NBA 2013-2014 Season Records

For each betting tip in 2013-2014 I made an individual post for each of them

To clean up the site I’ve compiled them all into this one page.

In 2013-2014 we went 30-20.

NBA Computer Tips: Heat vs Spurs Series Prediction

So I sort of lost interest in the NBA for the rest of the season. It happened around oh – 30 seconds towards the end of Game 5 of Clippers vs Thunder.

I know referees make bad decisions. But to me – there was an agenda there. Due to the Sterling saga, the NBA did not want the Clippers to have a chance of winning the NBA Championship. So given the opportunity in a key game, the referees went out there and cost the Clippers the game, and ultimately the series.

Maybe not – maybe it was just a complete disaster by the referees all around. But even then that is inexcusable and needs fixed – there’s no way in hell a team should lose out on their chance at the Championship simply due to horrendous officiating. One bad call? Maybe. But in the space of one minute, there were MULTIPLE bad calls.

So yeah – that left a really bad taste in my mouth and I honestly tuned out for the next series.

In saying that – Thursday, June 5th sees the Heat vs Spurs series kick off and I ran it all through my computer system to see what it thinks about the series.

It LOVES the Heat.

Depending on where you bet, you can get the Heat as high as +130 and that is a great price. So take them to win the series. I’ll be hoping Spurs win Game 1 – my plan is to bet half of what I’d bet on the Heat now, and then if Spurs win game 1 put on another half. I think the Spurs will be well-rested and will possibly take Game 1, but I like the Heat to take it in 6.

I’m not sure if I will be doing individual game bets for the series but I’ll see.

Enjoy the Championship Series guys.

NBA Computer Tips for April 25, 2014

Wizards -3 tonight against the Bulls

April 24th NBA Betting Tips

Hi guys,

Sorry to those on the mailing list who haven’t recieved any NBA Tips for the last couple of days for the playoffs. We were having some really weird issues with our mailing list server. It’s all fixed now.

Tonight the computer system likes the Clippers -1.5.

I also want to mention NBA Daily Fantasy Sports. I’ve been playing it a TON at the moment and it is a blast. It’s like Fantasy Basketball except for ONE DAY ONLY. So you will only pick the teams or players from tonight for example.

April 21st NBA Betting Tips

For April 21st, the system likes the Clippers -8 and the Grizzlies +7.

April 20th NBA Betting Tips

For April 20th, 2014 the system likes the Thunder -7.5 over the Grizzlies and the Heat -10.5.

April 19th NBA Betting Tips

Hi guys,

For April 19th, 2014 the NBA Computer system likes:

Raptors -3
Thunder -7.5
Warriors +7

Double on the Warriors +7. Clippers will take that series but I don’t see Griffin getting a lot of minutes.

NBA Computer Tips for March 26th

Grizzlies to cover the -8 spread tonight

NBA Computer Tips for March 25th, 2014

Raptors -4 and Knicks -7.5 tonight.

NBA Computer Tips for March 21st, 2014

Tips for today:

Knicks -12
Raptors +3
Hawks -6
Grizzlies +4.5
Nuggets +8.5

NBA Computer Tips for March 19th, 2014

3 Computer tips this evening:

Knicks +2
Raptors +1
Grizzlies -11.5

NBA Computer Tips for March 18th, 2014

1-2 last night unfortunately.

We have 1 betting tip tonight. With Kyrie out, Heat -9.5. Have to expect LeBron to play most of the game and do his thing.

NBA Computer tips for March 17th, 2014

Spent some time adding up the tally of the public tips. We’re now 24-17 for the season for a 58.6% win ratio. Solid stuff, very happy with that. A lot better than last year’s losing season that’s for sure, and glad we’re on a solid winrate as opposed to just being on the right side of varaince.

Tonight, for March 17th, 2014 we have the following NBA Computer Tips:

Bobcats vs Hawks: Bobcats -3

The computer system likes the Charlotte Bobcats tonight to cover the spread. One issue of course is that the Atlanta Hawks do match up very well against Charlotte – they’ve actually won 10 in a row against the Bobcats.

Hawks have been poor on the road though, and Al Jefferson is of course solid. He can be restrained in a lot of games but everyone is on fire for the Bobcats. This will be a tight one – but the system says go with Bobcats -3.

Suns vs Nets: Nets -3.5

Another tight one, but with the Suns playing their 3rd game in 4 days it could be tiring for them. The Nets have been killing it at home – you have to go back to January 31st, when they last lost with home court advantage.

System says the Nets take it – it won’t be easy, but it likes them to cover this tricky spread. -3 if you can get it, but -3.5 is the WA line so going with that.

Clippers vs Nuggets: Clippers -4.5

Nothing seems to be stopping the LA Clippers this season. Whole host of injuries? No big deal. The NBAs most on-form player Blake Griffin appears untouchable at the moment.

Go with our 3rd favourite of the night, the LA Clippers, to cover the spread.

NBA Computer tips for March 16th

The winning continues. I’ll add up our season tally soon – but man, we are absolutely kicking the crap out of the NBA and sportsbooks this season. Long may it continue.

Let’s go for a super Sunday of bets.

Today the computer system has the Raptors -4.5 against the Suns. We’re also going with Thunder -7.5Clippers vs Lakers: Lakers +10.5

I think the Clippers will win this one, but 10.5 points is a stretch. Lakers are at home and have been finding the net – they had two big wins before falling to the Pelicans where they put up 125 points.

With Crawford/Redick out for the Clippers, I still think they’ll win but the computer likes the Lakers +10.5 tonight.

NBA Computer Tips for February 27th, 2014

Last time out we had a huge night, going 4-1. I had them all in an accumulator too so it was sad that the Celtics let us down on what was otherwise a perfect night.

For February 27th, 2014 I have the following NBA Betting Tips all Computer Generated:

Raptors vs Wizards: Raptors -5.5

Heat vs Knicks: Heat -10

Nets vs Nuggets: Nets -1

No write-ups today.

NBA Computer Tips for Feb 21, 2014

Unfortunately, 0-1 last night. We had Rockets +1 and they were looking solid and the game went to OT but they unfortunately lost even though Harden had a whopping 39 points. Great fun game though.

Today is Friday, February 21st 2014 and we’ve got NBA Computer Tips for you!

Bobcats vs Pelicans: Bobcats -3

System loves the Bobcats right now. Al Jefferson is probably the reason for that. Picking up Gary Neal is good too – although I’m unsure if he is playing tonight. Either way, despite the previous matchups between the two, the system likes the Bobcats here.

Cavs vs Raptors: Cavs +8.5

System likes the hot Cavs here. Even with Varejao out, they’ve been on a big run and their pickups look like doing the business. The Cavs D has been the main reason for their winning, and the system likes the D to continue their run against the Raptors tonight.

Hawks vs Pistons: Pistons -3.5

Injuries are rampant at the moment in Atlanta, and with Jeff Teague now possibly added to that list, the system is going for the Pistons to do the business tonight at home to Atlanta.

Bulls vs Nuggets: Bulls -7

Bulls are on a tremendous run at the moment. The Nuggets offense usually finds a way through against the Bulls, but the way they’ve been shutting out defenses in the last 4 games the system is going for the Bulls in this one. They are rested too, while Denver played last night.

Lakers vs Celtic: Celtic +2

NBA Computer Tips for Feb 20th: Rockets vs Warriors

With 3 NBA games today, we’ve got one computer generated NBA Betting Tip.

Rockets vs Warriors: Rockets +1

Rockets are on a big running streak with their last losses back to back against the Grizzlies a month ago. The Sacramento Kings are coming into this with a mixed record with various wins and losses.

This looks to be a 3 point contest between Harden and Curry, and should be a good one. Warriors do have Iguodala back of course – he hasn’t participated in any of the previous 2 games between the teams.

But the system likes the Rockets to continue their run.

NBA Computer Tips for February 7th, 2014

Whew – a tight one, but the Bulls game went to just 189 points and we won with the Under 190. Close one but I love it!

It’s Friday February 8th 2014 and we’ve got a full board tonight for the NBA. A lot of games – let’s see what computer tips we have.

Pacers vs Trail Blazers: Pacers -5.5

Cavs vs Wizards: Wizards -9

I don’t have time for write-ups today. Sorry.

NBA Computer tips for Feb 6, 2014

Sorry about a brief absence. Back and ready to roll.

Okay, tonight with only two games the system has a pick.

Bulls vs Warriors: Under 190

Warriors offense was horrible last time out. Going against the Bulls D is probably not the best place for them to pick back up. Warriors have been poor at home and I expect we’ll see them try and tighten up.

3-1 Last Night! NBA Computer Tips for Jan 30th, 2014

A great night yesterday as we went 3-1 with the tips.

We had the Clippers -8 as our only loss of the evening, as they won by SEVEN points. Ack. 1 more for a perfect night, and a hot accumulator.

We had Grizzlies -5 on the road and they easily beat that with a win over the Kings by 10 points in a great game that was night all the way. Raptors -11 and they obliterated the Magic 98-83, and Suns -8.5 and we were on the right side of a close one there, with the Suns winning by just 9 points!

Great night of NBA.

3 games of NBA tonight. Pacers vs Suns, Knicks vs Cavaliers, and Warriors vs Clippers.

Warriors vs Clippers: Clippers +6

This should be an interesting game based on their previous matchup for sure. Interesting point spread with the Clippers +6 underdogs and the system thinks they can even win the game, so obviously Clippers +6 is the play, and Clippers +200 is a nice value bet.

Pacers vs Suns: Suns +12 Gametime Decision

This is a gametime decision. If Dragic plays, back the Suns +12.

NBA Computer Tips Jan 29 2014

.Hi guys,

Quick tonight no writeups due to time constraints.

Clippers -8
Raptors -11
Grizzlies -5
Suns -8.5

NBA Betting Tips January 23, 2014

An unfortunate 0-1 last night, due to a magnicifent team performance by the Boston Celtics. That was a massive win for them and major props to them for that.

Tonight we’ve got 2 games in the NBA, and we’re going with:

Trail Blazers vs Nuggets: Blazers -6

This line is going to move fast so going to be quick with the write-up. Blazers match up well with Nuggets and although lost their last two one was against Kevin Durant. Oh, and the rest of the Thunder I guess.

NBA Computer Tips for January 22nd, 2014

1-1 last night. Pelicans were dominated by the Kings surprisingly, while the Nets covered over the Magic in a nice win.

Must admit I am glad I am back doing the tips – felt great last night and this morning watching NBA and studying everything. Let’s get on with the NBA Computer Tips for January 22nd, 2014:

Celtics vs Wizards Betting Tips: Wizards -9

Big game for the Wizards tonight as they can go over .500 at the 5th attempt this season. They’ve been on a nice run, and their defense has been playing solid. Not a good time for the Celtics to be playing them with some really bad 3 point shooting. System likes the Wizards -9.

NBA Computer Tips Return! 2 Tips for January 21st, 2014

Wow – if you’re sitting there wondering “Who the hell is this guy” or “what happened to that guy from” then you’re not the only one!

It’s been quite a few months since I last did the NBA tips, and I apologize for that. Long story short – I just lost interest in basketball for a bit. I’m not sure why – maybe it was Kobes injury, maybe it was our first losing season in 7 years – but this season I could not be less interested in the NBA.

Thankfully, that all changed Sunday! Every year I meet up with some old friends and we ALWAYS hit up the January Raptors vs Lakers game. Man – was that ever a fun game of basketball. I like both teams and didn’t bet on it and was just sitting there lapping it up.

It got my love on NBA back, and I’ve spent the last 2 days basically catching up on the NBA, working on the betting system and getting everything ready to roll.

So let your friends know – the NBA Computer Tips are Back and are FREE for the rest of the 2013/2014 season.

I am pumped! Now let’s get to the NBA Tips for January 21st, 2014.

Sacramento Kings vs New Orleans Pelicans: Pelicans to Win

This one is a pickem, and the computer system likes the Pelicans to win it. You can get the best odds at 5Dimes – once registered and logged in, click reduced odds.

Kings are on the 5th game of their road trip having just picked up the one win in the previous four. The last time these two teams matched up the Pelicans dominated the Kings on the road 113-100.

New Orleans have been struggling as of late – but they’ve kept most games close and they finally got the big win over the Grizzlies last night. They’re going to into this game confident, dominate the possession and dicate the tempo, and the system thinks it will be a close one – but the Pelicans should get the win based on the last few games.

Orlando Magic vs Brooklyn Nets: Nets -9.5

The Nets are on a roll at the moment, and are taking on the Magic at home. Orlando suck on the road with just 3 wins. Everything is going right for the Nets – Deron Williams is back and showed he is a team player by sitting on the bench. Man I really loved and respected that.

Nets are on a roll these last two games and coming to home where they have been playing really well. The system likes the Nets and you can get -9 on this one as well at 5Dimes for good odds.

Nov 12th, 2013 NBA Betting Tips

I made some adjustments to the betting system after last year and it seems to be a lot stricter in terms of what bets it likes. That’s why there’s only been 2 picks so far to start the season.

With 4 games tonight however, the system has a pick:

Heat vs Bucks Betting Tips:

Despite the Bucks being a bit beaten up injury wise, they still haven’t did too bad this season with wins over the Celtics and the Cavaliers. They’ve lost to the Mavericks, Raptors and Knicks by 7-8 points in each game.

Miami will be itching to get back on the court after that Celtics loss at home, and it’s no surprise they are the favourites going into this game with a 13.5 point handicap against them.

The system likes the Heat to win. Surprised? Yeah, me neither. However the system likes the Milwaukee Bucks to keep it relatively close, enough that the point spread of Bucks +13.5 is our one computer prediction of the day.

2 NBA Tips for November 6th, 2013

Hi guys,

Okay so it’s early days in the NBA season but the betting system has two tips tonight.

Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers: Big start for the Pacers. Despite their team being beaten down they’ve managed to go 4-0 thanks to some great defensive play by beating the Pistons, Cavaliers, Pelicans and Magic.

Pacers offense has been weak, but defensive wise they’ve been great at the moment and Paul George is really standing out this season.

Bulls have had a rocky start with the big loss to the Heat, and a loss to the 76ers where Derrick Rose showed he’s just not with it yet. Going to take some time for him to really fit in there since the injury.

The system likes Pacers -3.

Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers:

Despite beating the Wizards 109-102 last week, the 76ers go into this game as underdogs. They had a ridiculously great start the season but were destroyed by the Warriors.

Historically, the 76ers have always matched up well against the Wizards. Washington this season have been poor on turnovers as well.

The system likes the 76ers to match their earlier win, and I recommend betting 76ers +2.

NBA Computer Tips Returning Soon….FREE!

Hi everyone,

Well last season we had our very first losing season. After 5 successive seasons of winrates of 55% and above we ended up having a poor 2012/2013 season. A large part of that is probably because I spread myself too thin – rather than focus just on the core NBA Tips I experimented with first halfs and first quarters – all of which brought us down.

In the second half of the season I focused on just the full game spreads and over/unders and it worked out a lot better. While we couldn’t quite get a winning season, we DID manage to get up to 49% winrate. Not great – but I was happy considering how poor the beginning was.

We will be returning with the NBA Tips very soon – the computer system just need to start gathering data. The premium picks will be FREE until at least the end of December. I will post more information soon on how you can subscribe to the premium picks.

Thanks and looking forward to a good season.