn’t even have to sweat on that one. The Nets blew the Sacramento Kings away 123-94. Vin mentioned D’Angelo Russell yesterday and the man delivered as Nets did an excellent job on their home court. It’s always nice to see a team perform like that from start to finish at home.

The Miami Heat one was slightly more tight. We had Heat +8.5 and they lost by exactly 8. Considering we have been on the wrong side of those half points more often than not this season, it was very nice to see variance swing our way finally. Those things even out over the season and I believe we still have about 6-7 of those wins to pick up.

For Heat it was a game of quarters as they lost two quarters convincingly and won two quarters convincingly. No-one really stuck out for the Heat points wise as it was spread around more.

Today is Tuesday, January 22nd 2019. We’ve got the Raptors hosting the Kings, the Thunder hosting the Blazers, the Mavs hosting the Clippers and the Suns hosting the Timberwolves.

To be honest it’s four ugly matchups tonight from a betting perspective but let’s see what I can dig up:

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Phoenix Suns Betting Tips:

These two teams went at it a couple of nights ago. The Timberwolves had a rare tightened up defense down the stretch as they left the Suns 0-4 in the final minutes and Derrick Rose hit a sick 18 foot jumper to get the win for them.

Now they face off in Phoenix and this should be a very interesting one. Deandre Ayton is still out for the Phoenix Suns.

To me, that just means enough points for the rest of the players against this week Timberwolves defence. Especially with the way the game ended last time – I’ve got to think the Suns will be up for this one.

With no Ayton we saw the points spread around a fair bit and I like that to continue again. I think Devin Booker is going to be up for this one. he only had 18 points in the last game but I do think he will do better tonight.

Devin Booker Over 23.5 Points.

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January 17th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

An 0-1 night last night and man am I mad at myself.

One thing that is easy to do is to second guess yourself after going with a pick. That’s what I was doing yesterday. I didn’t dwell on it but I wrote yesterday that “I do have sone concerns about 4th quarter production here”.

Basically after the pick was made I was looking at some data before posting and the 4th quarter stuff was concerning me. Basically the Nets continue to produce in the 4th while the Rockets can tail off a bit. That’s where I was concerned. I decided to go with the tip anyway and unfortunately that’s exactly what happened – a massive 4th by the Nets as they managed to take the win.

That’s sports betting though. Despite all the years I’ve been doing this I’ll still make mistakes like that and then learn from it. Those were statistics that in hindsight I shouldn’t have ignored – more than just a ‘gut feeling’ or something like that.

It is what it is. Only thing you can do to get better from betting is to learn from your mistakes. And in saying all that – there was less than a minute left and the Rockets were up by 9 freaking points. I mean give me that instance and I’d take -4.5 all day. So what can y ado.

Thursday, January 17th sees 6 games on the board. Bulls look to end their losing run at 8 but that will be a tough one as they head to Denver. Lakers vs Thunder is the late game that should be interesting.

76ers vs Pacers Betting Tips:

Pacers have won two in a row although it’s only the Suns and the Knicks. They’ve recently struggled against top opposition like the Celtics and Raptors. I think that’s going to affect them mentally somewhat.

76ers are really looking to go hard on the next few games. We saw an absolutely tremendous performance by them against Minnesota when they won 149-107. They’re on the road and this will be a tricky one. 76ers have a tough schedule and I think they are going to keep going strong. They know how mentally taxing one loss will be during this stretch.

I like Philly to continue their performance from the last game and keep going here. They know this will be a tough one and with Thunder, Rockets, Nuggets, Warriors and Raptors on the horizon they’ll want to get it done here. These are the really important games and I expect a professional performance from them.

76ers +2.5 Logo

January 16th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-0 night last night with the NBA Tips.

I knew the 76ers would come to play and initially I was going to go with 76ers -6. However I thought a rested Minnesota team would really push hard in this one so went with the over instead.

Props to Minnesota for pushing hard until the 4th quarter and helping the game go over. Philly were just on a different level though. They started strong and never stopped it was just fantastic basketball to see.

On Tuesdays Vin writes over at and if you followed him there, he went 2-0. He had the Atlanta hawks +8.5 and what a game that was. He called the Thunders defensive issues and Atlanta stunned them. He also had Nuggets vs Warriors to go over.

That was an interesting one as so many people were on the Nuggets yesterday. Warriors must have felt they had a point to prove. I mean Denver is always a tough place to play and Nuggets are one of the best teams at handling the Warriors. Golden State were just pumped up for that game though.

It’s Wednesday, January 16th. Biggest game of the night is the Raptors hoping to make it 6 in a row but it’s a tough test against the Boston Celtics. Spurs look to get back on track after dropping two in a row and the Pelicans hope to stop the red hot Warriors.

Let’s get to it. I’d love to take the Celtics but Irving and Smart DTD has me just concerned off to stay away.

Houston Rockets vs Brooklyn Nets Betting Tips:

Nets are coming off an impressive win against the Celtics and will hope to continue that against a Houston Rockets team who are now missing Clint Capela. Calepa got injured against the Magic and is going to be out for over a month with a thumb injury.

However Rockets still absolutely killed the Grizzlies. We often see teams perform better initially when a key player is out and I expect the same from the Rockets tonight. It’s a tricky point spread but I think it’s good enough for the Rockets to cover.

Harden is just killing it at the moment and I think that continues. He makes everyone around him play better. I do have some concerns about 4th quarter production here but I think Rockets go strong to keep their excellent home form going.

Rockets -4.5

Just the one play today as I am trying to stick to just one play until we get out of this rut. I was very tempted by the Bucks but I have a concern that they get off to a big start then complacency sets in. Logo

January 15th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

What a frustrating performance that was from the San Antonio Spurs last night. When I wrote the tips yesterday, Marcos Belinelli hadn’t been deemed inactive (or at least I wasn’t aware of it). That was annoying. Spurs are one of those teams that can lose one player – like Rudy Gay – but two is just too much and it showed.

Patty and Bryn just can’t cover as much as they were required to. Spurs just looked lost out there. Very frustrating.

And as has been standard for us lately – Jazz failed to cover the point spread by a score. If this all evens out then we’re in for a hot end of the season run ha. I did love the story about the heckler that wouldn’t shut up that motivated the Jazz. Things like that are great. Thing is that one was there for the taking and Jazz should have covered easily. Donovan Mitchell had that 14 minute span in the 3rd/4th that was just brutal where he looked like he was ready for his bed.

Frustrating night.

Lot of interesting plays today. Nuggets +1 is tempting as they play the Warriors better than any other team in the NBA. Lakers -6.5 also tempting as Bulls are trash and Lakers really have a point to prove without LeBron.

Kind of like the Heats ability to stifle Giannis so +8.5 seems nice.

Just going to go with the one play.

Timberwolves vs 76ers Betting Tips:

This should be an interesting game.

The 76ers host the Minnesota Timberwolves and Jimmy Butler gets to go up against his former team. You know the crowd is going to be fired up and so are the teams. Ben Simmons is also coming into this one hot after an exceptional performance against the New York Knicks. Not just the stats but man he was a busy boy that day.

76ers have a few tough opponents coming up so this is a big test for them. They want to show everyone they are to be feared and what better game to do it against the Minnesota Timberwolves? Karl-Anthony Towns is obviously coming in hot as well. Jeff Teague may not play and if he is he won’t be 100%.

I’ve got to think this will be an all out game. I was very tempted with 76ers -6 but the more I think about it – Minnesota are rested and will be up for this game too. Both teams are going to be battling to the death in this one.

Over 231.5 Logo

January 14th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

It was the night of the underdogs last night when it came to covering the point spreads. The biggest underdog victory last night however was the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They had 10 points and didn’t even need them as they defeated the Lakers 101-95. LeBron must be loving it as his value just goes up and up. Lakres just looked so weak last night and Walton is going to have to mix things up I think.

Rockets were 5.5 favourites but even with Harden in the mix and going hard with 38 points they lost 116-109 to the Magic. Raptors barely beat the Wizards in double OT. It was quite the night.

Let’s look onto Monday, January 14th 2019.

6 games on the board. No big losing or winning streaks going into this one. Biggest are the Bobcats looking to snap a 3 game streak on the road in San Antonio. And the Jazz look to extend their 3 game winning streak.

Spurs vs Hornets Betting Tips:

The Spurs come into this one after a couple of recent struggles. They lost to the Grizzlies due to their strict defense and then lost to the Thunder in a tough game where they just seemed to run out of steam.

Those were tough losses for the Spurs but I like them to bounce back strong at home against the Hornets where they have blown out a lot of teams lately. Such as the Grizzlies, Raptors, Celtics and Nuggets.

Hornets are on a tough road trip and I’m sure they can’t wait for it to end. They’re coming off losses to the Kings, Blazers and Clippers and they haven’t really been too competitive in t hose games.

I’m sure both James Borrego and Tony Parker will be up for this game. That sort of thing is always a concern and Rudy Gay isn’t back. Despite that I just think the Spurs will be motivated to get back on track after those Thunder games and will come out angry. They were complacent against the Thunder and have had a few days of rest.

Spurs -9

Jazz vs Pistons Betting Tips:

I love what is happening at the moment in Utah and with Donovan Mitchell. They’ve had to make some line changes due to injuries and to say Mitchell is flourishing in this role would be an understatement.

They’ve got a lot of confidence going into this one and they already beat the Pistons just over a week ago in Detroit.

The Pistons ended a losing streak with a solid win over the Clippers but they aren’t consistent. They will win one game then lose the next. Just seems to happen and they can’t get going.

It was a nice revenge game for Blake Griffin for sure and that no doubt helped them rise to the occasion. But I have to think Utahs defense shuts them out here and their confident offense keeps going strong.

Jazz -8 Logo

January 10th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

Another 1-1 night. And a similar feeling as of yesterday morning – where I feel happy about one game and not about the other.

I predicted that the Pelicans would keep their beatings going and give the Cavs a thumping. That one was actually a bit too close for comfort honestly as the Cavs performed a lot better than I expected. I knew they’d have a big showing early then get tired but man they fought hard even when the game was out of their reach. Props to them for that.

We had the Spurs -3 and their run ended as the Grizzlies beat them comfortable. A brutal early performance from the Spurs there who matched a season low with first half points.

One of those where you just feel like the sportsbooks got the better of you.

Bulls losing streak continued as the Blazers beat them easily enough. The big game was the Bucks vs Rockets and the Bucks did the business there with 21 freaking rebounds for the greek freak.

Spurs vs Thunder Betting Tips:

Right back on the San Antonio train.

Fact is I underrestimated that Grizzlies defense. Spurs just couldn’t get anything going against them. However the Spurs are insanely good at home and the Thunder defense won’t be as stiff as Memphis obviously. Thunder is just average and there will be lanes open for a Spurs team that want to bounce back.

DeRozan and Mills should do well here. Spurs have a bad 2nd leg B2B record but I still think they do it here. Thunder are coming off two tough losses and are missing Nerlens Noel as well.

Rudy Gay is still not expected to play but I’ve got to back the Spurs at home here it’s where they do the business most nights out.

Spurs +1.5

That’s the only tip for today. I was very tempted to go with Over 226 in Clippers vs Nuggets but just had cold feet at the end. Don’t want to force it. Logo

January 9th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

GraemeWritten by Graeme

A 1-1 night last night.

I’m very happy about one of those picks in particular – the Cavs one coming in. That was one where all the metrics felt like Pacers would run riot. I just had a feeling Cavs would fight and they did so despite a scary 1st quarter.

Lost with the Heat vs the Nuggets unfortunately. Big performance from Jokic.

I mentioned I liked the Suns yesterday so hopefully some of you got on that. Wasn’t an official tip but good to see them get that win over the Kings.

Another busy slate tonight with 10 games on the board. The poor Cavs after that hard fought game have to go to New Orleans where surely it will be 11 losses in a row. The Grizzlies look to end their 6 game skid as they host the hot San Antonio Spurs and Bucks take on the Rockets in the big game of the night.

Pelicans vs Cavaliers Betting Tips:

It’s a massive point spread but unfortunately for the Cleveland Cavaliers I think they’re going to really struggle here.

They’re on a back to back after a tough battle last night and have to travel. They’re going against a Pelicans team that just won back to backs and want to keep going. They crushed the Cavs in Cleveland a few nights ago and I just don’t think Cavs have it in them for revenge.

Pelicans are having fun kicking the crap out of teams. After the demolition job they performed on the Cavaliers they did the same against the Grizzlies two nights later.

Cavs lost Larry Nance Jr as well yesterday. I just think Cavs will not be able to keep up here.

Pelicans -14

Grizzlies vs Spurs Betting Tips:

I mean at -3 how do you not take the Spurs here? They’re on a roll and playing well and they really want to keep that going. They’ve slayed some big teams like the Raptors and Celtics and thumped the Gruzzlies recently.

On top of that the Spurs still struggle on the road so that is something where they will want to improve upon and that should motivate them here.

Grizzlies are a team who are looking like they have lost their way. After getting those wins over the Cavs/Lakers in December they got thumped by the Celtics and Rockets as a reminder of their skill level. That’s seriously hurt their confidence.

Rudy Gay will be out for the Spurs but he was out against the Pistons too. Spurs have the depth and should take this one comfortably in my opinion by about 7 points.

Spurs -3