NBA 2008-2009 Season Records

For each betting tip in 2008-2009 I made an individual post for each of them, as well as the WNBA Tips.

To clean up the site I’ve compiled them all into this one page.

In 2008-2009 we went 174-116.

Game 5: Lakers vs Magic Free Betting Tip

And we’re back – with possibly the last NBA game of the season, as the LA Lakers come to the Orlando Magic tonight with a 3-1 lead.

This one is going to be tight. This is going to be a marginal play, so I’d recommend a half-unit bet only 🙂

Magic -3

No Tips Tonight for Game 4

Hey guys,

No tips tonight for Game 4.  We’ll be back for Game 5.

What did I say?

I told you guys – that half point would be crucial.  It was a very tight game going on, and if it was a 4 point play I would’ve avoided the spread altogether.  But getting Lakers +4.5 over +4 was very key, so I hope you took me up on it because it was the difference in a winning night and a tie.

Trust me, and I’ll make sure we all end up winners.  Our regular season record was 147-99, and our current playoff record is 27-17, 3-0 for the Lakers vs Magic series.  That’s an overall win ratio of 60% – a few percent over the expected deviation!

I do this for free.  It takes a lot of work running this site, running my simulations and posting picks.  Hell I get a lot of visitors a day, so bandwidth is another concern.

So keep this site free, and show your thanks for my winning tips in the process.

Sign up for Bodog.

Even if you don’t plan on betting there(although with great props and lines you really should) – just sign up.  It really helps me out.  And the extra few bucks I get for every signup will keep this site free forever.


Back soon with our Game 4 picks, as well as the first WNBA Picks.  Sign up at Bodog.  Please! 🙂

2-0 in finals: Game 3 Lakers/Magic Betting Tip

Well we’ve started the finals on a roll, going 2-0 in the first two games of the Lakers vs Magic series. Even overtime couldn’t put that last game over – I likey, I likey.

If you’re looking for a new poker room to play at, my friend set up an awesome website where you can find a room based on YOUR crieteria.

Tonight’s game will be a tight one. We recommend just a half unit bet, and skipping tonight wouldn’t be the end of the world. +4 at most places, +4.5 at Bodog.

Lakers +4.5

That half-point could be CRUCIAL. Bet at Bodog.

Game 2: Lakers vs Magic Betting Tips

Well the WNBA season has started. We’ll be providing tips as per usual at, however we will also be posting them here at This will be our 3rd year publicly handicapping the WNBA, and we are looking forward to it.

We’re going with the under again tonight in the Lakers vs Magic.

Under 202.5

NBA Free Betting Tips: Game 1 Lakers vs Magic

And then there were two.

Tonight kicks of what should be an awesome LA Lakers vs Orlando Magic series, and we’re going to start with a totals pick.

Tonight, our free basketball betting tip is the Under.  It is currently 205.5 at most places, however Bodog have it at 206.  They also have lots of free bets and other good things.  So bet Under 206 at Bodog.

NBA May 29 Betting Tips: Free Bet on Cavs vs Lakers

Well unfortunately we went 1-1 last night, after looking to have a 2-0 night wrapped up by the end of the 3rd.

If you guys aren’t signed up with any trading exchanges, you really should. At the end of the 3rd you could have laid off your bets for a nice guaranteed profit of about 0.7 per 1 unit bet. If you’re non-US, I HIGHLY recommend Betfair for that.

Speaking of – non-US folks, have a £25 free bet on the NBA Playoffs click here.

Lakers vs Nuggets
Over 208.5

Game 5: Magic vs Cavs Betting Tips – ATS & O/U

Well – close but no cigar yesterday, as after a competitive three quarters which saw both teams tied at the end of each one, the Lakers surged ahead in the 4th quarter.

Tonight we have Game 5 in the Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers series, and it is a BIG one. This is a must-win for the Cavs,and the books are giving the Magic 3 whole possessions, with +7.5 as the spread.

This one is going to be tight. Based on the previous games and statistics, we’d expect a highly competitive game. However you know LeBron is going to be in a different universe tonight.

Regardless, we have two bets for tonight. You can’t sit back and bet the Cavs thinking it is a “must win” and “LeBron will do the business”. The fact is the Magic have won 3 of the last 4, and should have won 4 in a row if not for a sick 3 pointer.

I was one of the only people that actually tipped Magic to win the whole thing, and now they are one game away from the finals. We have to stick with the stats.

Cavs vs Magic
Magic =7.5

Cavs vs magic
Over 190

May 27 NBA Tips: Lakers vs Nuggets

Well an unfortunate loss last night. let’s hope we can bounce back tonight.

Quick plug for my new site related to 5Dimes – if you’re interested in 5Dimes, check out this 5Dimes Sportsbook Review.

Lakers vs Nuggets
Nuggets +6

Game 4: Magics vs Cavs Betting Tips

Sorry guys, had some internet problems last few days.

Cavs vs Magic
Under 188

May 20 NBA Playoff Tips: Magic vs Cavs – Magic +9

Did you know the Nuggets have covered EVERY spread so far in the Playoffs? That’s an incredible stat. We were very close to picking them last night, but decided to err on the side of caution. Still, we got the win with the under 215.5, and that’s all that matters. Just glad it didn’t go to overtime.

Tonight sees the favourites for the playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, take on the Orlando Magic. This will be an interesting series. I personally believe, and my betting system would back me up on this, that the Magic are a better team than most people give them credit for.

So this is going to be a tight one. I see the line +8 and +8.5 everywhere, but we’re able to squeeze an extra point out of that, as we can get +9 at Bodog. In what should be a low scoring game(180-185 points approx), that extra point should be killer.

Bet +9 at Bodog. And go Magic!

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic
Magic +9

May 19 NBA Betting Tips: Nuggets vs Lakers Over/Under

Denver Nuggets vs LA Lakers tonight in what should be a great series. We’re going to go with the under tonight, and Bodog currently have the best odds, with other books having as low as 214. If you’ve been following our tips you know how important these points can be, so be sure to bet at Bodog tonight. They’ve got some great promos and a big signup bonus too.

Denver Nuggets vs LA Lakers
Under 215.5

May 14 NBA Betting Tips: Celtic vs Magic

A great winning night last night, to bring our playoff record to 19-12. We have two betting tips tonight on the Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic game. The NBA Betting Tips are:

Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic
Celtics +7.5

Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic
Over 189.5

May 13 NBA Playoff Free Betting Tips: Mavs vs Nuggets

Alright before we get started – our friends at Bodog are offering a free $100 bet on the Preakness Stakes this weekend. 

Well – last night sucked.  The Rockets have put up a great series, but the Lakers just exercised their supremacy and showed everyone why they’re one of the favourites to win the whole thing.  The brings out Playoff Record to 18-12, which is a 60% picking record, and very good – but I think it could still be better.

Our regular season record ended up at 147-99.  That’s a 59.8% picking record, which I am very happy with, especially with it being our first season posting tips publicly.  Hey if you’d bet $1,000 on all our tips, you’d be up over $40,000 after the regular season!  Not a bad return.

Tonight we have:

Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks
Nuggets -9

May 12 NBA Tips: Rockets vs Lakers Tonight

1-1 last night as we lost out by half a point.

Tonight we have the one pick – Houston Rockets vs LA Lakers. Big hello to all our new followers on Twitter – you can also subscribe to our mailing list by putting your e-mail address over on the right

Let’s go Rockets! Well actually I’m a Lakers fan…so let’s go Rockets to lose by 6 points! The line is currently +11.5 at some books and +12 at others. Bodog is the only place that currently has it +12.5, and I highly recommend it as based on last night, you can see that every half point is important. Bet now at Bodog.

LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets
Rockets +12.5

May 11 NBA Tips: Cavs vs Hawks, Nuggets vs Mavs

A nice winning night last night. Let’s keep the ball rolling tonight:

Cavaliers vs Hawks
Under 183

Nuggets vs Mavericks
Nuggets +1.5

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May 10 NBA Tips: Lakers vs Rockets, Celtics vs Magic

I highly recommend betting at Bodog today for the Rockets/Lakers game. You are getting +9 there, while at other sportsbooks it is just +7.5 or +8. The other lines are pretty much the same everywhere, so I just linked to Bodog for ease. Bet now at Bodog.

LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets
Rockets +9

LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets
Under 197

Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic
Over 194

NBA Tips: Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic Game 3

Nice 1-0 win last night.  I’ll add up the regular season records and playoff records for the weekend.  For the below line be sure to act fast – I have a feeling this line will be pounded down to a one possession spread by afternoon.  Remember you can follow us on Twitter.

Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic
Celtics +4.5

You can now follow us on Twitter

Well it’s been a long but profitable regular season, and the playoffs look to be going good too.  The only problems really all season have been issues with our mailing list.

So after lot’s of requests from you guys, I’ve decided to integrate Twitter into NBA Tips,  for yet another way to follow our computer generated betting picks.

So if you want to follow us on Twitter – Click Here.

May 7 NBA Playoff Betting Tips: Hawks vs Cavs

Should be an interesting game tonight between the Cavs and the Hawks. Bar an injury to Lebron, Cavs should sweep this series as they outpower the Hawks in just about every department.

One pick tonight:

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks
Over 177.5

May 4 NBA Playoff Betting Tips – No Tips

Hey guys just a heads up that there is no tips today.


NBA Playoff Betting Tips for May 2: Bulls vs Celtics

Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics
Over 195

Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics
Bulls +6

NBA Playoff Betting Tips for May 1

Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks
Over 182

April 30 NBA Betting Tips – Rockets vs Blazers

Here are tonights tips – just the one pick tonight:

Houston Rockets vs Portland Trail Blazers
Rockets -5

April 29 NBA Playoff Free Betting Tips: Hawks vs Heat, Nuggets vs Hornets

Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat
Under 180.5

Denver Nuggets vs New Orleans Hornets
Nuggets -10.5

April 28 NBA Playoff Betting Tips

Hey everyone,

I just want to apologize for the lack of tips over the weekend. Long story short the cable going from the telephone pole outside to my house….just disappeared. Truck mighta hit it or something and dragged it away. So yeah – I was without internet all weekend, and never got it back till late Monday. Sorry about that, let’s get on with the tips:

Houston Rockets vs Portland Trail Blazers
Rockets +6

Houston Rockets vs Portland Trail Blazers
Over 182

Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls
Over 198

Also the good thing about being away from the ‘net was it gave me time to do some much needed work

April 26, 2009 No Tips Today

Sorry, no tips today. They will be back tomorrow.

April 25 NBA Playoff Tips

Jazz +5 and Hawk vs Heat over 186

April 24 NBA Playoff Tips

My internet is down until Tuesday. Posting from my blackberry. Getting lines from friend hopefully no mistakes.

Pistons +5.5
Pistons Cavs over 178
76ers +4
Rockets Blazers over 184

April 23 NBA Betting Tips

Hey everyone,

There’ll be no NBA Playoff tips tonight.  The lines are just too tight.  I personally like the Chicago Bulls -3, but the system doesn’t like it enough to make it a recommended play.

Should be back tomorrow with some bets.

April 22 NBA Playoff Betting Tips: Nuggets vs Hornets

Unlucky last night, as we didn’t cover thanks to one possession. One Jazz player misses a free throw, or one Lakers player scores a free throw and it’s at least a push. Oh well, thems the breaks.


Denver Nuggets vs New Orleans Hornets
Nuggets -5.5

April 21 NBA Playoff Betting Tips: Lakers vs Jazz

Sorry for the lateness today I was having computer problems.

Lakers vs Jazz
Lakers -11

April 20 NBA Playoff Betting Tips: 4-0 Last Night

Well we had an EXCELLENT start to the NBA Playoff season, going a beautiful 4-0 in tips. Don’t get carried away though and bet tons more based on that – we could just as easily go 0-4 as we can 4-0. It’s basketball and these things can happen, so just take care with the bankroll and don’t do anything crazy 🙂

Tonight we have:

Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics
Chicago Bulls +8.5

Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs
Mavs +6.5

April 17 NBA Playoff Betting Tips

Alright guys, after much thought I’ve decided not to bother making picks for every game as I suggested in my last update. If you want to have fun bets to make it more interesting then go for it, but her at we’re all about WINNERS.

We hope. 🙂

We have 8 games this weekend, here’s your NBA Playoff Tips. Let’s get the Playoffs off with a bang. Only a few tips to begin with as we’re being cautious:

Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics
Bulls +9

Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Over 175

Orlando Magic vs Philadelphia 76ers
Over 190.5

Denver Nuggets vs New Orlean Hornets
Over 194

April 16: Playoff Tips Coming Soon, Baseball Tips

Only two days until it’s time for the NBA Playoffs, and I am raring to go.  I’ve did a LOT of work, and am ready to take this season by storm.  The NBA Betting picks should be up by tomorrow, the 17th, around noon EST.

Also my friend has been working on a betting system for baseball.  He’s been posting baseball picks daily and is currently 9-6.  I’ve had a look at the system and it’s a bit rough around the edges but we are working for it – in the meantime go check out MLB Tips.

Back tomorrow!

April 12 NBA Betting Tips: Oops!

Hey guys,

I just want to apologize for the lack of tips recently.  There was a faux pas on my part – I had actually written a post explaining it too, but somehow it never got posted or erased or something.

Basically with the playoffs coming up, I decided to take some time out of regular season betting to work on a strong playoff model.  I’ve been doing extensive data and simulations going back a good few years, trying to get a good feel for the playoffs.  If you’re like me, you bet a lot more extensively on the playoffs.

My plan is to have NBA playoff betting tips for every game during the playoffs.  They will be split into two categories – major bets(aka the ones I recommend strongest), then the additional bets for those action junkies.

I might have some more picks for the last few remaining games of the season, but we’ll see.  If not I will see you for playoff time, where we kick us some serious sportsbook ass!

March 30 NBA Betting Tips – Knicks vs Jazz

An unfortunate 0-1 loss yesterday. Still been an absolutely fantastic month though!

Knicks vs Jazz
Under 214
Bodog(213 elsewhere)

March 29, 2009 NBA Betting Tips

Tonight we have:

Suns vs Kings
Under 236.5
N/A(Everywhere -110)

March 27, 09 NBA Betting Tips

Just 1 play tonight:

Mavericks vs Nuggets
Over 205
Bodog(elsewhere 205.5)

March 26, 2009 NBA Betting Tips

Sorry about the lateness. Just two picks tonight, both in the Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers game.

Suns vs Blazers
Over 221

Suns vs Blazers
Suns +6.5

March 24, 09 NBA Betting Tips: We’re Back!

Aaaaaaand we’re back. Sorry about that – I took pretty damn ill, as did my family. But who cares about that – let’s get back into it and continue our awesome winning run in March.

Lot of picks tonight:

Rockets vs Jazz
Under 196

Thunder vs Lakers
Under 207.5

Thunder vs Lakers
Thunder +8

Warriors vs Spurs
Warriors +9.5
N/A (Same everywhere)

Warriors vs Spurs
Under 207.5
N/A (Same everywhere)

Bulls vs Pistons
Over 191

March 19, 2009 NBA Betting Picks

Well we’re back, and sadly no picks tonight 🙁 We’ll be back tomorrow, enjoy March Madness!

Tips return tomorrow

Hey guys,

Sorry about no tips again I have still been very sick, and my wife and kids came down with the bug so I’ve also had to try and take care of them. Hopefully the tips will return tomorrow March 18th. Sorry.

March 15 2009 NBA Betting Tips

No picks today.  I’m sick and in bed all day 🙁  Hopefully be feeling better tomorrow. Enter your e-mail address below to subscribe to our mailing list, and get these picks e-mailed to you daily. No spam or anything like that – just winning tips 🙂

March 14 NBA Betting Tips – Two Over Picks Tonight

Well we looked on track for a nice 3-1 result last night, however the Nets had to lose their bottle in the 4th, causing us to go 2-2 for the night. Oh well. Still running superhot in march.

Bulls vs Hornets
Over 193
Bodog(193.5 everywhere else)

Suns vs Thunder
Over 233
Superbook(234 everywhere else)

March 13 NBA Betting Tips

4 Picks tonight, lets continue our hot March run.  Our YTD is 138-91, and we are 15-4 in March.

Pacers vs Hawks
Under 208
N/A (Everywhere the same)

Knicks vs T’Wolves
Over 218
N/A (Everywhere the same)

Nets vs Blazers
Nets +7
N/A (Everywhere the same)

Kings vs Cavaliers
Kings +10.5
Bodog -105

March 12 NBA Betting Tips

Last night was AWESOME. Not only did we go 2-1 but we did it in the sickest fashion possible, with a random 3 pointer wih 9 seconds left to just cover.  Thank you Oklahoma City Thunder!

No picks tonight.  But oh man last night was great.

March 11 NBA Betting Tips

No Over/Under bets tonight as the predictions are too close to the real lines, or a lot of inconsistences. But we still have some ATS plays for you!

Knicks vs Pistons
Knicks +7

Grizzlies vs T’Wolves
Grizzlies -3

Thunder vs Nuggets
Thunder +14
N/A (Everywhere the same)

March 10, 2008 NBA Betting Tips

Spurs vs Bobcats
Over 178

Bucks vs Knicks
Bucks -3

March 9, 2009 NBA Betting Tips

Our March excellent run continues. We won 2-1 last night, to go 12-2 for the month, and 135-89 overall.

No picks tonight. If you’re betting on Cheltenham starting this week, Paddy Power will refund all losing bets if My Cousin Vinny wins, which is a sweet deal.

March 8, 2009 NBA Betting Tips

Well 3-1 on the 6th, to take us to 10-1 to the month, and 133-88 overall. Excellent stuff, let’s continue to pile up the wins.

Raptors vs Jazz
Over 208.5

Grizzlies vs Rockets
Grizzlies +13

Knicks vs Nets
Over 219

March 7 2009 NBA Betting Tips

There will be no basketball bets tonight unfortunately, as the system didn’t recommend any plays. Still, we went 3-1 last night, and are now 10-1 for the month. Good stuff. YTD is 133-88.

March 6 NBA Betting Tips

3 More Basketball Picks for tonight:

Pistons vs Warriors
Under 208.5

Rockets vs Suns
Rockets -5.5

Celtics vs Cavaliers
Over 185

March 6 NBA Betting Tips: Bobcats vs Hawks

Will have some more picks soon for later games.

Bobcats vs Hawks
Over 183

March 5 NBA Betting Tips: 4-0 Last Night

4-0 last night, 6-0 for the month, which brings the YTD to 129-87. That’s what I like to see! Let’s keep a 100% month with this pick tonight:

Hornets vs Mavericks
Under 196.5

March 4 NBA Betting Tips

Line shopping.

I’ve been telling you guys how important it is, and I hope you’ve been listening, because the perfect example was our pick on March 2nd.

When I posted March 2nd betting tips, the 76ers vs Hornets line was 189 everywhere except 5Dimes(and BetUS but I don’t trust them so would never recommend them for you guys).

So yesterday if you bet at your usual sportsbook, you would have most likely got 189, and tied, as the 76ers Hornets total was exactly 189.

However if you line shopped, and listened to my recommendation, you would have got 188.5 – and won. That’s what this is all about, right? 🙂 When I first started sports betting, I never line shopped. I was lazy. However 3 years ago I started putting in that extra effort, and although it doesn’t factor in most of the time, nights like last night remind me of why I do it. Because it can be the difference between a win and a push, or worse a win and a loss.

Line shop, people 🙂 It’s one of the best things you can do when it comes to becoming a winner at sports betting. The extra hassle is worth it when you pull in an extra 10-15% on winnings each season.

Cavs vs Bucks
Under 198.5

Nets vs Celtics
Nets +7.5

Heat vs Suns
Over 225

Bulls vs Warriors
Under 225.5

March 3rd NBA Betting Tips

No picks tonight unfortunately.

March 2 NBA Betting Tips: 76ers vs Hornets

Just the one pick tonight….let’s start March off on a good note!

76ers vs Hornets
Over 188.5

03/01/09 NBA Betting Tips

No tips tonight as having computer problems. I’ll be back tomorrow. It was great to end February on a winning note!

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02/28/09 NBA Betting Tips: 3 Over/Under Picks Tonight

Seem to be struggling a bit lately. Let’s hope things turn around tonight.

Grizzlies vs Thunder
Over 197

Bobcats vs Clippers
Over 191

Jazz vs Kings
Under 216.5

02/27/09 NBA Betting Tips: Introducing Line Shopping

So today I am going to introduce line shopping to everyone. Our current YTD is 118-79, however that technically isn’t our true YTD. When I post picks, I always post the most publicly available line. However I personally do line shopping, and whereas I may post “under 208.5” as it is the most available line, I’ve actually bet under 209.5, as that’s available at one sportsbook. So based on this, the actual YTD is 127-70.

I will continue to track with the 118-79 YTD, however from now on I will be posting the best lines available, and if there is one sportsbook it is available at, will list that sportsbook. I strongly advise you to bet at each sportsbook recommended, if only because it will make you more money, the whole point of sports betting!

Magic vs Pistons
Over 186

Knicks vs 76ers
Over 213

Lakers vs Nuggets
Over 217.5

Lakers vs Nuggets
Lakers -2

Spurs vs Cavaliers
Spurs +1.5

Warriors vs Bobcats
Over 208.5

Warriors vs Bobcats
Warriors +1

Celtics vs Pacers
Over 205.5

Celtics vs Pacers
Pacers +12

Mavericks vs Thunder
Mavs -9

Mavericks vs Thunder
Over 211

02/26/09 NBA Betting Tips: No Picks Tonight

No basketball picks tonight but if you must bet take the unders – not high enough to recommend unfortunately.  Good luck.

02/25/09 NBA Betting Tips: 7 Picks Tonight!

Winning picks…hopefully 🙂

Here are tonights picks:

Indiana Pacers/Memphis Grizzlies Under 208
New Orleans Hornets -8
Dallas Mavericks/Milwaukee Bucks Under 208.5
Boston Celtics/LA Clippers Over 199
Boston Celtics -10
Minnesota Timberwolves/Utah Jazz Over 212
San Antonio Spurs -1.5

02/24/09 NBA Betting Tips: No Picks Today

Hey everyone.

Probably figured it out by now but if not – no picks today.  We will return tomorrow.

02/23/09 NBA Betting Tips: Two Picks For Tonight

Alright so we’ve had a bit of a rocky time of it in February.  We’re still doing excellent long term with 61% wins, and up about 35 units.  However I felt I was a bit “relaxed” lately in regard to picks – we did very sick late November, all of December and early January with a crazy run, and I felt lately I’ve been less strict in regard to picks.  Note how many picks we’ve had lately.

I’m going to be more strict for the rest of the season, so there will be less picks.  Tonight we have:

Utah Jazz vs Atlanta Hawks – Under 205.5
LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors – Over 229

02/22/09 NBA Betting Tips

I’ll probably end up regretting this one, but Celtics/Suns Under 222

Also today:

Milwaukee Bucks/Denver Nuggets Under 210
Miami Heat +9
Minnesota TimberWolves +9.5
Cleveland Cavaliers/Detroit Pistons Over 180

02/21/09 NBA Betting Tips: One More Pick For Today

76ers came close but no cigar.  Lets go 1-1 for the night with the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder – take Over 230.

02/20/09 NBA Betting Tips: Lots of Basketball Picks Tonight!

And we’re back with a LOT of picks tonight!

Charlotte Bobcats +2.5
Charlotte Bobcats/Orlando Magic Over 189
Houston Rockets/Dallas Mavericks Over 196
Chicago Bulls/Denver Nuggets Under 208.5
Phoenix Suns/Oklahoma City Thunder Over 230.5
LA Lakers/New Orleans Hornets Under 207.5
New York Knicks/Toronto Raptors Under 214.5
Minnesota Timberwolves/Indiana Pacers Over 213
Milwaukee Bucks/Cleveland Cavaliers Over 196

Good luck!

02/19/08 NBA Betting Tips: No Picks Tonight

There will be no picks for the games tonight.

We went 2-3 last night.  Nothing like being 2-0 up then losing the next 3 picks.  Oops.

Our YTD with the new betting system is 108-63, or 63.2% which is just fantastic!  Hopefully we can continue at this above-expected win ratio for the remainder of the season.

I’ll be back tomorrow with picks.

02/18/09 NBA Betting Tips: 6-0 Last Night!!!


That’s right – after the break for the all-star game, we returned with a phenomenal 6-0 night!

I like it!

I had a few people e-mail me wanting to thank me for the tips and donate money via Paypal – thanks, but not necessary.

However I HAVE created this page – Buy Me a Beer.  You can thank me for the tips and buy me a beer, all without having to spend your own cash!  So go buy me a beer!

Alright enough of that – let’s get on with the tips:

Philadelphia 76ers/Denver Nuggets Under 201
LA Clippers/Phoenix Suns Under 228
Minnesota Timberwolves +9.5
Milwaukee Bucks +1.5
Golden State Warriors +5

02/17/09 NBA Betting Tips: Lots of Picks Tonight!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the rookies vs sophomores and All-Star Games, and didn’t lose too much money on them!

I missed basketball – I’m glad the NBA is back.  Let’s get some wins right out the door.  Tonight we have:

Indiana Pacers/Philadelphia 76ers Under 212
Minnesota Timberwolves/Washington Wizards Over 203
New York Knicks/San Antonio Spurs Over 207
Milwaukee Bucks +6.5
Oklahoma City Thunder +3.5
Phoenix Suns/LA Clippers Over 221

The Suns/Clippers one in particular – I’ve seen it for 222.5 everywhere else, but you can get >221 at Superbook.

13/02/09 NBA Betting Tips: Rookie/Sophomore & All Star Games

Just wanted to post a note that there will be no picks for the rookie vs sophomore or east vs west all star games.  As this is our first season making public picks, I want to be extremely cautious although I will monitor these games and the stats anyway.

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01/12/09 NBA Betting Tips: Warriors vs Blazers Over/Under

An unfortunate 1-2 last night, as the over/unders didn’t come in.

Tonight we have:

Golden State Warriors/Portland Trail Blazers Over 216

It’s so vital in sports betting that you take the best line.  If you can get this at -110 at one sportsbook, but -108 at another, even that small difference can be huge long term.  We’re going to start listing the best lines to make it easier for you guys.

The best line for this is currently -106, available at Superbook, which DOES accept US Players.

02/11/09 NBA Betting Tips: Another Winning Night!

An excellent 3-1 win last night, and balls to the walls as the Knicks/Warriors went over.  Hell yeah.

Tonight we have:

Portland Trail Blazers/Oklahoma City Thunder Over 201
Toronto Raptors/San Antonio Spurs Over 189
Atlanta Hawks +3.5

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02/10/08 NBA Betting Tips: Go Warriors, Knicks!

Good winning night last night, as we went 3-2.

We are having some problems with the mailing list today, as we are switching providers.  This should be fixed by tomorrow.  And hey – if you’re not on the mailing list – subscribe now!  Get all tips e-mailed to you daily!

Dallas Mavericks/Sacramento Kings Over 212
Indiana Pacers +7
New Jersey Nets +5.5
Golden State Warriors/New York Knicks Over 231.5 (Because we got balls, baby)

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They take a lot of work. I spend two hours a day adding in data, updating the system, running various simulations etc. so I can continue to provide you guys winning tips.

It’s a very sophisticated computer betting system I wrote, and takes a lot of work.

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02/09/09 NBA Betting Tips: 2-0 Last Night

Excellent two wins last night, lets have more tonight.

We have picks in all games:

Phoenix Suns/Philadelphia 76ers Under 211.5
Milwaukee Bucks +6
Houston Rockets/Milwaukee Bucks Over 195
Charlotte Bobcats/LA Clippers Over 196.5
New Orleans Hornets/Memphis Grizzlies Over 187.5

Bet these at 5dimes, the best basketball lines – click here now.

02/08/09 NBA Betting Tips: Two Overs Tonight

Well we were very unlucky last night, to go 2-2.

Bucks went into overtime before losing by 6 points, meaning 2 points cost us the win there, and Timberwolves/Rockets put 197 between them, while we had over 199.

Still – 4 points away from a 4-0 night, sometimes that happens.  Let’s get some good wins today:

Boston Celtics/San Antonio Spurs Over 184.5
Miami Heat/Charlotte Bobcats Over 181

02/07/09 NBA Betting Tips: 4 Picks Tonight

2-2 last night.

Tonight we have:

Atlanta Hawks/LA Clippers Over 199.5
Milwaukee Bucks +4
Milwaukee Bucks/Detroit Pistons Over 182
Houston Rockets/Minnesota Timberwolves Over 199

02/06/09 NBA Betting Tips: 4 Overs Tonight!

An excellent winning night last night, as the Celtics/Lakers went over, thanks to some lovely overtime!

Indiana Pacers/Orlando Magic Over 214.5
Portland Trail Blazers/Oklahoma City Thunder Over 198
Charlotte Bobcats/Atlanta Hawks Over 179
Utah Jazz/Sacramento Kings Over 214.5

02/05/09 NBA Betting Tips: Boston Celtics/LA Lakers

Only one tip tonight and it’s a highly recommended one:

Boston Celtics/LA Lakers Over 206

02/04/09 NBA Betting Tips: Portland/Dallas, Phoenix/Golden State

Two picks tonight – sorry for lateness:

Portland Trail Blazers/Dallas Mavericks Over 197
Phoenix Suns/Golden State Warriors Under 227.5

02/03/09 NBA Betting Tips: 5 Picks Tonight

I’ll calculate the YTD later – 1-2 last night unfortunately.  Tonight we have:

Boston Celtics/ Philadelphia 76ers Under 192
Chicago Bulls +7
Chicago Bulls/Houston Rockets over 197
Indiana Pacers -3.5
Indiana Pacers/Minnesota Timberwolves Under 220

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02/02/09 NBA Betting Tips: We’re Back For Good!

Big apologies for the last week – as I mentioned I was out of the country on business, and didn’t get the chance to post results as much as I hoped I would.

I’m back now and picks will return on a daily basis, winning picks hopefully 🙂

Todays basketball bets:

Dallas Mavericks/Orlando Magic over 207.5
Miami Heat -9.5
Phoenix Suns/Sacramento Kings over 222.5

I also showed my friend how the computer system works for basketball, and after a year of studying he has came up with one for hockey which he has publicly released.  So far it has been winning – you can see it in more detail at this link:  NHL Betting Tips.

01/30/09 NBA Betting Tips: Cavs/Clippers & Thunder

We are back today, and lets get on a winning start right off the bat.  We have:

Cleveland Cavaliers/LA Clippers Over 189
Oklahoma City Thunder +9

Bet these at Bodog.

01/29/08 NBA Betting Tips

There will be no NBA Betting Tips today, as I just arrived in London and am jet-lagged to all hell.  I’ve booked some time tomorrow to update the system and we’ll get right

NBA Betting Tips: Sorry

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to apologise for the lack of tips the last few days.  I’ve been travelling out of the country and had no internet to post the tips.  We’ll be back to business hopefully beginning on Thursday.

01/25/09 NBA Betting Tips

We had an unfortunate losing night last night, going 1-2.  Let’s get back on the winning road tonight.

Atlanta Hawks/Phoenix Suns Under 210
Sacramento Kings +9
Detroit Pistons/Houston Rockets Over 179.5

The best odds for all these games are at 5Dimes.

01/24/09 NBA Betting Tips: 3 Picks Tonight

New York Knicks/Philadelphia 76ers under 207
Utah Jazz/Cleveland Cavaliers Over 195
Washington Wizards/Portland Trail Blazers Over 193

01/23/09 NBA Betting Tips

Well after our excellent 5-0 night on the 21st, we are back tonight.  One thing I should note is that I am out of the country for the next two weeks, so I can’t promise that these will be all posted at a certain time – and the e-mail that is sent out with the predictions may be inconsistent, so your best bet is to check back regularly for the NBA Betting Tips.

With that – let’s see todays games:

Charlotte Bobcats +4
Charlotte Bobcats/Phoenix Suns Over 201
Toronto Raptors/Chicago Bulls Under 197.5
Indiana Pacers/Houston Rockets Under 210
Milwaukee Bucks +5.5
San Antonio Spurs/New Jersey Nets Over 189.5

Best odds as usual are at 5dimes.

01/22/08 NBA Betting Tips: BOOM!

“BOOM!” – that’s what I yelled last night as we went an excellent 5-0, for a stellar winning night 🙂

There is no bets today.  If you want to spend your winnings on some DVDs, including the likes of The Wire Complete Season for $81.99, check out Buy DVDs For Sale.

Have a great day – I’ll be back tomorrow with more winning tips!

01/21/09 NBA Betting Tips: Additional Picks

We have some additional basketball picks tonight.  They are:

Sacramento Kings/Washington Wizards Over 207.5
LA Clippers +16

5 Dimes Has the best odds for both games.

01/21/08 NBA Betting Tips: Celtics, Rockets/Jazz, Knicks

We went 2-1 last night.

Tonight we have:

Boston Celtics -5.5
Houston Rockets/Utah Jazz over 198.5
New York Knicks +6

Bet these at 5Dimes – Best Odds for all 3 picks.

01/20/08 NBA Betting Tips: 3 Tips Tonight

Unfortunately the Lakers blew out the Cavs last night, for an 0-1 night.

Tonight we have:

Sacramento Kings +8.5
San Antonio Spurs/Indiana Pacers Under 207.5
Minnesota Timberwolves +8.5

01/19/08 NBA Betting Tips: Cleveland Cavaliers vs LA Lakers

Sorry about the delay in picks – I completely forgot that there were early games today.

We only have one prediction tonight.  In the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers & LA Lakers, take the Cavaliers +5.

Bet it now at Sportsbook!

01/17/2009 NBA Betting Tips: The Winning Continues

Another excellent winning night last night.  Only managed to go 3-2, but hey wins are wins and I ain’t gonna complain.

There will be no picks today(Sunday).  We should be back Monday with picks.

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01/17/08 NBA Betting Tips: We hit the 100 wins mark!

Another excellent winning night, as we go 4-2.  Our YTD is 100-88, however that’s a bit inaccurate because I took one week off to work on the system, and improve it drastically.  Since then, our record is actually 66-32, which is a lot better.

If you want to thank me for these winning picks, please sign up at Sportsbook.  I get money just for you taking a few minutes to register an account.  Thanks.

Tonight we have:

Chicago Bulls +3
LA Clippers/Milwaukee Bucks Over 191.5
Milwaukee Bucks -3
Charlotte Bobcats/Portland Trail Blazers over 177.5
Orlando Magic +1

Remember to sign up at Sportsbook!

01/16/2009 NBA Betting Tips: Go Underdogs!

Despite overtime, the under managed to prevail yesterday for another excellent winning night, as the game goes under as predicted.

Tonight, our computer betting system likes the following:

Toronto Raptors +5
New York Knicks +3.5
Oklahoma City +4.5
Minnesota Timberwolves +8
Philadelphia 76ers +3
Orlando Magic +4.5

The last time the system  liked this many dogs was on the 6th of January, when we went 7-1.  Let’s hope for a repeat tonight.

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01/15/09 NBA Betting Tips: Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers

An excellent winning day yesterday, as we went 5-2 in picks.

Today we have:

Cleveland Cavaliers/Chicago Bulls Under 196.5

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01/14/2008 NBA Betting Tips

Sorry for the picks being so late tonight.

LA Lakers +3
LA Lakers/San Antonio Spurs Over 199.5
New York Knicks/Washington Wizards Under 201
Miami Heat/Milwaukee Bucks Over 194
Miami Heat +6.5
Dallas Mavericks/New Orleans Hornets Over 189
New Jersey Nets +10

01/13/09 NBA Betting Tips: 4 Picks Tonight

Well our incredible winning run had to come to an end, and it did thanks to the Chicago Bulls vs Portland Trail Blazers game, which made us go 1-2 for the night.  Oh well.

Tonight we have:

Denver Nuggets -6
Sacramento Kings +7.5
Minnesota Timberwolves +1
Minnesota Timberwolves/Miami Heat Over 198

Good luck!

01/12/09 NBA Betting Tips: Chicago Bulls vs Portland Trail Blazers

Another excellent winning night last night, as the game went over with ease.

Tonight we have:

Chicago Bulls +2.5
Chicago Bulls/Portland Trail Blazers Under 193
New York Knicks/New Orleans Hornets Under 203

Right now, most of my action is at Sportsbook.  They’ve got:

01/11/09 NBA Betting Tips: San Antonio Spurs vs Orlando Magic

Well with two pushes(ties) last night, we end up having another winning night, going 1-0.  I like it!

Today have just the one pick – in the game between the San Antonio Spurs vs Orlando Magic, take Over 187.

Remember to subscribe to our mailing list.

01/10/09 NBA Betting Tips: Timberwolves, Warriors, Rockets/Knicks

The winning nights continue, as we go 4-2 last night, to make it 9 uncontested wins in the last few days. If you’re hesitating about following these tips – don’t.

All the data is crunched from previous games, and is put into a very detailed algorithm which gives us great winning picks every night.

Not every pick will win, and there will be losing nights, but if you continue to follow us you will have a winning season.  The results speak for themselves.

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Tonight we have:

Minnesota Timberwolves -2
Houston Rockets/New York Knicks Under 204.5
Golden State Warriors +13

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01/09/08 NBA Betting Tips: 2-1 Last Night

Unfortunately after a great first half performance, the Clippers couldn’t hang on with the Spurs in the second half.  Still, the over/unders came through and we had another winning night, going 2-1.

Tonight we have:

Oklahoma City +6.5
LA Clippers +15.5
LA Clippers/New Orleans Hornets Over 184.5
LA Lakers/Indiana Pacers Over 225
Cleveland Cavaliers/Boston Celtics Over 183.5
Chicago Bulls/Washington Wizards Under 197

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01/08/09 NBA Betting Tips: LA Clippers We Love Tonight!

Last night we went 2-2.

Today we have just two games, and in the LA Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs game, we have two plays.  In the over/under we will be taking the Over 182. More importantly however, we will be taking the LA Clippers +13, and this is a line they should cover with ease.  The system has them at 46% to actually WIN the game, so +13 points is a steal.  if you’re looking for value, I  really suggest also playing the LA Clippers ML at +1000.  This is value right here.

In the New York Knicks vs Dallas Mavericks game, also take Under 211.5.  We’ve been contacted by Sportsbook who want to offer all NBA Tips members a special 10% bonus for signing up and playing there – they clearly don’t have faith in our computer generated system!  So sign up at Sportsbook, and let’s take all their money.  Click here for more details, and go Clippers!

01/07/08 NBA Betting Tips: 7-1 Last Night!

We had an EXCELLENT winning night last night, going 7-1 and beating the sportsbooks into submission with our computer generated picks.  More of that please.

Tonight we have:

Utah Jazz/New Orelans Over 191.5
New Jersey Nets/Memphis Grizzlies Under 187
Detroit Pistons +3.5
Boston Celtics/Houston Rockets Over 184.5

01/06/08 NBA Betting Tips: Lots of Picks Tonight!

Well last night looked to be a 2-2 night, and then the Toronto Raptors, who we had +9, who were WINNING the game with just over 1 minute left, managed to LOSE the game by 10 points.  Incredible.

Orlando Magic/Washington Wizards – Under 192.5
Charlotte Bobcats +9.5
Minnesota Timberwolves +4.5
LA Clippers +12.5
Dallas Mavericks/LA Clippers Over 183.5
Philadelphia 76ers +3.5
Oklahoma City Thunder/New York Knicks Over 214
Sacramento Kings +9

A lot of these lines are only available at Pinnacle(Non-US).

01/05/09 NBA Betting Tips: A Nice Winning Night

An excellent winning night last night, as the Celtics/Knicks game never came close to going over.

Tonight we have:

Miami Heat +4
Toronto Raptors +9
Indiana pacers +9.5
Sacramento Kings/New Jersey Nets under 200

All the mailing list delays will be fixed tomorrow.  From tomorrow onwards, picks will be posted by 11am EST, and e-mailed to you by 1pm EST at the very latest.  Sign up to the mailing list for updates.

01/04/09 NBA Betting Tips: New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics

Well 2009 has been a rocky start so far.  We looked good for at least 2-2 last night, and then the New Jersey Nets vs Miami Heat game went to overtime, where they managed to score a total of 27 points, to put the game over.  Unfortunate, but one of those things that happen.

Tonight we just have the one play.  In the Boston Celtics vs New York Knicks game, take the Under – Under 207.5 points, currently available at Bodog.

01/03/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers, Bucks & Nets

Well 2009 could have got off to a better start, with an unfortunate 2-4 evening last night.

Tonight we have:

Sacramento Kings +8
Sacramento Kings/Indiana Pacers Under 215.5
Milwaukee Bucks +1.5
New Jersey Nets/Mami Heat Under 188.5

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01/02/2009 NBA Betting Tips: 1-0 on New Years Eve, 8 Picks Tonight!

An excellent winning night to end the year, as the Milwaukee Bucks covered giving us a great 1-0 night.

Tonight we have:

Atlanta Hawks -4.5
Oklahoma City Thunder +7.5
LA Clippers +12.5
Chicago Bulls +12.5
Memphis Grizzlies +7
Charlotte Bobcats +6.5
New York Knicks/Indiana Pacers Under 228.5

12/31/08 NBA Betting Tips: Houston Rockets vs Milwaukee Bucks

And we’re back.  Let’s finish off 2008 much like we’ve finished off many nights in December – on a winning note!

Today we only have the one bet.  In the game between the Houston Rockets and the Milwaukee Bucks, take the Milwaukee Bucks +8.

Have a great new year!

12/30/08 NBA Betting Tips: Resumes Tomorrow

Sorry for no tips this week – I had a bit of a family issue(dog died) so haven’t really been online or anything the last few days.  All NBA Betting Tips will resume tomorrow, December 31st.

12/27/08 NBA Betting Tips: Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors, Oklahoma City Thunder

We went 1-1 last night, as the Indiana Pacers unfortunately couldn’t hold onto their lead going into the 4th quarter.  Still on a great run however, at 24-10 over the last week.  14 wins, can’t beat that.

Today we have:

Chicago Bulls/Atlanta hawks Under 194
Toronto Raptors +8.5
Oklahoma City Thunder +7.5

For the best odds, bet these now at Bodog.

12/26/08 NBA Betting Tips: Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Bobcats

We had a great Christmas Day, with a 2-0 day.  We’re on a nice 23-9 run at the moment over the last 6 days of picks.  Let’s keep the winning run going!

Indiana Pacers +1.5
Charlotte Bobcats +4.5

Remember you don’t have to keep visiting the site waiting for latest scores – sign up for our mailing list and get the predictions e-mailed to you daily.

12/25/08 NBA Betting Tips: Dallas Mavericks/Portland Trail Blazers, Cleveland Cavaliers/Washington Wizards

Merry Christmas everyone, we had quite the nice Christmas present on Tuesday night with a wonderful winning night, going 4-1.

For Christmas Day we have two plays:

Dallas Mavericks/Portland Trail Blazers over 192
Cleveland Cavaliers/Washington Wizards under 190.5

For US visitors, the best odds for these are currently available at 5Dimes.  Non-US visitors, Betfair has the best odds.

12/23/08 NBA Betting Tips: Another Winning Night!

Another excellent winning night last night.  Always nice to get some extra bucks just before Christmas!

There are no basketball games on Christmas Eve, however we will return with picks for Christmas Day.

Tonight we have:

Milwaukee Bucks -1
Denver Nuggets/Portland Trail Blazers over 197.5
Golden State Warriors/Miami Heat Under 215.5
Philadelphia 76ers/Boston Celtics over 193.5
Houston Rockets/Cleveland Cavaliers Over 186.5

12/22/08 NBA Betting Tips: Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings

Sorry for the lateness in the picks – they may be a bit late over the Christmas season unfortunately.

Tonight we have:

Memphis Grizzlies +12
Sacramento Kings +13

Memphis Grizzlies/LA Lakers under 206
San Antonio Spurs/Sacramento Kings Under 198
Orlando Magic/Golden State Warriors Under 218.5

12/21/08 NBA Betting Tips: No Plays Today

We had another excellent winning night last night, going 4-3 overall.

No plays today for December 21st. 

We’ll be back tomorrow with some more winning plays!

12/20/08 NBA Betting Tips: Pacers, Rockets, Raptors, Clippers

We had a very good Friday, as our picks went 7-4.  Tonight we have:

Indiana Pacers +10.5
Houston Rockets -5.5
Toronto Raptors +10
LA Clippers +6

And in the over/unders:

Hornets/Kings under 196.5
Magic/Lakers under 205
Pacers/76ers over 200.5
Bulls/Jazz over 201.5

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12/19/08 NBA Betting Tips: 2-0 last night, lots of bets tonight!

An excellent 2-0 evening last night, and for once when a spread was decided by half a point, we were on the right side!  Let’s have more of that please!

Tonight we have – well quite a lot of picks – so lets hope for a great Friday!

Detroit Pistons -3
Dallas Mavericks -3.5
Philadelphia 76ers -1
Oklahoma City Thunder +6
Chicago Bulls +12.5
LA Clippers +2.5

And in the over/unders:

New Jersey/Dallas Under 199
Toronto/Oklahoma City under 199.5
Sacrament/Houston under 203
Atlanta/Golden State under 217
New York/Milwaukee under 201
Clippers/Pacers over 207

12/18/08 NBA Betting Tips: Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers

Sigh.  Well for the second straight night in a row, we miss out on a winning night with the spreads thanks to one lousy point.  The LA Clippers matched right up with the Chicago Bulls as the system expected, however come overtime, the +5 just wasn’t quite enough as the Chicago Bulls won by 6 to make the spreads 1-1 for the night.

I know there’s variance and there’s always luck involved, but tis the Christmas season, how about some good luck for a change, eh?

The experimental over/under system also went 1-3 unfortunately.  Still to early of course to say how that system will be, but as I advised before – don’t be betting full units on this.

Tonght in the Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers game, we have both the Phoenix Suns +5.5 and over 203.  Good luck all – let’s start racking up the win column again!

12/17/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Chicago Bulls vs LA Clippers, Toronto Raptors vs Dallas Mavericks

Well we can’t win ’em all – as proven last night, as we went 1-2 in the spreads, 0-1 in the over/under.  It would be nice if we COULD win them all of course!  Oh well even if we don’t win them all, let’s try and win the majority of them!

Free Basketball Picks for December 17th, 2008:

Chicago Bulls vs LA Clippers: LA Clippers +5
Toronto Raptors vs Dallas Mavericks: Dallas Mavericks -1.5

And the Over/Unders:

Golden State Warriors/Indiana Pacers: Under 229
Chicago Bulls/LA Clippers: Under 198.5
New Orleans Hornets/San Antonio Spurs: Over 185.5
Toronto Raptors/Dallas Mavericks: Under 198

12/16/08 NBA Betting Tips: 4-1 last night, 16-5 last 5 days!

Another excellent night last night, as we managed to go 4-1.  So over the last 5 days where we have had betting picks, the system has went an excellent 16-5.  Let’s hope this winning run continues!

Our basketball picks tonight are:

New York Knicks vs LA Lakers: Under 224 points
New York Knicks vs LA Lakers: New York Knicks +13
Memphis Grizzlies vs New Orleans Hornets: Memphis Grizzlies +6
Portland Trail Blazers vs Sacramento Kings: Sacramento Kings +12.5

12/15/08 NBA Betting Tips: 3-0 Last Night! 5 Bets tonight.

Last night was an excellent night for us, as every bet won and we went 3-0.  More nights like that please!!!

Tonight we have:

New York Knicks vs Phoenix Suns: Take the New York Knicks +8.5.
Toronto Raptors vs New Jersey Nets: Take the Toronto Raptors -4.5.
Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Bobcats: Take the Bobcats +8.5.

We also have two over/under predictions for tonight:

New Jersey Nets/Toronto Raptors under 203
Charlotte Bobcats/Atlanta Hawks under 185

12/14/08 NBA Betting Tips: Memphis Grizzlies, Oklahoma City, Minnesota Timberwolves

Well including the over/under yesterday we went 4-4 – but hey, I’ll take that over 0-4 any day of the week!

In the Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat game, the system very slightly favours the Grizzlies to win the game.  With home court advantage and an extra two points, we’ll take the Memphis Grizzlies +2.

We also have Oklahoma City +16.5 today and the Minnesota Timberwolves +15. Let’s hope for a day for the dogs!

12/13/08 NBA Betting Tips: Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls & More

Well we are back, and hopefully back with a vengeance!  I took a week off to examine the system more and make changes to the algorithm, and hopefully things will be better now, and we can post lots of wins!

I’ll explain a bit more in detail about the system in a second – but the tips for tonight are the following:

Houston Rockets -4
Orlando Magic +5.5
Chicago Bulls -4
Golden State Warriors +15.5
Oklahoma City Thunder +12.5
Washington Wizards +5.5
Cleveland Cavaliers -4

Okay – now to briefly explain everything.  The way the system works, is that it takes all the statistics and information from previous games, both for players and teams.  It also has many other factors included, like comparing how teams match up against teams of similar style.

The problem though is determing how other factors affect the result.  If LeBron James is firing in 30 a game for 15 games, then has an off night getting only 6, how much should that factor in?  If a team wins 3 at home, then loses 5 straight on the road, how much should that factor in to the actual results?  The system tends to learn from all this and adapt, which is why later in the season is where we get the best results, however I’ve spent the past week trying to “push it along” so to speak, to get to that point a lot faster.

I’ve also been working on the over/under model.  This is experimental and I don’t advise following at this time – at least not with full units – I tried for two seasons to get the O/U down pat with the WNBA with no success, so I’m not too optimistic but we’ll see:

Denver/Golden State Under 229.5

So that’s pretty much it.  Again, here are tonights predictions:

Houston Rockets -4
Orlando Magic +5.5
Chicago Bulls -4
Golden State Warriors +15.5
Oklahoma City Thunder +12.5
Washington Wizards +5.5
Cleveland Cavaliers -4

12/09/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Returning Tomorrow

Hi all,

We had a major server crash on the weekend, and the hard drive in our server had to be replaced, so we have been very busy fixing that and getting everything back up and running.  We will be returning with NBA Betting Tips tomorrow, Wednesday.

We’ll be back tomorrow, ready to beat the sportsbooks into oblivion!

12/06/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Unbelievable


That is the only word I can use to describe what happened on Friday.

We’ve been going through a rough patch this season on the NBA.  One of my friends even suggested that while we ride out this rough patch, I should start posting the OPPOSITE of what the betting system predicts.  I really had no plans to do that, as I am still very confident in the system, it has proven it is a winning system over previous seasons etc.  Plus, I had that sinking feeling that if I ever did that, that would be the moment when things turned around.  That’s Murphys Law for ya.  However after a lot of thinking, I finally decided to give it a try – because hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

Friday.  That’s the worst that could happen.

The betting system had an awesome night, going 4-0.  However this was the first day where I decided to post the opposite of what the system predicted, meaning the public picks(and my bets) went 0-4.  As I said, just unbelievable.

At this stage I don’t know what to think.  I am taking the weekend off from posting predictions, to work on the system and make it more accurate than ever.  And all I can do is apologise for yesterday – you have no idea just how frustrated and angry I am that this happened.

Back on Monday.

12/05/08 NBA Basketball Betting Tips: Orlando Magic, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers, Indiana Pacers

We had a great winning night last night, as the San Antonio Spurs beat the Denver Nuggets with ease.

Tonight: In the Orlando Magic vs Oklahoma City game, take the Orlando Magic -13.  The New York Knicks visit the Atlanta Hawks – take Atlanta Hawks -10.5.

Washington Wizards host the Los Angeles Lakers.  take the LA Lakers -11.5.

In the game between Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers, go for the Indiana Pacers +11.

So to summarize:

Orlando Magic -12.5
Atlanta Hawks -10.5
LA Lakers -11.5
Indiana Pacers +11

12/4/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Denver Nuggets vs San Antonio Spurs

I will make no excuses for last night.  It was a very bad night, and unfortunately those things happen in betting.  If it helps, you have no idea how frustrating nights like that are, when I see how accurate the system is overall.  For example, last night the system predicted Atlanta would beat Memphis 104-94.  Final score?  105-95.  Last night, the system predicted Portland would beat Washington 100-92.  Final score?  98-92.

Believe me – if I wasn’t confident in this system, I would take time off, and look at readjusting it.  However I still believe in it, and I follow the bets too, so when it loses and you lose, I also lose.  And you know what?  I don’t like losing.  It’s time to turn things around, to start the fade, to do what we have did with the WNBA in two successive seasons, and beat these damn sportsbooks.

San Antonio Spurs +4 tonight.  Ship it.

12/3/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Indiana Pacers vs Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Hornets

Well we were very close to an excellent 2-0 night last night.  Unfortunately, Chicago Bulls tied at the end of the 4th quarter and just collapsed in overtime, allowing the Philadelphia 76ers to squeeze out the win, making it 1-1 for the night.

Also I am very happy with the way the system is going.  Last night, it predicted the Dallas Mavericks would beat the LA Clippers 100-98.  The final score?  98-96. Very impressed this stage at the season with how accurate it is getting, and this should result in lots of wins.

In the Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Hornets game today, take the Phoenix Suns +5.5.  We also have the Indiana Pacers, hoping to ride their momentum after their win vs the Lakers, against the Boston Celtics.  Take the Pacers +14.

Chicago Bulls visit the Milwaukee Bucks today.  Take the Chicago Bulls +4.

I should also add – while not a pick by the system(which thinks the line is dead on), I personally like the Philadelphia 76ers +9 vs the LA Lakers.

12/02/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Chicago Bulls, LA Clippers

Sorry these are late tonight – would recommend 2 units on the Bulls:

LA Clippers +11
Bulls -2

12/1/2008 NBA Free Betting Tips: Minnesota Timberwolves vs Charlotte Bobcats

We were unfortunate again last night, as we fell on the wrong side of one point as the Toronto Raptors lost by 13, and we had them at +12.  I have spent some today looking at the system, studying it and seeing where it can be improved.  Without boring you all with too much detail, I think one problem is we are factoring in too much from previoous games – in that we are going back way more than we have to.  So we are a lot stricter starting today.  For example under the old system, Orlando Magic +8.5 would be a play.  However under the new system, they aren’t.  We will see how this affects things, and I will continue to note the old system bets for record purposes.

So only one pick today: In the Minnesota Timberwolves vs Charlotte Bobcats game, take the Minnesota Tilberwolves +4.

11/30/2008 NBA Bettings Tips: Toronto Raptors, New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets

Sorry for the delay I was out all day – todays picks:

Raptors +12
Nets +9
Rockets +4

11/29/08 NBA Free Betting Tips: Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings

Well we were very unlucky last night.  The Dallas Mavericks covered against the Los Angeles Lakers as we expected, and could have won that game.    The Hornets looked great in the first half against the Blazers, but alas collapsed in the second half and that is just basketball.

The bad luck however, was in the other two games.  We had the Minnesota Timberwolves -2 and they blew a big lead in the 4th.  They covered by exactly 2, resulting in a push.  I’d consider it a happy night breaking even, if it wasn’t for the Miilwaukee Bucks, who failed to cover by exactly one point.  For about the 12th time this season, we lost a bet by one or less points.  Just wonderful.  Let’s hope this all evens out over the season!

The Dallas Mavericks will be tired after that exhausting game vs the Los Angeles Lakers last night.  John Howard is still out.  Take the Sacramento Kings +4.5 in this one.

The Indiana Pacers should pardon the pun, keep pace with the Orlando Magic, and we are taking the Indiana Pacers +8 there.

Other picks are the San Antonio Spurs +3, and the Miami Heat +1.5.  Let’s have a well-deserved 4-0 night.

11/28/08 NBA Basketball Betting Tips: Milwaukee, New Orleans, Dallas, Minnesota

We had an excellent 3-1 winning night on Wednesday, a day off Thursday, and now back to business Friday.

Allen Iversen might not be playing tonight for the Detroit Pistons.  At the very least, he isn’t starting.  That makes the Milwaukee Bucks +9 spread look even more appealing.

The Portland Trail Blazers are doing well this season, but the New Orleans Hornets are also surging, and could win this one outright.  Take the New Orleans Hornets +5.

The Dallas Mavericks almost beat the Lakers earlier this season, and always match up well against them.  Take the Dallas Mavericks +11.

In their previous game, Oklahoma City matched up well with the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Will it happen again tonight?  It’s going to be interesting, but we will look for the Timberwolves to pile on the misery, as we take the Timberwolves -2.

Good luck tonight!

Happy Thanksgiving US visitors – No NBA Basketball Betting Tips Today

Just wanted to wish a happy thanksgiving to all US visitors!  I hope you are celebrating it in style, after we went 3-1 last night, for a great winning night.

The Golden State Warriors more than held their own against the Boston Celtics, and were unlucky not to make it a closer game.  But they still covered the spread, and that is all that matters!  The Charlotte Bobcats vs Toronto Raptors game was a tight one, but for once we came out on top when only a slight point difference, as the +8.5 spread covered by +1.5.  The Indiana Pacers more than covered, as they defeated the Houston Rockets in a great basketball game.

The only blemish yesterday was the Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Oklahoma City Thunder by more than the spread.  As with every win or loss(and even games where there are no prediction) I go back and re-evalute things.  During this process today, I noticed a factor I wasn’t counting that would’ve seen this pick not be included in the tips yesterday.  As always, we are always improving, and the longer the season goes, the better our record will be, and the more wins we deliver!

No picks today. .

11/26/2008 NBA Basketball Betting Tips: Charlotte Bobcats, Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Indiana Pacers

Well we unfortunately went 1-1 last night, as the New Jersey Nets after doing great in the first quarter couldn’t hold on, and the Lakers ran riot with the basketball.  The Indiana Pacers thankfully covered against the Dallas Mavericks last night, and were unlucky not to win.

Tonight we have four big underdog plays.  The first is the aforementioned Indiana Pacers, The Pacers road record isn’t that great right now, but they should match up well with the Houston Rockets and keep this to a 5 point game maximum.  Take the Indiana Pacers +10.

There’s no question right now that Lebron James is hot, and he is going to run riot with his Cleveland Cavaliers as they take on Oklahoma City Thunder.  Thunder haven’t been performing well at the moment, but we expect them to keep this one within 10 points.  Take Oklahoma City Thunder +16.

The Charlotte Bobcats should be able to keep going with the Toronto Raptors and might even pull off the upset.  Jason Richardson is likely back for the match which is an even bigger factor.  Take Charlotte Bobcats +8.5.

Finally, the Golden State Warriors are on the road to the Boston Celtics.  This is usually a good matchup for the Warriors, and lets hope it continues to be so as we take the Golden State Warriors +12.

Good luck everybody!

11/25/08 NBA Betting Tips: New Jersey Nets vs LA Lakers, Indiana Pacers vs Dallas Mavericks

We had a great winning night on Sunday, as the Timberwolves more than covered.  Let’s keep the ball rolling tonight, with the New Jersey Nets vs the LA Lakers.  Nets should more than cover the spread, so take the New Jersey Nets +13.5.  Double digit spread there really surprises me.

Also the Dallas Mavericks are going strong, however the Indiana Pacers should more than keep pace with the Mavs.  Take the Pacers +8.

11/23/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Minnesota Timberwolves vs Detroit Pistons

In the Minnesota Timberwolves vs Detroit Pistons game today, take the Timberwolves +10.

11/22/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Atlanta Hawks, Oklahoma City, Portland Trail Blazers

Sorry for the delay in posting these.  Todays picks:

Atlanta Hawks +12
Oklahoma City +15
Portland +5.5

11/20/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Grizzlies, Kings, Nets and Timberwolves!

I cannot believe just how unlucky we were on Wednesday, to go 1-2.  First, the Raptors that we wanted the previous night show up to blow the Heat away – although that was mainly because of Calderon who was factored into the previous game.  One of the negatives about tipping early in the day unfortunately.  Then the Bucks, up by 20 points with just a few minutes left in the third when we factor in the spread, blow it big time and let the Jazz sweep them to cover by exactly 1 point when Ronnie Price hits a meaningless dunk with 10 seconds left.  Unbelievable.

Our current record is 12-18.  Unfortunately no system is perfect, and bar a few discrepancies here and there, you need a little bit of luck when it comes to sports betting.  We just aren’t getting that at the moment.  It will come, and with it will come lots of complaints from the sportsbooks as we hand them a solid beating.  I promise you that.  Let’s start that beating with todays picks and go 4-0.  Take the Memphis Grizzlies +10, the Sacramento Kings +4.5, the New Jersey Nets +9 and the Minnesota Timberwolves +6.5.  DAY OF THE DOGS.

11/19/08 NBA Betting Tips: Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves

Well it seemed most people got on the Bucks +9.5 last night to actually win, so if you were one of those who are following me then great.  But oh well what can you do?  Bucks was either a win or a loss but was very close.  Blazers looked good, and it was just unfortunate they couldn’t close that gap.  We probably would have won that one too if it wasn’t for Fernandez who got called for holding, then drew a T for arguing.  Raptors was the Bosh show, and suffered because of it.  These things happen, and we’ve been unlucky in that we’ve been on the wrong side of a .5 loss 4 or 5 times now.

I feel good about tonight.  We have:

Miami Heat -3
Milwaukee Bucks +10
Minnesota Timberwolves +3.5

11/18/08 NBA Free Betting Tips: Toronto Raptors +6.5, Portland Trail Blazers +1, Milwaukee Bucks +8.5

Thanks to the San Antonio Spurs last night, we managed to stop a bad little run with a 1-0 evening to take the YTD to 10-14.  Let’s hope it continues.

Someone suggested to me that I write about what units I recommend you bet each day.  At this stage I’m just wanting to concentrate on the actual winning percentage, and readjust and analyze the formula more.  Maybe next season we’ll get into utilizing the Kelly Criterion for bets, but for this season there’ll be no mention of units.

For today, we have the Denver Nuggest hosting the Milwaukee Bucks.  Take the Milwaukee Bucks +8.5.  The Toronto Raptors visit the Orlando Magic and the system (barely) favours them outright, but we will play it safe and take the Raptors +6.5.  Getting an extra point in the Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors is enough to make the Trail Blazers +1 our third and final bet of the night.

11/17/08 NBA Betting Tips: San Antonio Spurs vs LA Clippers

Yesterday was another unfortunate day, as we went 1-2.  Thanks for that awesome overtime period Knicks, much appreciated!  YTD is 9-14.

Today in the San Antonio Spurs vs LA Clippers game, take the Spurs +3.  10-14 here we come!

11/16/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Knicks, Pistons, Timberwolves

Unfortunately the Jazz came one point short of at least a push yesterday, so YTD 8-12.

Today: Knicks +1.5, Pistons +2. T’Wolves +9

11/15/2008 NBA Free Betting Tips: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Utah Jazz

Just the one pick today, in the Utah Jazz vs Cleveland Cavaliers matchup, take the Jazz +11.

Note to all visitors…

Since launching this site just two weeks ago, I haven’t checked the stats at all to see how many people were visiting.  I looked this evening and was pleasantly surprised to see I am getting a ton of hits in google.  Just being able to appeal to a wide audience really encourages me to work even harder in regard to the betting system, and making us all money.

However I briefly wanted to explain something – particularly after yesterday where we went 1-3, to bring our current record to 8-11.  I’ve been professionally betting sports for years, and have been around thousands of sports betters.  Did you know that less than 10% of people that actually bet on sports are winners?  That means over 90% of people betting on sports in their lifetime will lose money.  And you know who the majority of those people are?  The people that look at the short-term only – if you give them a tip and they lose, they usually stop listening to that persons tips, even if they have a successful record.  Believe me – with my WNBA Tips site, there was one week where I went 10-0 in picks, then the next day I went 0-2 and received a ton of hate mail from people who can’t see the forest for the trees.

We’re not going to win them all.  We’re not even going to win 70% of the time.  Ask anyone that bets sports on even a semi-professional basis and they’ll tell you – the highest sustainable win rate is in the 55% to 60% range.  So even at the highest win rate, that means for every 10 tips I post, 4 would be losers.  However if you want to win at sports, you have to understand that.  There is going to be losses.  Just as there will be nights where we go 4-0, there’ll be other nights we go 0-4.  That’s just the way it works.

I’m not going to sit here and guarantee that by following all our tips, you will win money.  I’ll just have to sit back and hopefully let the results speak for themselves.  However based on my success with the WNBA as well as the private testing I did last season with the NBA, I can say with a lot of confidence that by the time the NBA season is over, we’ll have made a fair bit of money together.

All I ask is even if you don’t bet money on my tips, take note of them.  Bookmark the site, subscribe to our RSS feed or mailing list and just keep tabs on our NBA tips, and just keep track of how we progress over the season.

I’ll get off my sopabox now, but I just wanted to get that out there as my main goal is to make us all money, and the only way you’re going to be able to do that is by realizing that you’re investing in this for the long-term.  Thanks to everyone that is visiting, and if we have any bets for Saturday I’ll be back in the morning.

11/14/08 NBA Betting Tips: Oklahoma City, Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic, Atlanta Hawks

YTD: 7-8

Sorry for lateness in posting – didn’t get the full lines till this afternoon.  Real quick here:
Oklahoma City +8.5
Pacers -1
Magic +1.5
Hawks -3.5

11/12/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Miami Heat vs Portland Trail Blazers, Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics

Unfortunately we went 1-2 last night.  Current record: 6-7.

Tonight in the Miami Heat vs Portland Trail Blazers game, take the Miami Heat -2 and in the Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics game, take the Hawks +10.5.

11/11/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Charlotte Bobcats vs Denver Nuggets, LA Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks vs San Antonio Spurs

The Memphis Grizzlies covered last night, bringing our record back to 50%, at 5-5.

Tonight we have three picks.  In the Charlotte Bobcats vs Denver Nuggets game, take the Bobcats +4.  In Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks, we hope that the Lakers continue their fine start by covering the spread tonight – Lakers -6.5.  And finally, the hapless San Antonio Spurs, now that Tony Parker is also injured, should prove no match for the New York Knicks.  The bet there is Knicks +4.

11/10/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Memphis Grizzlies vs Phoenix Suns

We had a loss and a push yesterday, to bring our record this season to 4-5.  Today in the Memphis Grizzlies vs Phoenix Suns game, take the Memphis Grizzlies +11.5.

11/09/2008 Betting Tips: Dallas Mavericks vs LA Clippers, Atlanta Hawks vs Oklahoma City Thunder

In the Mavericks vs Clippers match, take Mavs -5.5.  In Hawks vs Thunder, take Atlanta -4.

11/08/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Wizards vs Orlando Magic

The Dallas Mavericks unfortunately couldn’t convert the last second 3 pointer last night, and thanks to that foul with 0.4 seconds left the Denver Nuggets won the game by 3 points, resulting in a loss.  Current Record: 4-2.

Tonight we have two picks.  In the Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers game, take the Chicago Bulls +1.5.  The best place to bet this is at Pinnacle, which currently has it for +100.

In the Washington Wizards vs Orlando Magic matchup, take the Wizards +9.5.

11/07/2008 NBA Betting Tips: Dallas Mavericks vs Denver Nuggets

On Wednesday both bets won, putting our current record at 4-1.

On Friday, in the Dallas Mavericks vs Denver Nuggets game, the best bet is Dallas Mavericks +1.  This is the only bet for now.

Additional Pick: Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers

In tonights game with the Miami Heat vs Phildaelphia 76ers, take the Heat +3.

11/05/2008 NBA Betting Tips: LA Lakers vs LA Clippers

Yesterday the Dallas Mavericks covered, however the Houston Rockets unfortunately didn’t.  This puts our current record at 2-1 for the season.  Tonight, in the LA Lakers vs LA Clippers game, take Lakers -13.5 to cover the spread.

11/04/2008 NBA Betting Tips: San Antonio Spurs vs Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics

Bulls covered the other night, so we get off to a winning start.  Let’s hope it continues.  Two betting predictions in the NBA tonight.  In the Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics game, take the Houston Rockets -2 and in the San Antonio Spurs vs the Dallas Mavericks, take the Dallas Mavericks +4.

Nov 1, 08 NBA Betting Tips: Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls

Well I’m a bit surprised that the bot has a pick this early, as in previous years it has always needed at least a few games to make a pick.  However we have one, and that pick is in the game between the Chicago Bulls and the Memphis Grizzlies.  Take the Chicago Bulls -8.5.

Welcome to NBATips.Net

Welcome to the debut of NBATips.Net, our premiere season in providing you with the best free NBA betting tips.  Although this is our first season making public NBA tips, we ran tests privately last season to the extent that we are comfortable providing public tips this season.  All tips are 100% computer generated by our betting analysis system, which takes many statistics from all NBA games, and tells you what to bet on.

Although this is the debut of NBATips.Net, we have also provided a free WNBA Betting Tips service for the past few years as well.  In the 2008 WNBA season we had a 59% win ratio, and in 2007 a 60% win ratio.  We hope to provide the same excellent service for the NBA.

So welcome to – let’s make us some money!