Welcome to the stats page, where I archive all of my previous picks.

Now to be honest all of this is a mess. I made individual posts/pages on the site here for each pick, and then the premium picks were behind a paywall.

To clean up the site, I’ve merged everything into one big post. It’ll probably be hard to read.

I’m hoping that during the off-season I can maybe log everything into a spreadsheet or something but for now yeah – if you want to look up the archives, here’s the details.

Click each year below to see all of the tips posts for that year:

2016/2017: Took Season Off
2015/2016: 46-48
2014/2015: 42-34
2013/2014: 30-20
2012/2013: 68-75
2012: 92-74
2010/2011: 238-187
2009/2010: 150-115
2008/2009: 174-116
2007/2008: 33-22

(For 2007/2008 tips were posted only on the 2+2 forums under my username of MrBlueNose)