December 23rd, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

VinWritten by Vin

A 1-1 record last night.

The Rockets -12.5 were the big disappointment for us. They had some pretty huge leads early and James Harden went for 51 points in this one, but they just weren’t able to hold the big leads and ended up losing the game outright. This was a real scrappy win for the Clippers and maybe James Harden scoring 51 isn’t necessarily a good thing for this Rockets team.

Our win was the Pelicans -5.5 over the Magic. This one was never even close as the Pelicans just ran all over them. The Pelicans won by 14 over Orlando which made us very happy.

Christmas week continues tonight with a full slate of games so let’s get right into it.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Toronto Raptors Betting Tips:

Our system is really loving the Raptors tonight and what’s not to love? The Sixers have Joel Embiid listed as questionable for this one and we’ve seen how different of a team they are without him. The Raptors have also won five straight and 11 of their past twelve games. Beyond that, the Raptors are third in the entire NBA in Net Rating which makes them the best in the East. We should be going for the Raptors every night.

Tonight we do. Raptors -9 is our top play of the day.

Orlando Magic vs. Washington Wizards Betting Tips:

This might seem like going to the well once again, but if something works you stick with it. The Magic are deeply troubled and have lost seven straight. Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier are still listed as doubtful for them and it’s hard to find a reason to think the Magic have a chance here.

Washington dropped a disappointing game to the Nets last night, but that should only fuel the fire. They can’t lose to non-playoff teams two nights in a row if they think they are going to compete atop the Eastern Conference. John Wall is getting better every day and we think this team should start getting better. We expect them to come out strong in this one and the play is Wizards -11.5.

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Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics Betting Tips:

The Bulls are so hot right now. They’ve won seven of their past eight games and have won against the spread in nine straight. This all coincides with the return of Nikola Mirotic and the evolution of some of Chicago’s young players. This is starting to feel like a last year’s Miami Heat situation.

The Celtics have been going the other way since the end of their big winning streak. In the month of December they have just a 7-5 record with a 0.3 Net Rating. That’s not great and the Bulls have a 4.1 Net Rating over the same period.

This just feels like the line makers are basing this game on old information. The Bulls were terrible and the Celtics were great, but they aren’t those same teams right now. The Bulls +7.5 are a great play tonight as they should make this one close and could probably win it outright. Logo

December 22nd, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

VinWritten by Vin

A great 2-0 record last night. That’s five straight for those of you scoring at home.

Never doubt the schedule as the Celtics were on the tail end of a really rough patch last night. Fifth game in seven days and third game in four days. They laid the points in New York, but lost outright which was a big win for us with the Knicks +2.5. Never doubt the schedule.

The Raptors -4 were our other pick and they continued their amazing run at the 76ers. They’ve now won eleven of their past twelve games and they are 8-4 against the spread during that run. That is what the kids are calling “pretty lit”.

We have a couple of picks tonight so let’s keep this winning thing going and see what we have here.

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Orlando Magic Betting Tips:

The Pelicans are in need of a win here and the Magic are setting them up nicely for one. Orlando has lost six straight and they should continue to be without two of their best players, Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier. After the hot start this Magic team has really struggled and look lottery bound once again.

The Pelicans have looked really great at times this year, but they have struggled at asserting themselves against better teams. The good news for them is the Magic aren’t a better team. DeMarcus Cousins has been All-NBA level this year and Anthony Davis is also great. This is exactly the kind of game that this team wins and they should do exactly that tonight. There is no one suiting up for the Magic who has a chance against that combo.

Pelicans -5.5 is my top play of the day as the Pelicans should climb themselves back to a .500 record with a win here.

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Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers Betting Tips:

The Rockets just had their 14-game winning streak snapped in a game at the Lakers. Two days later here they are at the Clippers. I don’t want to speculate too much, but sometimes teams traveling to LA have a little fun and maybe don’t play their best the next night. Could that be what happened against the Lakers? Possibly, but I have no real way of knowing. I will say that the Rockets shot just 41% from the field, their lowest shooting percentage and first time under 44% since November 14th.

We think that whatever the reason, they got the LA out of their system for this one. It’s two days later and they play a sad sack Clippers team. The Clips have done a good job beating lower level teams like the Suns and Magic, but against real contenders they have floundered and that’s exactly what they should do here tonight.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are both out of this one so there will be no storyline/fairy tale ending for the Clippers. Only sadness like when Griffin and Paul were both out of so many games during their run there. Rockets -12 isn’t too much, it’s just right. Logo

December 17th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

VinWritten by Vin

A 1-2 record last night.

The Spurs did manage to grab a measure of revenge against the Mavericks as they grabbed the win, but the margin of victory wasn’t quite enough to cover the spread. San Antonio got off to a real sluggish start, scoring only 43 points in the first half and were down ten at the halfway mark. They came back and won, but were unable to cover the -9 spread.

Minnesota looked on their way to the win after a strong first half, but in the second half their defense completely failed them. They allowed just 42 points in the first half before letting the Suns explode for 66 in the second half. This team has had trouble finishing at times and this one cost them the game outright.

We did grab a win with the Cavaliers -8.5 over the Utah Jazz. This one was close as the final was 109-100, but a win is a win. LeBron James had his 60th career triple double in this one. He is simply amazing.

Let’s finish this weekend strong with our tips on today’s games.

Sacramento Kings vs. Toronto Raptors Betting Tips:

The Raptors have now won eight of their last nine games and have had some really impressive wins during this run. They beat the Nets by 120-87 just a few nights ago and last week they beat the Kings on the road 102-87. Toronto has been doing on both ends of the court and they are at home for this one.

The line is a bit high, but Toronto has shown that big lines aren’t a problem when they are locked in. We think they will be tonight and the Raptors -12.5 is a nice pick here.

Indiana Pacers vs. Brooklyn Nets Betting Tips:

Fans of defense should turn their eyes away from this one. These two teams love to score points, play at a fast pace and wait for their turn to get the ball back. These two teams played a game earlier this season with the final score of 140-131. That’s a lot of points.

The Nets play at the second highest pace in the NBA while the Pacers rank sixth in Offensive Rating. Both teams rank in the bottom half of the league. You know what that means, POINTS!

We’re taking the over 216.5 in this one. While 271 might not be repeatable tonight, we can easily see this one in the 220-230 range.

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards Betting Tips:

The Cavs got the win for us last night and are now 18-2 in their last twenty games. That is an insane run and LeBron James is having an amazing season thus far. This will be a back-to-back game with both Dwyane Wade and Tristan Thompson getting some scheduled rest, but LeBron James will be on the court and does anything else really matter?

Washington has had their struggles and missing John Wall for a period didn’t help them. They had eyes on the top seed in the East this year, but that already seems out of reach. John Wall is back, but he’s coming back slowly. On Friday against the Clippers he shot just 5-for-16 from the field. We think this Wizards team is good and will be watching them going forward, but not tonight.

The Cavs +2 are on fire right now and the Wizards are still figuring things out. This should be a good game, but ultimately the Cavs in a position where they are getting points is too good to pass up. Logo

December 16th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

VinWritten by Vin

A tough 1-2 record last night.

Our big win was the Raptors as they never dominated the entire game against the Nets. They were -13 favorites, but that was nowhere near enough as they won the game by 33. The Raptors have now won eight of their past nine games.

We were frustrated by the Pacers -5 losing outright to the Pistons. The Pistons are just one of those teams that seem to zig when we think they are going to zag and zag when we pick them to zig. They have a talented squad and should play that kind of defense more often, but that isn’t always the case.

Even more frustrating were the Bucks -8 who were A.) at home, B.) against one of the worst teams in the NBA, C.) without their best player and D.) had been playing really well as of late. Add all that up and you have an outright loss. Felt like an underestimation game plus a “our guy is out so let’s step it up” game combined.

Utah Jazz vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Tips:

This is a great spot to take Cleveland tonight as this is the last game of a four-game homestand and they are going against the Jazz who has Rudy Gobert listed as doubtful. We’ve seen earlier this season how the Jazz play without Gobert and it doesn’t leave a lot to be excited about. This team has some good talent, but it is really their center that makes everything fit and without him they can be a mess.

We like the way that Cleveland -8.5 has looked of late and are expecting another strong performance here tonight.

Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs Betting Tips:

Deja vu? We just tipped this one a few days ago and it didn’t come through as the Spurs lost to the Mavericks in Kawhi Leonard’s first game back this season. That actually excites us here as that is definitely a game they should’ve won and that is definitely a game that they heard about afterwards from their coach. They get the rematch tonight at home and I don’t think they could set this line high enough to keep us away from it.

The Spurs -9 should get a measure of revenge here tonight.

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Phoenix Suns vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Betting Tips:

There are a lot of stats that show how bad the Phoenix Suns have bee this year. This is a team that ranks last in Defensive Rating and 28th in Net Rating. The one that I like to look at though is Assist percentage and Assist to Turnover Ratio, in both categories they rank 29th. That shows to me that, without Devin Booker, this team is in trouble. Five straight losses bear that out.

Putting up a team that ranks so low in Defensive Rating against the Timberwolves who are currently 5th in offense rating is like putting frosting on a cupcake. I was going to eat it anyway, but now I want it even more. That’s the case here as we are all over the Wolves -11.5 tonight. Logo

December 15th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

VinWritten by Vin

Took the day off yesterday after an 0-3 record on Wednesday.

We have a full slate of NBA action tonight as teams are starting to really come into their own. The playoff races are taking shape and the stars are starting to shine. For years, Christmas has been the unofficial start of the NBA season and this year is no different. Things are getting good.

Detroit Pistons vs. Indiana Pacers Betting Tips:

This is an interesting match-up of two Eastern Conference playoff contenders. The Pistons have looked like a monster at times starting at 14-6, but a recent seven game losing streak really took some of the shine off of them. Andre Drummond has improved quite a bit this year, but they still have holes and are probably closer to their record (15-13) in talent than they are to either of their streaks.

Indiana has been a revelation this year. Victor Oladipo has made a huge leap and is the star of the this team. Along with Sabonis and Myles Turner, the three make a nice young core that seems to improve on every night. This is the last game of a six game home stand in which they have won four of five. Everything is coming up Indiana right now.

We’re going with Pacers -4.5 here as they have really shown themselves at home this year while the Pistons losing streak is not that far in the rear view.

Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets Betting Tips:

We had Toronto pegged as the next team to have a big winning streak, but their seven game streak was stopped against the Clippers. That was a weird, bad luck game as Lowry went 0-for-8 from three and they probably should’ve won it. They won their next game and are looking like the same team that we thought was about to get red hot.

They draw the Brooklyn Nets at home and there is a lot to like here. The Raptors have the fourth rated offense while the Nets have the 20th ranked defense. The Raps have the 8th rated defense while the Nets have the 19th rated offense. This is a true mismatch and the Raptors are playing in Toronto where things are always tough for an opposing team.

Hard not to love the Raptors -11 tonight.

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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls Betting Tips:

What a difference a few years (and a Giannis) makes. The Bulls for years viewed Milwaukee as an extra home game and a place to beat up on a lesser team. Now? That’s not so true as Milwaukee is probably a top ten team in the NBA while the Bulls are decidedly not.

Making matters worse for Chicago is Lauri Markinen listed as questionable for this one. The rookie has been most of their offense this year and playing without him simply makes a bad team worse.

Since acquiring Eric Bledsoe, Milwaukee is 11-4 and really starting to figure things out on defense. Coach Jason Kidd has made some tweaks and this looks like one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. They are a fun squad to get behind and tonight is a great chance to do just that. Bucks -8 is the play. Logo

December 11th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

VinWritten by Vin

A great 2-0 record last night.

The Pacers continued their run as one of the best offenses out there as they absolutely pasted the Nuggets last night. They won 126-116 at home in a game that we laid five points for the Pacers. This line went up to 6.5 later in the day, but it didn’t matter as Indiana just rolled.

Our other big winner was the Raptors -8.5 and this was an even easier one. Toronto controlled this game the whole time and won easily, 102-87.

Today is the start of a new week, but let’s continue this winning streak. We have three games tonight so we’ll get right into them.

Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls Betting Tips:

We’ve covered this ad nauseam, but the Bulls are not a great team. They have the 30th ranked Offensive Rating and the 27th ranked Defensive Rating. This season is already over and they are already dreaming of a high lottery pick.

Meanwhile, you have the Celtics who have the top Defensive Rating in the game and are one of the best coached teams out there. This is a team that we look to win every game against a lower level team like this and have little doubts in their ability to do so. The top seed in the East matters to them and not giving away games like this is the way to that.

The Celtics -7.5 are an easy pick tonight.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Betting Tips:

Charlotte is not in a good place right now. They’ve lost three straight and all three have been eight or more points. It honestly feels like they are trying to play a style of basketball that maybe doesn’t work. Their 9-16 record shows that maybe Dwight Howard can’t be the center of the offense on a playoff team.

They face the Thunder tonight who seem to finally be figuring things out. This team should be towards the top of the Western Conference, but they have had real struggles figuring out how to make this offense work. They have looked better as of late, winning four of their past five, and we think this is a great opportunity for them to work out some kinks.

Oklahoma City -7 is our play in this one.

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Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Clippers Betting Tips:

The season started with the Celtics having a long winning streak, then the Cavaliers had theirs and now it’s looking like the Raptors have their turn. They have won six straight games and draw an outstanding match-up against the Clippers tonight.

Los Angeles had a hot start to the season, but since then they have been in a freefall towards the bottom. Blake Griffin is out for weeks and DeAndre Jordan is getting closer and closer to being traded. This is a team earmarked for a rebuild as there is not a lot to be excited about on this squad.

We are big fans of the Raptors -5.5 tonight and are expecting them to continue their winning streak on the road. Logo

December 10th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

VinWritten by Vin

A very close 1-3 record last night.

Let’s start by talking about the Cavs -7.5 against the Philadelphia 76ers. This game ended up being won by Cleveland outright, but only by seven points. The sad thing about this one is that -7.5 was the highest this line got all day. If you placed the bet earlier in the day it was -6.5, if you placed it closer to start time it got down to -5. So, hopefully some of our readers can chalk this up as a win.

The Wizards -3 was a loss despite a valiant effort from them in the second half. Washington started sluggish, losing the first half 62-49 and simply weren’t able to come back from that. The early start on the West Coast could’ve had something to do with this.

We had Houston -10 on the road against Portland. They won the game handily, but not handily enough for our taste. The final score was 124-117. Houston absolutely blistered them in the fourth quarter with a 40-19 score in the frame.

Our big win was the scheduled loss as the Hawks covered easily against a very tired Magic team.

Toronto Raptors vs. Sacramento Kings Betting Tips:

The Raptors are one of only four teams in the NBA in the top ten of both Offensive and Defensive rating. The other teams are the Warriors, Rockets and Celtics; teams that nobody argues are among the elite in the NBA. So, where’s the love for the Raptors? They are an awesome team with some of the best depth in the league.

They face a lowly Kings team today who are in the bottom two of both Offensive and Defensive rating. Yes, you read that right. They are the second worst team in the league in both categories.

Honestly, this is one of those games where we are surprised the line isn’t even higher. The Raptors are in another class of basketball than the Kings. This is like a top college team taking on a division II also ran. Toronto -8.5 is an easy pick here.

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Denver Nuggets vs. Indiana Pacers Betting Tips:

The Pacers are a problem to be dealt with in the NBA. They are 15-11 and what they are doing is working right now. Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis are a great pick and roll tandem and this team is really looking good. They ended the Cavs winning streak and currently sit at 15-11 on the year.

Denver is in a different boat right now. They are a really good team that was looking like a playoff contender, but then an injury to Paul Millsap happened. They looked like they were going to weather that storm, but then they lost Nikola Jokic and things have looked dire since. This is still an exciting squad with a bright future, but it’s hard to get too excited about them with those two guys out of the lineup.

The Pacers -5 are a strong play here today. They are at home where they play much better, Denver is just 4-9 on the road and the Nuggets will be without their best players. What’s not to like?