NBA 2014-2015 Season Records

For each betting tip in 2014-2015 I made an individual post for each of them

To clean up the site I’ve compiled them all into this one page.

In 2014-2015 we went 42-34.

Tips for Jan 23

Hornets +9.5
Suns -2
Spurs -13

NBA Computer Tips January 21, 2015

76ers PK
Suns -6.5
Warriors -8
Wizards -1.5
Timberwovles +8.5

NBA Computer Tips for January 17, 2015

Hawks -2.5

2 Computer Tips for Jan 16th

Clipper s-8.5

NBA Computer Tips for Jan 14, 2015

2-0 last night.

Rockets -9
Hawks -7

2 Tips For Tonight

Suns -5
Hawks -11.5

NBA Computer Tips for January 9th, 2015

Lakers -3
Suns +5
Jazz +11.5
Hawks -2.5

2-1 Last Night; 1 Tip January 6th

Pistons +8

3 Tips for Jan 5th

Back with tips now.

Pelicans -2.5
Pacers +2.5
Mavs -6

3 Today Dec 21

Raptors -12.5
Celtics +1.5
Thunder -7.5

3 Tips Dec 19

1-1 yesterday.

76ers +4.5
NEts +11.5
Wizards -5

NBA Tips December 18th 2014

Rockets -4.5
Bucks +6

Either Side of the 11s Tonight

Push last night, as Pelicans won by exactly 8. Big 4th from them which was nice.

Nets +11
Clippers -11

NBA Tips Dec 16

23-21. Pelicans -8

NBA Computer Tips December 13th, 2014

Split last night. 23-20.

Hawks -3.5 tonight.

NBA Computer Tips for December 12th

Rockets won last night to bring the record to 22-19.


76ers +7.5
Pistons +9.5

1 Tip for December 11th, 2014

Rockets -1

NBA Computer Tips Dec 9

Hawks cover the point spread to bring us to 21-18 for the season.

Suns -5

NBA Computer Tips December 8 2014

A 1-2 night, as unfortunately Blazers couldn’t pick up the extra couple of points. Brings us to 20-18 for the season.

Hawks +1

3-0 Last Night; Computer tips for December 7th, 2014

3-0 last night in a nice easy night which we always love. 19-16, 54.3% win ratio.

Hawks -5.5
Bucks +9
Trail Blazers -6.5

NBA Computer Tips December 6th, 2014

2-2 night, 16-16 for the season.

Clippers -9
Magic +6.5
76ers +9

NBA Computer Tips December 5

14-14 for the season, as we hit the 50% mark. Time to start getting over that and get a winning season going.

76ers +12.5
Lakers +3.5
Magic +3.5
Rockets -7

NBA Computer Tips for Dec 2nd, 2014

a half point cost us last night and we’re 13-14 for the season.

Lakers +2

NBA Computer Tips December 1st

nuggets -2.5

NBA Computer Tips for November 29th, 2014

Two tips tonight: Hawks -7 Clippers -5

NBA Computer Tips for November 26th, 2014

A disappointing 1-2 night puts the record at 9-11 for the season. Hawks were impressive yesterday matching the Wizards throughout the game and Teague put up a massive 28 points.


Warriors -9
Trail Blazers -6
Wizards +7
Clippers -8
Kings +5

NBA Computer Tips for November 25th, 2014

2-0 on Sunday. Nuggets had to go to overtime to cover the -1.5, while the Trail Blazers covered by a point over the Celtics.

FYI I take Mondays off, hence no tips.

Our record moves to 8-9.

Nuggets -4
Pelicans/Kings Over 203.5
Wizards -4.5

NBA Computer tips for November 23

Knicks just couldn’t cover the full points, and Harden put up a whopping 32 points to cost us the win with the Mavs. 6-9.

Tonight Nuggets -1.5, Trail Blazers -5.

NBA Computer Tips for Nov 22nd, 2014

1-1 last night, record to 6-7.

Tonight: Mavs -3, Knicks -11.5.

NBA Computer Tips for November 21st

Record for the season goes to 5-6. We had the Bulls last night despite missing Rose and Gasul. Unfortunately Gays fitness levels and injury issues were nothing – he put up 20 points. Frustrating but it happens.

We’re going to bet against them today. Take the Trail Blazers -7.5 as well as Bucks +8.5.

NBA Computer Tips for November 20th

Last time out we went 1-1 to bring our record for the season to 5-5.

Unfortunately – last time out was November 9th. I won’t bore you with why there has been 11 days between tips – basically a bunch of personal stuff and I haven’t been near a computer until the last couple of days.

I’ve taken that time to get all caught up. Tonight the system is going with Bulls +1, hoping the Bulls continue their stellar road record. They’re missing Rose and Gasol but still looked solid last time out, and Gay is struggling fitness wise which is good.

System feels it is just worth the play.

NBA Betting Tips for November 9th, 2014

A 1-2 night for the tips unfortunately, to bring our record to 4-4 for the season.

The Bulls vs Celtics easily went over the 194 points, with both teams just hammering them in and some great shooting.

We lost Timberwolves +7.5. Heat got a massive 29-13 1st quarter, and Timberwolves just couldn’t come back from that. That was an unlocky one, as the Timberwolves won every quarter after that and that was more like the game we were expecting. That bad start screwed us.

It was the opposite in the Grizzlies game. Taking a 7 point lead into the 3rd quarter, they blew it and the Bucks won the game.

Heat vs Mavericks Betting Tips:

Going to go with the Heat to continue their form from last night and keep this one close.

Go with Heat +8.

Suns vs Warriors Betting Tips:

Take the Warriors +1.

November 8th, 2014 NBA Betting Tips

We went 1-1 last night with the NBA Tips to bring our record to 3-2 for the season.

Our loss was with the Timberwolves -3. The Magic offense came alive, and they managed to drag the game to overtime where they picked up the win.

We had the Bucks +4.5 and they managed to keep it to just 3 points against the Pistons. It was a tight game and we got that win.

Heat vs Timberwolves Betting Tips:

Both teams have 5 games under them now. Heat are 3-2, Timberwolves 2-3. They go into this one with the Timberwolves 7.5 point underdogs.

Timberwolves have had a solid start to the season. They ran out of gas against the magic, but they’ve played well including tight games against the Bulls and Grizzlies.

After a solid start the Heat have been dominated 108-91 and 96-89 against the Rockets and Hornets respectively. They’re not passing the ball around well. The concern on the points however is Ricky Rubio – he’s twisted his ankle. However they still did well yesterday despite Rubio going off, and we think they have the bench to cover it.

Timberwolves +7.5.

Bulls vs Celtics Betting Tips:

The 5-1 Bulls are on a tear at the moment, 4-0 at home. Celtics got a win last night against the Packers. They’ve been involved in a lot of high scoring games – and even though Bulls will be dictating the tempo, the Celtics offense is getting them in nicely.

Go with Over 194 points.

Grizzlies vs Bucks Betting Tips:

We had the Bucks last night, now we’re betting against them.

Grizzlies are excellent. 6-0 at the moment, home or away it doesn’t seem to matter. A 4-0 away record and they look to make that 5-0. Their ability to hold a team down is very impressive.

We like them to keep their foot on the pedal and beat the Bucks tonight. Grizzlies -5.5.

November 7th, 2014 NBA Computer Generated Betting Tips

Our record for the season goes to 2-1. We picked the Rockets last night and they covered the point spread with ease – with 3 dominant quarters in a row.

Mavs vs Blazers was a fun game to watch. It was a tight first half with the Mavs leading and then the Blazers came out dominating in the second half. Biggest quarter was 35-18 in the 3rd. Huge to see there, as the Blazers go 3-1 at home.

11 games on the board tonight. 76ers hope to pick up their first win at home to the Bulls, and are getting 11 points there. The game I’m looking forward to is Grizzlies vs Thunder. Thunder have been awful this season but they’ve played 4 road games. Their lone home game they won – and now they play the Grizzlies, who are 5-0 but 3-0 on the road. Line of 7.5 for that one.

Let’s see what NBA Computer System Tips we have today:

Magic vs Timberwolves Betting Tips:

The system likes the Timberwolves to cover the point spread. They are 3 point favourites going into this one. The Magic are 1-4 for the season, 0-2 at home.

Timberwolves are playing some solid ball. Kevin Martin is having a great start to the season, and even the Timberwolves two losses have been tight. 1 point at home to the Bulls, 4 points on the road in Memphis.

System likes the Timberwolves to add to their wins. Go with Timberwolves -3.

Pistons vs Bucks Betting Tips:

System sees this one as closer to a pickem, so we’ll be taking the Bucks +4.5

November 6th, 2014 NBA Computer Betting Tips

We started off the NBA season by going 1-1.

It was a bit of a lucky night. But hey we need luck right? Heat played well but lost by 7 points and couldn’t surge strong in the 4th.

We had Knicks +4 and they lost by 3 in a tight one. They had a big 4th quarter that won us that one.

Tonight there are only two games. We have Rockets -4 tonight.

November 5th, 2014 NBA Betting Tips

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the beginning of the 2014/2015 NBA season betting tips, proudly brought to you by

For those new subscribers – all our tips are 100% free at the moment. We’ve did a premium package before where it was $50 for the season – but at the moment we’re going to be doing them for free. That may change around the end of December but we’ll see – hopefully we can keep them free.

All of our tips are computer generated. We have various computer systems going and combine them all to bring you only the best NBA Tips we can.

We’ve been doing these tips on the website since 2007, and have a very good record. Since 2007, we have only had ONE losing season which was 2012/2013. That was a 68-75 record which wasn’t too bad overall.

Our overall record is 779-606 which is a 56.3% win ratio which is excellent. Hopefully we will continue or add to that over this season.

Tonight we have two NBA Betting Tips:

Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets Betting Tips:

The Heat continue to surprise people. Written off literally the day LeBron James went to the Cavs, they’ve picked up a few wins and are 3-1. Their only loss so far was to the Rockets last night.

That was disappointing, but our system likes the Heat to bounce back tonight. The Hornets are at home but there is nothing they have shown yet to show that is a big factor. Heat are 1-0 in their only road game of the season.

The Hornets offense is struggling, and the Heat have been pretty damn solid at stopping the teams. Our system likes Heat +2.

New York Knicks vs Detroit Pistons Betting Tips:

Knicks go into this road game 1-0 on the road. Detroit are 0-3 for the season including a home loss. Pistons are the favourites however, with a 4 point handicap against them.

Pistons are really struggling at the moment, and Van Gundy isn’t helping matters at the moment. Both teams are really struggling to score though.

Our system likes this to be a tight game – probably 2 possessions in it, but likes the Knicks to cover the spread 58% of the time, which is great for us.

Take Knicks +4.